Chief Thomas Jackson

Ferguson police chief apologizes to community: ‘I take full responsibility’

Ferguson, Missouri, Police Chief Thomas Jackson issued a video Thursday apologizing to the parents of Michael Brown and the black community for any mistrust they may feel toward the police department.

This was premature..and personally, I wish the good Chief hadn’t done this. After all, he really has NOTHING to apologize for, despite what many in the liberal, Democrat, rabble-rousing, black community might think. When Chief Jackson got the call about the shooting, he was having lunch (or leaving lunch) with one of his kids. And, as soon as he got that call from one of his sergeants, he immediately, and very appropriately, called the St. Louis County Chief of Police and asked him and his department to take over the investigation and jurisdiction of the case immediately, which STL County did. That was the exact right thing for him to do, and the extent of Chief Jackson’s involvement in that case. Period. He got a call, hung up, called the next higher jurisdiction police agency and asked them to take over. The end. So, Chief Jackson is totally absolved of anything related to that incident. But, I get WHY he did it. He’s trying to do what he thinks is the right thing to do, and maybe on some level mollify the Brown family. He may have even been advised by his attorney(s) to do that in order help reduce tension in that community, and potential civil litigation. Unfortunately, it’ll probably just stir up that hornets nest all over again. We still do NOT know if the shooting of Michael Brown was justified or not. The Grand Jury is still reviewing all of the evidence and facts trying to determine the answer to that question. The Chief probably should have waited until that verdict came back, and let the process play out a little longer. Oh well. Guess we’ll see.. This story continues to develop…