Chris Matthews

NBC Made Payment To Staffer After Sexual Harassment Claim Against Chris Matthews

An MSNBC spokesman confirmed Saturday the company made a separation-related payment to one of Chris Matthews employees after the woman complained about sexual harassment. Two sources familiar with the situation told The Daily Caller that Matthews paid $40,000 to settle with an assistant producer on his show, “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” in 1999 after she accused him of harassment. An MSNBC spokesperson contested that claim to the Caller, saying the company instead paid significantly less as part of a severance package. The woman complained to CNBC executives about Matthews making inappropriate comments and jokes about her while in the company of others. The MSNBC spokesman said that they thoroughly reviewed the situation at the time and that Matthews received a formal reprimand. Based on people who were involved in the matter, the network concluded that the comments were inappropriate and juvenile but were not intended to be taken as propositions. The woman received separation-related compensation when she left MSNBC and has gone on to work in a number of high-profile media positions. MSNBC declined to comment on whether the employee left because of Matthews or whether this was the only claim in Matthews’ history at the company. Matthews has been the host of “Hardball” since 1997 and also hosted “The Chris Matthews Show” from 2002 to 2013. He is the latest in a string of high-profile men in media to be accused of sexual misconduct, particularly at NBC.

Some enterprising journalist really needs to get up in Chris’ face and ask him about this….on camera.  It’s time we held these self-righteous, obnoxious, liberal, hypocrites feet to the fire.

Chris Matthews Thinks Trump Will Probably Face a Primary Challenge in 2018 Election

On Thursday, MSNBC host Katy Tur seemed to confuse when the next presidential election will be held when she asked, “Is there any chance that Donald Trump will face a primary challenger in 2018 from the Republican side?” Fellow host Chris Matthews answered, “Well probably, because he’s controversial, and there are people like George Will and his column today in the Washington Post, there’s a lot of true blue conservatives out there, and I mean that, true blue conservatives who don’t like him. And there are people in the party that see it as an opportunity to make hay. He’s going to have a tough re-election and a tough re-nomination fight. Who knows what’ll happen.”

Chris has the IQ of a chihuahua..  Moron..

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Compares Ivanka, Jared Kushner to Saddam Hussein’s Sons

MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews compared President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner to Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s infamous children. Discussing his apprehension at the prospect of Kushner and Ms. Trump working for the president in visible administration positions, he recalled how Uday and Qusay Hussein were also close with their father’s regime. Kushner is preparing to take over a new White House position, the Office of American Administration, which was initiated by the president to help run the country like a business. Ms. Trump has routinely been praised by her father for her acumen and leadership qualities and is considered a close personal adviser. “Uday and Qusay working for Saddam Hussein: You couldn’t go into a restaurant and have eye contact with those guys without getting killed,” Matthews said on “Hardball.” “Imagine getting into a fight in the office with Jared or Ivanka– they have enormous power and they’re always going to be there,” he said. Hussein’s sons had infamous reputations for torture and violent crimes against Iraqi civilians. Elder son Uday would torture athletes who didn’t meet his standards and Qusay helped round up and murder his father’s political opposition, the Washington Free Beacon reported. Congresswoman Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) said her Women in the 21st Century Workforce working group would be willing to work with Ms. Trump in her White House role.

Chris Matthews is a poster child for what is wrong with the dominantly liberal mainstream media.  He is offensive, and breathtakingly stupid.  Here he suggests, not so subtly, that if you got into an argument with Trumps daughter or son in-law, he’d have you killed.  That’s the innuendo here.  Just pause and wrap your brain around just how outrageously dumb that is. THAT is the kind of lunatic that MSNBC puts out as a host for their “fake news” broadcasts.  Once you get past how insanely stupid Chris is, you should be offended on Ivanka’s behalf.  Here you have a smart, successful business woman who is also a working mom…and a role model for so many women who is getting compared to the late vile sons of a ruthless and brutal dictator.  Unreal..  Just fathom if Chris (or any other member of the media) went after a liberal Democrat female that way? Such a double standard.  Members of the media, and politicians on BOTH sides of the political aisle should call out this obnoxious tool for his outrageous, and frankly stupid comments.

Chris Matthews: ‘There Is’ A ‘Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy’ Against Hillary Clinton

MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews argued that “in fact, there is” “a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get” Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live.” Matthews said, “Hillary, you know, I think somebody saying to your face, talk about bad manners, you’re dishonest. Well, wow, you’re saying to former secretary of state, former senator from New York, you’re dishonest? That’s pretty nervy for a young person to say that to a major figure in American life like that kid did. And Hillary, what’s she going to say, I’m not dishonest? she has to go back to the motives of those who have raised the questions about her honesty, which is, unfortunately for her, very much like what she said back during the Monica days, when she said there’s a vast right-wing conspiracy out to get me. But, in fact, there is. This is the weirdness about politics. It can be, that you can also have a problem, but your enemies are going to blow it up out of proportion.”

Wow..  Really Chris?  That’s the best you can do to defend your gal, whose poll numbers are falling?  That’s all you have?  After over 17 years (when Hillary suggested that there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” targeting her hubby, then Pres. Bill Clinton), that’s what your fallback is for any suggestion that Hillary is dishonest?  How pathetic.  It’s kinda like when he, and others in the dominantly liberal mainstream media, suggested that any criticism of Obama must be racist in nature/motive.  Both Hillary and Obama are victims in Chris’ mind, and can do no wrong.  That is the card he’s playing, so as to protect his liberal Democrat peeps.  What a shameless, ankle-grabbing, self-righteous, elitist tool.  I wonder if he’ll play that same card when it finally comes out that Hillary has committed a series of felonies.  Will that be a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” Chris?

Matthews: Jim Crow Has Found a New Home in Today’s GOP

On his Thursday “Hardball” broadcast on MSNBC, host Chris Matthews took aim at the Republican Party for its opposition to President Barack Obama and in particular for the letter Senate Republicans signed on to warning the Iranian regime against an agreement on nuclear weapons that didn’t also get the approval of the U.S. Congress.

And MSNBC wonders why nobody watches their network, or pays attention to their garbage, anymore.  You have some Democrat party fossil like Chris Matthews shamelessly playing the race card like this.  It’s his usual fall back position.  To him, and many other Democrat operatives like James Carville, if you’re against a policy of Barack Hussein Obama, you MUST be a racist.  And, that disgusting lie is one they will tell over and over and over because they have nothing else.  So, we need to fight back each time that lie is told.  No Chris. We’re against Obama because his policies (i.e. immigration, economic, etc.) are destroying America, destroying jobs, putting our nation’s security at risk, and that’s just for starters.  I would be VERY happy to factually list failure after failure and how Obama has been instrumental in making our country FAR worse than when he took office over 6 years ago.  We don’t give a flying rat’s behind that he’s half black.  And, in fact, many Republicans are responsible for crossing party lines and voting for him twice.  After all, it was the white electorate that elected Obama; NOT black America which makes up a very small percentage of those who actually show up at the polls.  That’s just a fact.  Ironically, many Americans who voted (and then were dumb enough to vote AGAIN for him) did so because they thought he might be able to bridge the racial divide.  Unfortunately, as many of us predicted, he has taken race relations back about a half a century.

Oh…and a little history lesson for Chris..  Jim Crow laws were in the DEMOCRAT south during reconstruction and carried out by the White League, the Red Shirts and others who supported DEMOCRAT candidates for office.  It was the GOP that fought such laws.  So, get your facts straight you moron.  Ohh..and a little aside…  The last grand wizard of the KKK to serve in the U.S. Senate was the late Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), a DEMOCRAT, who was the Senate Majority leader at one point and was in the Senate as recently as 2010; just five years ago..after Obama had become President!  I wonder if Chris, or Obama, or AG Eric Holder ever noted that very curious, and awkward, fact.  What a duplicitous tool Chris is.  And shame on MSNBC for allowing Chris to continue to put that bs out there like that.