Cincinnati mayor dedicates memorial to ’79 Who concert victims

People killed in the crowd rush at a 1979 concert by The Who in Cincinnati now have a memorial in the city. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports Mayor John Cranley dedicated the memorial marker in downtown Cincinnati on Thursday night. He told families of people killed in the tragedy that the city would never forget. Eleven were killed and about two dozen injured on Dec. 3, 1979, when the crowd rushed a few open doors at the then-Riverfront Coliseum before the show, which was general admission with no assigned seating. A candle inside a lantern was lit for each of the victims and a moment of silence was shared Thursday night. Those attending cheered as the marker was unveiled. The tragedy led to local and state laws regarding crowd control.

Definitely a dark chapter in the music promotion business, and of course a terrible tragedy for those who died that night.  The Who played on not even aware what had happened..  I wonder if Pete (Townshend) and Roger (Daltry) will stop by to see this memorial when they’re in the U.S. next year for their big Who tour…

Cincinnati, Ohio Charter schools use Turkish ties, visas to get teachers

Horizon Science Academy in Bond Hill has the usual classrooms, books and lessons to teach kids seeking an alternative to regular public and private schools.

Wow.. How crazy is this?!? I’m all for LEGAL, controlled, immigration that is in the national security interest, and economic benefit of America. But, if I had kids.. I’d send them to schools where the teacher(s) were from America. We have SO many teachers here in America who are unemployed, or working for next to nothing.