Texas Lights Up Blue to Support Police

The glow of the Texas Governor’s Mansion bathed in blue light shined brightly to show support for not only the fallen officers in Dallas but all law enforcement officers in Texas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the lights to be turned on to paint the image of support for the Dallas officers who were killed Thursday night will defending protesters who were protesting against police. Abbott cut short an out-of-state trip following the shooting and travelled directly to Dallas to meet with officials and police officers. The governor then issued an open letter to Texans titled, “A Time to Come Together.”

To read Gov. Abbott’s (R-TX) letter, and see photos of the Governor’s mansion bathed in blue light, click on the text above.  Excellent!   🙂

Man Who Ran Over Dallas Cop is 3-Time Deported Illegal Alien

The man who used a vehicle to run over a Dallas, Texas, police officer is an illegal alien who has been deported three times over the past 11 years. Eduardo Gonzalez-Rios, 29, is in the Dallas County jail after being treated for his gunshot wound, the Dallas Morning News (DMN) reported. He is currently being held on three counts of aggravated assault on a public servant and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials placed a detainer on him. Dallas Police Corporal Ed Lujan was working an off-duty job and was in uniform at the time of the incident. After Gonzalez-Rios was escorted out of a night club where Lujan was working, officers escorted him to his vehicle. Gonzalez-Rios then allegedly backed his SUV into one officer. He then drove forward, jumping a curb, and completely ran over Corporal Lujan. Witnesses reported that Gonzalez-Rios then backed over Lujan again before other officers fired their weapons at Gonzalez-Rios, striking him in the arm. Lujan is in an area hospital where he is recovering from the multiple injuries sustained in this incident. He is suffering from a broken sternum, nose, ribs, tibia and ankle, along with a fractured vertebra and skull, officials of the Greater Dallas National Latino Law Enforcement Organization told the DMN. ICE officials reported that Gonzalez-Rios had been deported on three previous occasions. The first deportation was in Harlingen, Texas, in 2004. He was issued an expedited removal and returned to Mexico on the same day. About six months later, he was again found in the Harlingen area and was again deported on the same day. In 2011, ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok told the DMN that Gonzalez-Rios was found in Kansas City, Missouri in 2011. He was held for two weeks and then deported. Officials are not sure when he re-entered the country this time. The Dallas County jail has been notified by ICE that they have placed a detainer on Gonzalez-Rios. However, Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez announced in October that she was scaling back on honoring ICE detainers.

That’s because Dallas is a sanctuary city.  Anyway, hopefully they’ll honor THIS detainer request from ICE…

Dallas high school student sent to in-school suspension for American flag T-shirt

A Dallas student was sent to in-school suspension Monday after an administrator caught him wearing an American flag T-shirt under his hoodie. Shelly Goode says her son, Jaegur, is passionate about ROTC and hopes to earn a scholarship through the program. “He wants to go into the military,” she told a local Fox affiliate. “He wants to help people, and any bad marks doesn’t look good.” On Monday, an administrator asked Jaegur to lift his grey hoodie, and once he saw the flag underneath sent him to in-school suspension for violating the dress code, Ms. Goode said. It is against the rules at Seagoville High School to wear clothing that is not a solid color, excluding school and college logos or shirts supporting the military, Fox reported. The administrator had apparently misinterpreted that rule. “If [Jaegur] was breaking the rules, he would be punished and he would have to honor whatever they give him, but he wasn’t, and I have to stand by him for that,” Ms. Goode said. On Tuesday, she received a call from the principal, who apologized for all the trouble and insisted that the American flag is allowed to be worn in school. He said he was off-campus when the incident occurred, Fox reported. “The fact that acknowledging it is huge, and the fact that they’re willing to stand by and see mistakes and grow from them, that means a lot,” Ms. Goode said. The principal also explained to her that the in-school suspension will not go on her son’s disciplinary record. The Dallas Independent School District has also confirmed that American flags can be displayed on clothing, Fox reported.

We’ll translate this for you… A liberal, politically correct, anti-American flag, fascist public high school administrator got caught. So, he had to tip-toe through the minefield he created for himself. Ms. Goode is FAR too good; pun intended. Glad they finally corrected their faux pax…and this administrator shamed into apologizing.

CDC confirms first case of Ebola in US: UPDATE

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed on Tuesday that a patient being treated at a Dallas hospital has tested positive for Ebola, the first case diagnosed in the United States.

This is an update to the story we posted earlier this afternoon.. The man in question came from Liberia, one of the African nations afflicted with Ebola. How was this man allowed into the U.S. to begin with?!? Holy crap!! The first thing that the State Dept should do is IMMEDIATELY suspend ALL travel and visas from ANYONE from Libera, Sieera Leone, and any other nation where there has been an Ebola outbreak. That’s just common sense, and is in our nation’s national security interests, for crying out loud! If we’re willing to send 3,000 U.S. military troops to do God knows what in Africa, then the very least we can do is suspend ALL travel from ALL persons from ALL of the African nations affected by Ebola. Period!

CDC confirms first case of Ebola in US

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed the first case of Ebola in the United States Tuesday.

Like there was any doubt this would eventually happen? Here at The Daily Buzz we’ve been warning that this would happen for several months now, and have been pushing for measures to prevent this from happening. None of those measures included sending 3,000 U.S. military personnel to Africa.. But, naturally, thats what Obama has done. Go figure..

Anyway, now that Ebola is confirmed here, we need to take aggressive pro-active measures (i.e. enhanced border security, visa screenings, medical screenings and education, etc.) NOW to ensure this but an isolated situation. This is something that the CDC should work on in conjunction with the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS), and other federal, state, and local agencies. God help us all..