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Pompeo takes aim at ‘obscene’ Chinese propaganda meant to exploit civil strife in U.S

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday denounced Chinese Communist Party propaganda aimed at fueling U.S. civil unrest and seeking to further divide Americans. “The Chinese Communist Party’s callous exploitation of the tragic death of George Floyd to justify its authoritarian denial of basic human dignity exposes its true colors yet again,” Mr. Pompeo said in a statement. “As with dictatorships throughout history, no lie is too obscene, so long as it serves the party’s lust for power. This laughable propaganda should not fool anyone.” Chinese diplomats and state-run media outlets in recent weeks have disseminated a steady stream of reports criticizing the U.S. government and Trump administration. Officials said the Chinese propaganda attacks are aimed at fueling racial and political tensions. The official Xinhua news agency and Global Times, the state-run hardline Communist Party newspaper, sent out numerous stories criticizing the Trump administration for its policies toward minorities. The propaganda is coming from the Chinese government that itself is under fire for imprisoning more than 1 million Uighurs in western China, along with other human rights abuses. Mr. Pompeo said in recent days Beijing “showcased its continuing contempt for the truth and scorn for law.” “The CCP’s propaganda efforts – seeking to conflate the United States’ actions in the wake of the death of George Floyd with the CCP’s continued denial of basic human rights and freedom – should be seen for the fraud that they are,” he said. “During the best of times, the PRC ruthlessly imposes communism,” he said. “Amid the most difficult challenges, the United States secures freedom.” Mr. Pompeo noted the stark contrast between the United States and communist-ruled China. “In China, when a church burns, the attack was almost certainly directed by the CCP,” he said, using the acronym for Chinese Communist Party. “In America, when a church burns, the arsonists are punished by the government, and it is the government that brings fire trucks, water, aid, and comfort to the faithful.” Under Chinese President Xi Jinping, the officially-atheist government has cracked down on unofficial house churches that are frequently bulldozed to prevent gatherings of worshipers. Mr. Pompeo also said that peaceful protesters in China’s Tiananmen Square or in Hong Kong get clubbed by armed militiamen for simply speaking out, and reporters who cover the dissent are sentenced to long prison terms. In the United States, American law enforcement authorities bring rogue officer to justice. Peaceful protests are welcomed while looting and violence are shut down. “Our free press covers events wall to wall, for all the world to see,” he said. Also, doctors and journalists in China who warned of the dangers of the new coronavirus outbreak were silenced and imprisoned. The Beijing government also lied about death totals and the extent of the disease outbreak, Mr. Pompeo said. “In the United States, we value life and build transparent systems to treat, cure, and underwrite – more than any other nation – pandemic solutions for the globe,” he added. Chinese authorities imprison people who diverge from CCP ideology or place them in re-education camps, the secretary said. The secretary of state’s comment provide the first U.S. government acknowledgement that China is among the foreign actors seeking to further inflame racial tensions in the United States. Attorney General Bill Barr said earlier this week that he had evidence that among the protesters around the country there are “”foreign actors playing all sides to exacerbate the violence.” FBI Director Christopher Wray also said foreign elements had “set out to sow discord and upheaval.” A U.S. official said videos posted online recently showed what appeared to be Chinese embassy and consulates personnel taking a direct role in riots in Washington and California.

Our thanks to veteran D.C. columnist, and best-selling author, Bill Gertz for that excellent piece!     🙂

China’s claim of zero coronavirus infections in military is bogus, sign of intimidating rivals, experts say

China has recast itself as a global leader in defeating coronavirus — and nowhere is that more apparent than in their military. In fact, China has claimed that not a single member of its 2 million strong People’s Liberation Army has contracted COVID-19, a virus that was started in China and has infected 2 million people worldwide. The fantastical claim is being labeled an implausible narrative that scientists and scholars find bogus and warn is a classic and transparent tactic meant to intimidate regional rivals. Chen Jingyuan, health division director of the Logistic Support Department under the Central Military Commission, claimed there were no cases of infection because the military’s prevention measures had been perfect. He said in a press conference that instead of falling to the virus, the pandemic had actually “improved the combat readiness of the Chinese military.” One person not buying that logic is foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang. “It is virtually impossible, as claimed, that none of the 2.0 million soldiers, sailors and pilots of the People’s Liberation Army has been infected with coronavirus, especially since some of them went into Wuhan, the epicenter, at the heart of the outbreak,” he told Fox News. Zack Cooper, a former U.S. official working on China-related issues at the White House and the Department of Defense, told Voice of America that “militaries are being impacted just like the rest of societies so, I would expect that to be the case in China, as well.” Chen Chi-wen, editor-in-chief of Asia-Pacific Defense, a leading defense magazine published in Taiwan, pointed out that there are PLA units based in and around Wuhan, including airborne troops, a reserve anti-aircraft artillery battery and the central depot of the Joint Logistic Support Force, and that in towns with such a heavy military presence, “tens of thousands of the soldiers and their family members were interacting with local residents all the time.” Timothy Heath, a senior international researcher at the RAND Corporation, told VOA that China’s claims of being virus-free is one that “no one would expect” or believe. Countries including the United States, France, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea have all seen a rise in infection in their armed forces. In some places like the Philippines and Poland, the virus has hit top generals. Chang believes that China’s inflated claims are part of a bigger and more aggressive military strategy. “China is now acting as if it is ready for battle,” he said. Over the weekend, a Chinese aircraft carrier sailed past Taiwan in a show of strength as the U.S. Navy continued to struggle with outbreaks on its military ships in the Pacific. The USS Theodore Roosevelt, in particular, has been badly hit by an outbreak and is currently docked in Guam. While the American carriers have been sidelined, China’s Liaoning is the only one that is operating in the Western Pacific. “We have to be concerned that the Chinese military is looking for trouble,” Chang said. “In recent weeks, it has moved belligerently against Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia. Beijing is taking on everyone at the same time. Not good.” Japan’s ministry of defense said Monday that the Liaoning and its strike group, including five warships, passed through the 155-mile wide Miyako Strait between the islands of Okinawa and Miyako on Saturday, before turning south and passing east of Taiwan on Sunday. The strait is an international waterway. Taiwan’s navy also sent ships to monitor the strike group as it passed on Sunday, according to Taiwan’s ministry of defense. “We have conducted reconnaissance and monitoring over the sea and air space around Taiwan,” ministry spokesperson Shih Shun-wen said. In response, the U.S. Air Force then posted a tweet showing multiple bombers lined up on the runway in Guam. While China’s military is flexing its muscle at sea, the PLA has also been engaged in an online campaign and has posted stories on its large-scale exercises as well as the sinking of a Vietnamese fishing boat. It also boasted about ramping up military industries in Wuhan.

Think about that kind of mentality…  The Chinese military brags in an online post, how it sunk a defenseless Vietnamese fishing boat.  Wow..  Is that supposed to make us afraid at their awesome might?  China continues to bully it’s neighbors.  And, this latest claim that in their military of over 2 MILLION, including units in the Wuhan area, they have not had a single case of the virus?  That is, of course, bs.  But, it’s what China does; lie.  That’s all they do.  And for far too long, we’ve been suckers and just gone alone with their bs, regardless of the consequences.  Presidential administrations of BOTH parties have tolerated their military aggression and allowed critical goods, like prescription drugs, to be made solely in China.  In addition, globalist companies like Microsoft have sold us out to China.  That’s why Bill Gates is all upset that Trump had the nerve to put a temporary hold on U.S. funding to the WHO, which has been a total disaster during this Wuhan virus crisis.  Trump was absolutely right to demand better accountability, transparency, and so on with our generous funds which are 10 times what China gives to the WHO.  And yet, they do China’s bidding..  It’s WAY past time we took a united stand against communist China.  Trump is doing what he can, in spite of pushback from Democrats in the House like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who is a globalist herself and would love to spend YOUR money on the WHO and other foreign entities who don’t have America’s best interests at heart.  We can do our part by avoiding purchasing products made in China.  Instead, BUY AMERICAN!

China lied about coronavirus, putting world in jeopardy, US intelligence agents say

As coronavirus cases have jumped in recent days, China misled the world by purposely underreporting its numbers of patients and deaths, three U.S. intelligence officials say. In a classified report sent to the White House, the officials said that China’s public record of COVID-19 infections was deliberately deceptive and incomplete. Bloomberg, which first reported the news, cited three U.S. intelligence officers who said they alerted the White House last week to Beijing’s misleading numbers. Two of the three sources called the numbers flat-out fake. While there have been skeptics all along, China’s decision to downplay its numbers could have deadly consequence for the rest of the world. Deborah Birx, the State Department immunologist advising the White House on its response to COVID-19, said Tuesday that China’s numbers influenced assumptions in other countries about the nature of the contagion. “The medical community made — interpreted the Chinese data as: This was serious, but smaller than anyone expected because I think probably we were missing a significant amount of data, now that what we see happened to Italy and see what happened to Spain.” Since the beginning of the pandemic, China has been accused of multiple coverups. It has shifted its timeline on what it knew and when it knew it and has gone after critics, doctors and whistleblowers trying to sound the alarm. In recent weeks, China has launched a coordinated campaign to boost its global image. It has rebranded itself, tried to restart its economy and sold supplies to hard-hit countries struggling to contain the virus within their borders. “The only thing better than playing themselves as a victim is showing that they can emerge as a resilient hero,” Greg Barbaccia, an expert in counterintelligence, insider threat and corporate espionage, told Fox News. Barbaccia, who spent five years on active duty as an intelligence sergeant in the U.S. Army, said China is taking advantage of the current economic landscape and using it to their advantage as other countries like Italy and Iran struggle. Not only has China clogged up its own airwaves with propaganda touting the country’s success in taming COVID-19, it has also pledged millions of dollars to the World Health Organization and in return has received public accolades. A U.N. report released Wednesday praised China for sharing the genetic sequence of COVID-19. What it didn’t highlight was that Chinese officials didn’t report the first case of coronavirus until forced to and that documents later revealed that China knew about the dangers of the virus two months before reporting it. Had China been forthright, COVID-19 could have been contained. On Wednesday, there were more than 847,081 confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world. The U.S. surpassed 200,000 cases Wednesday. Globally, the number of those infecting will likely hit the million mark by Friday. In the United States there have been 4,417 deaths. The body count globally stands at 45,497.

Opinion/Analysis: Chinese propaganda is now citing US journalists’ and Democrats’ coronavirus rhetoric

If the Chinese Communist Party cites you favorably in one of its propaganda videos, it might be time to take a step back. Democrats and members of the U.S. news media should be reconsidering their remarks defending and praising China amid the COVID-19 pandemic, especially now that those remarks are being highlighted by China’s aggressive and sophisticated propaganda machine. The Global Times, a state-run Chinese tabloid, released a video recently highlighting various U.S. media personalities and Democratic leaders, who have pushed the Beijing-approved talking point that it is racist to refer to the virus by its country or city of origin. The video features CNN’s Chris Cuomo and NBC News’s Richard Engel. The Chinese-produced propaganda also cites failed two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Engel said earlier this month in one of the dumber soliloquies ever to grace television screens, “It is easy to scapegoat people, and that is what has always happened when there have been pandemics or epidemics. This is a virus that came from the territory of China but came from bats. This is a bat virus, not a China virus.” The Chinese propaganda video also features Clinton’s tweet wherein she wrote, “The president is turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on, make tests widely available, and adequately prepare the country for a period of crisis.” She adds, “Don’t fall for it. Don’t let your friends and family fall for it.” De Blasio is cited in the video saying on social media, in remarks directed at President Trump, “If you’re looking for someone to pin this crisis on, try the guy who made up a phony Google website or promised testing kits that he STILL hasn’t delivered. Our Asian-American communities — people YOU serve — are already suffering. They don’t need you fueling more bigotry.” A separate video produced by the Global Times highlights CNN’s Chris Cillizza’s claim that the U.S. president is “weaponizing bigotry” to distract from the federal government’s sluggish and unfocused response to the pandemic in America. The video then questions whether the virus even really originated in Wuhan (it did), again citing Cillizza’s commentary to argue that Trump is using China as a “scapegoat for his government’s slow response.” “Reelection concerns are driving the Trump administration’s intense attack on China as a ploy to divert public anger over the federal government’s poor controls,” the propaganda video states. “They’ve indeed been quite incompetent. Perhaps they can’t face their public without blaming China.” As a reminder: The push to get people to stop referring to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus” or the “Wuhan virus” is part of a broader propaganda campaign by the Chinese Communist Party to absolve itself of responsibility for the spread of the pandemic that spread solely because of its lies and its cover-up. To those American journalists and politicians who took their talking points straight from Beijing — I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

Thanks to Becket Adams for that spot-on op/ed.  Becket is breaking down exactly what we’ve been saying ever since this Wuhan virus (and yes, that’s exactly what it is, and where it came from) pandemic started.  Ebola, and hey.. Rocky Mountain Fever, for crying out loud, all describe WHERE those diseases came from.  This latest one came from Wuhan, China.  Period.  That’s NOT racist to say that.  It’s a matter of factual accuracy.  And, the fact that the Chinese government covered it up for MONTHS before finally admitting it, are responsible for allowing it to get out of control.  They are ALSO responsible for allowing these so-called “wet-shops” to reopen, where it all started.  So, if you’d rather call it the Chinese virus, then that should be perfectly appropriate since that country is where it came from, and whose government is responsible for allowing it to spread.

Trump was exactly right to quickly stop all travel to/from China, despite Hillary, Biden, and all of these anti-Trump tools in the dominantly liberal mainstream media (like Jim Acosta at CNN) calling him “racist” and “xenophobic”…playing right into the hands of the Chinese propaganda machine.  What a bunch of morons.  If you actually are still watching garbage like CNN or MSNBC, hopefully this will convince you it’s time to change the channel.