Analysis: Muslims to soon beat out Jews in U.S. population

There are about 3.35 million Muslims in the United States right now, according to recent Pew Research Center’s Factank figures. But by 2050, that particular population is projected to grow — from about 1 percent of the U.S. population to about 2.1 percent. If it does, that means America will be home to more Muslims than Jews. Just something to think about, post New York City terror attack — a terror attack that we now know was committed by a radicalized Muslim who professed allegiance to ISIS. President Donald Trump, in a tweet, wrote: “We must not allow ISIS to return, or enter, our country after defeating them in the Middle East and elsewhere. Enough!” And of course, all sane Americans are with him on that point. But truth is: How do we reel back the radicalization of those Muslims in America now — or those who are yet to come?

Unfortunately, the “truth is”…you can’t.  This potential demographic shift here in America is certainly a cause for concern in this country that was founded on “Judeo-Christian” values.  Yes, we are a great “melting pot.”  And, we absolutely respect religious choice; one of the hallmarks of our many freedoms here in America.  That said…  When you combine the numbers of Catholics, Episcopalians, and the various protestant Christian sects, we are a Christian nation both historically, and demographically.  That’s just a fact.  After all, the pilgrims were Christian.  Just sayin..  And that’s where it started.  Islam is a very intolerant religion, by definition. As someone who has spent time in the middle east, and I know that to be true from personal experience.  But, if you doubt me, try bringing a Bible into Saudi Arabia and see what happens to you.  So, we need to ensure that those Muslim immigrants we allow into our country are willing to embrace our unique American culture which is an inclusive one.  Trump’s push for extreme vetting for those coming from certain countries in the middle east and northern Africa is nowhere near enough.  It’s a start.  But, that vetting needs to be expanded.  What just happened in NYC with a Muslim with a green card running over people on a sidewalk is a grim reminder of the risk of NOT vetting Muslims who come to our country.  Enough is enough!!  We are fools to bury our heads in the sand and look the other way because we’re too afraid to offend the tender sensibilities of certain self-righteous, entitlement-minded, mostly liberal folks in the Muslim community.

Colorado Divide: Isolated mountain towns struggle to survive with authentic identities without becoming tourist traps

The winding, two-lane highway into Lake City hugs the light-green Lake Fork of the Gunnison River as it rushes downward toward the valley, past thick forest and Colorado wildflowers. The first view from above is unexpected, almost startling: a town, though a tiny one with wooden boardwalks instead of sidewalks along its two-block main strip, sits isolated in a valley surrounded by mountain peaks, three to five hours from any major metropolis. The 780 residents who live in Hinsdale County year-round desperately want to entice tourists to drive over 11,000-foot passes, hundreds of miles from a major airport, to visit their breathtaking valley. But Lake City has no ski resort, no alpine slide, no Leadville 100 ultra-running race, nor any other defining attraction, save for a fall wine festival and a free ice-climbing wall. Locals in this former mining town are brainstorming to come up with an “anchor attraction,” one that draws tourists but stays true to Lake City’s identity as a farther-off-the-beaten-path, nonresort, mountain community. A consultant hired by the city recently suggested a zip line that would fly above the 12-acre, former Ute Ulay silver mine just outside town. It did not go over well. Lake City, Silverton and Creede are the county seats of three southwestern Colorado counties that have fewer than half the residents they had at their peak population, which was around 1900. Evidence of that long-dead era lies in the wooden mine shafts crumbled in the hills of Hinsdale, San Juan and Mineral counties, and in the mines that have reopened so tourists can ride trains into the dark core of the mountains, where snow runoff trickles through the tunnels and splashes on their helmeted heads. The struggle to survive, to attract young families to balance out the retirees, to find people hardy enough for year-round, high-elevation living, leads to conflict between preserving an authentic vibe and becoming a gimmicky tourist trap, between retirees and young bloods, between second-home owners and permanent residents. The three one-town counties built by gold and silver miners more than 100 years ago have worked hard since the last of the mines closed in the 1990s to reinvent their economies based on recreation. The work is constant; let down their guard and residents risk their livelihood if too many tourists or would-be residents choose someplace else. All at once, they both envy and turn up their noses at Telluride, the southwest region’s tourism darling. “This is more reality,” said DeAnne Gallegos, who owns The Chocolate Dog fine gift shop in downtown Silverton. “We protect our blue-collar vibe.” The resilient residents of Lake City mention fairly often they would rather not become a Telluride or an Aspen, though that’s hardly a legitimate concern without an airport, golf course or ski resort. When word got out about the zip line idea, Lake City locals began calling their county commissioners, and the town’s Main Street program manager asked people during a June economic vitality summit not to “freak out.” Instead of grumbling about what they don’t want, Main Street manager Kristine Borchers, a mother of two teenagers who moved to Lake City in 2006, encourages people to describe their vision for a Lake City that will survive. “We want to be an authentic community that feels like a small town, a place where kids can ride their bikes, where the rec department sets up a slip-and-slide on Friday nights, where a ski ticket for the Poma lift is seven bucks,” she said. “A place that when people visit, they think: ‘It’s tiny. It feels friendly. Everybody waves at me. I want to live in a place like this.’ ”

This is a struggle many towns here in sunny Colorado are dealing with…  To read the rest of this article, click on the text above.

Muslim voter registration up 300,000 since 2012

More than a quarter million Muslims have become registered voters since the last presidential election, a Muslim group reported on Tuesday. In June there were 824,000 registered Muslim voters whose first, middle or last names matched a list of 43,538 traditionally Muslim names, according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which used a private national database of voter information. That number represents a significant bump from the 500,000 voters the group accounted for in 2012, using the same method. One reason for the surge, CAIR suggests, is “increased political involvement resulting from rhetorical attacks on that faith community by public figures.” While the press release does not mention GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump by name, it does contain two links to articles about how the candidate is “attacking Muslims” and “fueling prejudice, hate incidents.” CAIR government affairs director Robert McCaw applauded the Muslim community for its efforts to get out the vote, and slammed “hostile” proposals made by Trump over the course of his campaign, including a ban on Muslims entering the United States. “As a community under the pressure of hostile political rhetoric calling for profiling of American Muslims, Muslim immigration bans and warrantless surveillance of mosques, we must utilize all the tools of positive civic engagement to preserve religious freedom and other constitutional rights,” said McCaw. Earlier in the month, CAIR launched a nonpartisan voter campaign, titled “Muslims Vote,” to encourage increased participation by American Muslims in the 2016 election cycle. The campaign looks for ways to get American Muslims involved in a number of activities, including volunteering, voter registration and hosting candidate forums. There were 3.3 million Muslims of all ages in the United States in 2015, the Pew Research Center reported in January, representing about 1 percent of the U.S. population.

And with all of these Muslim so-called “refugees” being imported by our idiot-in-chief, that is only the beginning.  CAIR is a self-serving, lying, agenda-driven, Muslim terrorist-supporting group.  They have been investigated by the FBI and other law enforcement for their support of Muslim terrorists.  So, their belly-aching doesn’t hold much credibility.

Latino, black teen birth rates fall to all-time low – though still twice the rate of whites

Birth rates are falling dramatically for black and Hispanic teenagers, but they continue to be much higher than the birth rate for white teens. The Hispanic teen birth rate fell by half over about eight years, and the black teen birth rate dropped nearly that much. But even with those declines, the white teen birth rate is still only half as high, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday. “Despite this historic progress, profound disparities remain,” said Bill Albert, chief program officer for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. The teen birth rate has been falling since 1991, which experts attribute to more teens using birth control and more waiting until they are older to have sex. But in the new report, the CDC focused on 2006 through 2014 — the most recent phase of the decline, when the fall was steepest. The agency saw declines in every state and in every racial and ethnic group. The recent drops in the black and Hispanic teen birth rates look more dramatic in part because they started at far higher rate, Albert said. The Hispanic rate fell 51 percent — from 77 to 38 births per 1,000 Hispanic girls ages 15 to 19. The black rate fell 44 percent — from 62 to 35 per 1,000. The white rate fell 35 percent, from 27 to 17 per 1,000. Teen births have been declining across the country, through the drop has been greater in some states than others. The teen birth rate fell nearly 50 percent in Arizona, Colorado and Connecticut, but only about 13 percent in North Dakota and 15 percent in West Virginia. Arkansas, Mississippi and New Mexico have the highest teen birth rates; each state sees more than 40 births to teen moms per every 1,000 girls ages 15 to 19. Massachusetts and New Hampshire have the lowest, at 11 per 1,000. About 4 million babies were born in the United States in 2014. Of those, about 250,000 were born to mothers ages 15 to 19.

Given all the sex education in schools today, and outreach from groups like Planned Parenthood and so on…  The only conclusion I get out of this is that white teens are still smarter about sex, and specifically the issue of teen pregnancy, than blacks and Hispanics.  It used to be an education, demographic, thing…and access to services, etc.  But, now it’s purely a cultural thing.  White teens are more averse to getting pregnant, while blacks and Hispanics don’t care as much.

‘First Time in Human History’: People 65 and Older Will Outnumber Children Under 5

Sometime in the next four years the global population of human beings who are 65 and older will surpass those under 5 for the first time, according to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau. “For the first time in human history, people aged 65 and older will outnumber children under age 5,” says the report, entitled “An Aging World: 2015.” “This crossing is just around the corner, before 2020,” says the report. “These two age groups will then continue to grow in opposite directions,” it says. “By 2050, the proportion of the population 65 and older (15.6 percent) will be more than double that of children under age 5 (7.2 percent). “This unique demographic phenomenon of the ‘crossing’ is unprecedented,” says the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau report included a ranking of “The World’s 25 Oldest Countries and Areas” in 2015 based on the percentage of the country’s population that was 65 or older. While Japan ranked as the oldest country, the other 24 in the top 25 included 22 European countries, plus Canada and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. The world’s youngest countries were in the Persian Gulf. “The percentage of the population aged 65 and over in 2015 ranked from a high of 26.6 percent for Japan to a low of around 1 percent for Qatar and the United Arab Emirates,” said the report. “Of the world’s 25 oldest countries and areas in 2015, 22 are in Europe, with Germany or Italy leading the ranks of European countries for many years, including currently.” After Japan, with 26.6 percent of its population 65 or older, Germany ranked No. 2 with 21.5 percent of its population 65 or older. Italy ranked No. 3 with 21.2 percent of its population 65 or older; and Greece ranked No. 4 with 20.5 percent of its population 25 or older. The Census Bureau report estimates that between now and 2050, the population that is 65 and older will more than double while the population under 20 years of age see almost no growth. At the same time, those in what the report calls “the working age population”—people who are 20 to 64 years of age—will increase by only 25.6 percent. “Among the 7.3 billion people worldwide in 2015, an estimated 8.5 percent, or 617.1 million, are aged 65 and older,” says the report. “The number of older people is projected to increase more than 60 percent in just 15 years—in 2030, there will be about 1 billion older people globally, equivalent to 12.0 percent of the total population. “The share of older population will continue to grow in the following 20 years—by 2050, there will be 1.6 billion older people worldwide, representing 16.7 percent of the total world population of 9.4 billion,” says the report. “This is equivalent to an average annual increase of 27.1 million older people from 2015 to 2050. “In contrast to the 150 percent expansion of the population aged 65 and over in the next 35 years, the youth population (under age 20) is projected to remain almost flat, 2.5 billion in 2015 and 2.6 billion in 2050,” the report says. “Over the same period, the working-age population (aged 20 to 64) will increase only moderately, 25.6 percent,” the Census Bureau says. “The working-age popula­tion share of total population will shrink slightly in the decades to come, largely due to the impact of low fertility and increasing life expectancy.” While there has been a global increase in human longevity, it is not the primary force driving the global population toward a demographic where the elderly will outnumber young children. “The main demographic force behind population aging is declining fertility rates,” says the Census Bureau report. “Populations with high fertility tend to have a young age distribution with a high proportion of children and a low proportion of older people, while those with low fertility have the opposite, resulting in an older society.” “In many countries today, the total fertility rate (TFR) has fallen below the 2.1 children that a couple needs to replace themselves,” says the report. “In 2015, the TFR is near or below replacement levels in all world regions except Africa.” Europe has a particularly low fertility rate. “The more developed countries in Europe, where fertility reduction started more than 100 years ago, have had TFR levels below replacement rate since the 1970s,” says the Census Bureau report. “Currently, the average TFR for Europe is a very low 1.6.” In the United States in 2015, according to the report, 14.9 percent of the population is 65 or older. In 2050, the report estimates, 22.1 percent of the U.S. population will be 65 or older. The Census Bureau report includes a sidebar on “Support of Childless Older People in an Aging Europe.” “Traditionally, children are the mainstay of old age support, espe­cially when only one parent is still living,” says this sidebar authored by researcher Martina Brandt at Dortmund University and Christian Deindl at University of Cologne. “However, people are not only living longer but also having fewer children, with rising childlessness among the older people.” “Thus new challenges arise: Who will provide help and care to the childless older people?” they write. “On what support networks can they rely? And, what role does the state play in care provision?”

Census: More Minority Children Than Whites, More Whites Dying Than Being Born

Racial and ethic minorities children under the age of five are now the majority as non-Hispanic white children make up an ever-smaller slice of the population, according to the Census Bureau. New population estimates released Thursday reveal a striking shift in the composition of America’s population as racial and ethnic minority births are also outpacing minority deaths. Meanwhile non-Hispanic whites are experiencing negative population growth, seeing 61,841 more deaths than births between 2013 and 2014. The Census reports that in the past decade, the population has become more diverse, with the percentage of ethic and racial minorities growing from 32.9 percent to 37.9 percent over the last decade. Indeed, the report notes that Millennials — now representing more than a quarter of the population, more than the 75.4 million Baby Boomers — are more diverse than earlier generations as 44.2 percent belong to a minority group. With the nation as a whole barreling toward a minority-majority future, there are already states where racial and ethnic minorities actually make up the majority. Specifically there are four states and the District of Columbia: Hawaii (77.0 percent), the District of Columbia (64.2 percent), California (61.5 percent), New Mexico (61.1 percent) and Texas (56.5 percent). There are other states on the precipice of a minority-majority population such as Nevada where 48.9 percent is minority. According to the Census more than 11 percent of the nation’s 3,142 counties, or 364, were already majority-minority. This year, the Census noted that five became majority minority between 2013-2014, specifically: Russell, Alabama, Newton, Georgia, Eddy, New Mexico, Brazoria, Texas, and Suffolk city, Virginia. The data comes as a Census report earlier this year projected that by 2044 more than half of the population in the United States would be part of a minority group.

Ann Coulter: “America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population”

I finally found a Mexican willing to do a job no American will do! I have an explosive book on the No. 1 issue in the country coming out next week, I’ve already written 10 New York Times best-sellers — I’d be on a postage stamp if I were a liberal — but can’t get an interview on ABC, NBC or CBS. Only Mexican-born Jorge Ramos would interview me on his Fusion network. Yay, Jorge! After a spellbinding interview, Ramos ended by asking this excellent question — which I had suggested myself for all authors, most of whom write very boring books, harming the marketability of my own books: “Is there anything in your book that isn’t already generally known?” My soon-to-be-released book, “Adios, America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole,” is jam-packed with facts you didn’t already know. Don’t even think of using it as a coaster, like those other books. These are just a few: Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act was expressly designed to change the demographics of our country to be poorer and more inclined to vote Democratic. It worked! Post-1970 immigrants vote 8-2 for the Democrats. Citing this dramatic shift in the Democratic Party’s fortunes, Democratic consultant Patrick Reddy called the 1965 Immigration Act “the Kennedy family’s greatest gift to the Democratic Party.” Immigrants admitted before 1970 made more money, bought more houses and were more educated than Americans. The post-Kennedy immigrants are astronomically less-educated, poorer and more likely to be on welfare than the native population. With no welfare state to support them, about a third of pre-1965 Act immigrants returned to the places they came from. British and Jewish immigrants were the least likely to go home — less than 10 percent did. Although America is admitting more immigrants, they are coming from fewer countries than they did before 1970. On liberals’ own terms, the country is becoming less “diverse,” but a lot poorer and a lot more Latin. America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population. In 1970, there were almost no Nigerian immigrants in the United States. Our country is now home to more Nigerians than any country in the world except Nigeria. America takes more immigrants from Nigeria than from England. The government refuses to tell us how many prisoners in the United States are immigrants. That information is not available anywhere. But the ancillary facts suggest that the number is astronomical. There are more foreign inmates in New York state prisons from Mexico than from the entire continent of Europe. Hispanics are less likely to be in the military than either whites or blacks, and a majority of Hispanic troops are women. On the other hand, Hispanics are overrepresented in U.S. Prisons.

This is a follow up to the previous article (immediately below). Anyway, some really excellent FACTS here regarding immigration in this country over the last half century, and how the Democrat party, and it’s willing accomplices in the dominantly liberal mainstream media, have distorted the arguments/debate regarding immigration (both legal AND illegal), and how they continue to do so. I was aware of most of these FACTS. But, was stunned by a few I was unaware of. Those of you who follow us here at The Daily Buzz know how passionate we are about securing our southern border. These FACTS just add weight to that position. And, everyone should be armed with FACTS before debating immigration. Recommend you forward this on to your friends, family members, and especially your member of Congress and BOTH U.S. Senators….and tell them (yep, you guessed it) to BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!!….and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically ON the border with Mexico where they should remain until that wall/fence above and below ground (to prevent tunneling)….however long it takes. And, that wall needs to be higher than just 13 feet…just sayin.. At the same time, we need to be deporting illegal aliens already here in America by the hundreds of thousands….paying particular attention to known gang members and already convicted “criminal aliens.” It is WAY past time we did this and made securing our southern border our federal government’s #1 national security priority. If we had this many N. Koreans, Russians, or Chinese swarming accross our southern border and disappearing into our society, we’d consider it an act of war. It’s time we treated this crisis as such.

Coming Demographic Shift; Whites to Become Minority by 2045

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that by 2045, the United States will have a population of some 389 million people. And for the first time in the nation’s history, the majority of people living in the U.S. will be non-white. “This new diversity boom that we’re seeing right now will be every bit as important for our country in the decades ahead as the baby boom [people born between 1946 and 1964] was in the last half of the 20th century,” said demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution. “We know that the baby boom has changed the country in lots of ways – popular culture, changing values about all kinds of social issues, families, women’s roles and politics. And I think this diversity boom is going to have just as big of an impact. We’ll be a very different country and we’re only just beginning to see the start of it,” said Frey. Hispanics, who now total some 52 million people, are expected to remain the largest minority group in the United States for decades to come. Despite an influx of undocumented immigrants from Latin America to the United States during the past 20 years, the rise in the number of Hispanics is driven mainly by birth. Latinos account for much of the population growth in major cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. But they also are moving into rural areas, where currently there are relatively few Hispanics. There are more than 16 million Asians in the United States. America’s fast growing minority group, Asians live largely in major metropolitan areas. By 2045, this growth is expected to be due to U.S. births rather than immigration. And as with all of the nation’s ethnic minorities, many middle class Asians are moving to the suburbs of major cities. The more than 40 million African Americans in the U.S. make up the nation’s oldest ethnic minority group. “We’ve seen now in the last 20 years a black migration back to the South,” said demographer William Frey

Some interesting statistics in this article from VOA; the official propaganda organ of our federal government. Clearly they have an agenda, which they shouldn’t.  They should simply report the facts without the politically correct spin they’re putting on it.  After all, diversity is NOT what made, or makes, this country great.  FREEDOM is what makes America great.

For small-town America, new immigrants pose linguistic, cultural challenges

The voice was frantic – and unintelligible to the 911 dispatcher. “Ma’am, I cannot understand you,” she said. After 80 seconds, one word leapt out: “Riverview.” On a warm July evening in 2012, while Marshalltown, Iowa, celebrated Independence Day, three refugee children from Myanmar (Burma) drowned in the Iowa River. The drownings at Riverview Park cast a grim light on the challenges facing both the city and its newest immigrants, most of whom spoke little English and had scant understanding of life in their new home – including the perils, known to more established residents, of the river’s treacherous currents. “We preach to kids all the time: You don’t swim in the river. You don’t play around the river,” says Kay Beach, president of the Marshalltown school board. “But they didn’t know that.” For two decades, rural communities across the Midwest have been finding ways to absorb Latino immigrants. Now, a new generation of immigrants arriving from far-flung places such as Myanmar, Somalia, Iraq, and West Africa has brought a bewildering variety of cultures and languages. Many towns are struggling to cope. Experts say the changing face of immigration in the rural Midwest reflects stricter federal enforcement. Tighter border security has slowed the influx of immigrants from Latin America entering the United States illegally. Meanwhile, the meatpacking industry has looked to refugees, who enjoy legal status, as a way of avoiding problems with undocumented Hispanic workers. Much of the difficulty surrounding the new immigration is linguistic. Language barriers complicate services from law enforcement to health care. Ms. Beach recalls a school expulsion hearing that required two interpreters – the first to translate from one dialect of Myanmar to another, the second to translate into English.

America’s White Majority Set to Become Minority by 2044

AMERICA is a country built by immigration, but nothing in its history compares to the rise in its Hispanic population. Changes to immigration law in the 1960s triggered a decades-long surge in arrivals, taking the Hispanic population from just 7m in 1970 to 57m today, a number that is set to double by mid-century. At that point one in four Americans will be of Latino descent. In relation to the population of the day, there have been proportionally larger surges in the past, notably involving European migrations in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Two factors make the rise of Hispanic America different. Never before has such a large group of new arrivals lived so close to their ancestral homelands, linked to grandparents in the same time zone by cheap flights and Skype. Secondly, America is entering an era of white decline. For almost two centuries, from the time of George Washington’s presidency to the election of Ronald Reagan, whites of European descent made up at least 80% of the population. That share is below two-thirds now, and the white majority is set to become a minority by 2044. That brings both challenges and opportunities. Today’s Hispanics lag behind whites when it comes to education and wealth.