Russian spy ship in Havana on eve of US-Cuba talks

A Russian intelligence warship docked in Havana on Tuesday, a day before the start of historic US-Cuba talks  aimed at normalizing diplomatic relations.

And they weren’t trying to be slick about it.  If there was ANY doubt about who the Castro brothers have their allegiance to, this should absolutely put that doubt to rest.  For over half a century, Havana has been Moscow’s footprint in our backyard, literally.  And, until the Castro communist regime is history, we should NOT be normalizing ANY relations with Havana.  Obama’s ideologically-driven decision to work toward normalizing relations with Havana runs contrary to our nation’s national security interests.  But, he doesn’t seem to care one bit because for Obama, his extreme, liberal, socialist, anti-America ideology comes before everything else.  The liberal AP wrote this story, and is downplaying the significance of this event.  But, they’re trying desperately to prop up Obama and his failed foreign policy initiatives (i.e. “reset” with Moscow, Libya, etc.).

US releases 5 more Guantanamo Bay prisoners, sends them to Kazakhstan

The Defense Department announced Wednesday that five more prisoners will be transferred out of Guantanamo Bay to another nation, in the latest step by the Obama administration to whittle down the prisoner population in pursuit of ultimately closing the camp.

And that is Obama’s only goal here, driven purely by his extreme, naïve, foolish, liberal ideology.  Never mind the fact that Gitmo is a bargain (the annual rent is under $5000.00/year!..which will NEVER go up under the contract we have with Havana), and it is NOT on U.S. soil…which means that detainees don’t enjoy certain American civil liberties, which is a HUGE advantage in war time.  PLUS, it allows for the U.S. military to have a physical military base ON Cuba.  So, its in our national security interests to maintain that facility.  All of this means nothing to Obama.  He doesn’t care about the security of America.    His only concern is to close Gitmo which he sees as a symbol of how evil America is, and so on.  What a moron..

Will freed Guantanamo detainees resurface on battlefield?

The steady stream of detainees being transferred out of Guantanamo Bay is raising security concerns among lawmakers who worry the Obama administration has no system for keeping tabs on them.

Nor does our President have a plan to deal with these captured terrorists, other than just releasing them back on to the battlefield.  For him, its pure political ideology.  Gitmo is a GREAT deal, and Obama is a total fool for wanting to close it down.  The rent to Cuba is just under $5,000.00 a YEAR!  And, that’ll NEVER go up!  Here in the states military bases cost millions and millions each year.  And, those kept at Gitmo aren’t on U.S. soil.  So, they don’t enjoy U.S. legal protection which allows our military to be able to detain them indefinitely and interrogate them.  In wartime, that’s a distinct advantage.  Like I said, Obama is a total fool for wanting to close this great facility.  And, despite his asinine rhetoric, it IS in our national security interests to maintain it.  The bad guys would LOVE to be “arrested” and brought to the states and enjoy our legal protection here.  Trust me.

Obama Apologizes to Castro – Cuban communist leader lectures Obama for 30 minutes

Barack Obama apologized to Cuban president Raul Castro during their phone conversation after the American commander in chief’s opening remarks. Speaking to reporters at his final White House press briefing of 2014 Friday afternoon, Obama gave more details about his phone call with the communist leader of Cuba earlier this week before the announcement of a change in U.S. policy on the Caribbean island nation.

Obama just loves to bend over, grab his ankles and apologize to every dictator and thug he possibly can because Obama thinks that America is whats wrong in the world; NOT these communist dictators.  Here we find him prostrating himself before the Castro brothers..  Obama is a national embarrassment.  Unreal..

Castro daughter: US ‘dreaming’ if they think Cuba will return to capitalism

The daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro said on Thursday the United States “must be dreaming” if it thinks Cuba will return to capitalism after both countries agreed to normalise diplomatic relations

An interesting preemptive statement from Fidel’s daughter who has clearly bought hook, line, and sinker into the pro-communist propaganda language that was probably beat into her at a very early age.  Someone needs to tell this otherwise good woman that Obama has NO interest in seeing democracy return to Cuba.  I mean..c’mon.  Lets be honest.  If anything, Obama agrees with the politics of Havana.  This isn’t about hoping for democracy in Cuba.  Obama is appeasing the Castro brothers and trying to prop up their deteriorating, failed regime.

Senate Dem.: Obama Has ‘Vindicated The Brutal Behavior of the Cuban Government’

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez (D-NJ) slammed the Obama administration for exchanging imprisoned aid worker Alan Gross with Cuba for three Cuban spies. Menendez calls it a dangerous precedent and one that absolves the Castro regime’s behavior.

Chairman/Sen. Robert Menendez (D-DJ) is EXACTLY right here!  Read what he had to say today..

First Bergdahl, now Gross— Obama ‘worst negotiator’ since Jimmy Carter

First President Obama traded five Guantanamo terror detainees for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, now he swapped three Cuban spies for Alan Gross — moves that drew criticism slamming him as the ‘worst negotiator’ as president since Jimmy Carter.

Indeed.  And, again, Obama is making another end-run around Congress.  These spies were responsible, in part, for shooting down that American private Cesna that had Christian missionaries a few years ago.  Remember that?  Anyway, we’re getting NOTHING out of this, other than the release of Mr. Goss (which don’t get me wrong is great news!…but not at the expense of what we lost)….oh and maybe some nice Cuban cigars.  By doing this, Obama has recklessly thrown out the window an economic embargo policy to isolate the Castro brothers, and their tyrannical government, that’s been in place for over 55 years, and supported by Presidents both Republican AND Democrat!  But, as usual, Obama puts his extreme leftist ideology above all else, and couldn’t pass up this opportunity to appease yet another communist/socialist dictator/thug. This time, however, those thugs are less than 100 miles from America.

Speaking as the son of Cuban immigrants, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) made an impassioned, emotional, and very articulate criticism of Obama and this outrageous change in policy that is NOT in America’s national security or economic interests, or in the interests of so many Cubans crying out for an end to the tyrannical rule of the Castro brothers.  The Cuban American immigrant community in Miami-Dade County, FL, from which Sen. Rubio (R-FL) hails from, is outraged and has taken to the streets to protest Obama’s new appeasement of Havana.  We must not forget that it was the Cuban government for decades which had a close military, strategic, and economic alliance with Moscow during our Cold War with Russia.   And, only recently, a Russian destroyer was spotted in port in Havana….again, less than 100 miles from our shores.

Cuba stalemate makes identifying rafters difficult

The remains of rafters that surface near the U.S. are often in such poor condition they cannot be visually identified.

Hopefully some day there will at least be some backdoor channel that exists between the two governments so such issues can be resolved.  That’d be a win win for both sides.  Right now, its a loss for both sides.  And, you don’t have to have formal diplomatic relations to do that.

House GOP rallying around Boehner’s concern about Obama’s purported ‘dangerous’ plan to close Guantanamo

House Speaker John Boehner has denounced any potential White House effort to close the Guantanamo Bay prison facility, saying that such a move is “dangerous,” could result in terrorists being relocated into the United States and that overriding Congress is another example of the Obama administration’s “legacy of lawlessness.”

This is a two-fer for Obama; the second effort to undermine our national security. Earlier it was his efforts to use back-door channels to reduce nukes in Europe while Vlad is deploying nukes to Crimea. Now this. Closing Gimo? What a breathtakingly stupid idea! Its the one place we can detain enemy battlefield combatants like Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, and so on without bringing them to American soil…where they would then get all sorts of legal protections they DON’T get at Gitmo because its not U.S. soil. Furthermore, the rent of the base is like $4,000 a YEAR to Cuba per the contract we have with the Cuban government. That’s like highway robbery. Any base in the United States costs MILLIONS and MILLIONS per year to maintain. Closing down Gitmo is a ridiculous idea, and the move by Obama to do it is purely political and ideologically driven. From a budgetary, cost savings perspective alone, its foolish to close it. Then, you add the national security benefits of having that facility NOT on U.S. soil. And those are just a couple of the strategic benefits of it. But, no.. Obama and his administration of morons doesn’t care about that. Tools..