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Gutfeld on teachers’ unions going after charter schools

As America struggles with COVID-19, rising crime and riots, it’s nice that the teachers’ unions are helping out. I kid. In their demands for reopening schools, the United Teachers of Los Angeles — a union for public school teachers — has included, surprise: defunding police. And … a shutdown of publicly funded, privately operated charter schools. Now, these go beyond what normal unions demand. Worse, the teachers use this crisis to preserve power by destroying those who won’t conform. By trying to shut down charter schools, the teachers union is demanding the elimination of any competition, and depriving desperate poor families of an education that might change their children’s lives. This speaks to the real truth of a big American problem. It’s not systemic racism. It’s our systemically corrupt education system. It’s the teachers’ unions, led by leftists, whose only goal is to cancel competition that might reveal their incompetence. And so, at the start of life, poor students are placed in a system where no matter how many billions of tax dollars are shoveled into it, it just gets worse. The students don’t stand a chance, and the unions prefer it that way. Yet charter schools produce better-educated kids, with a far better head start in life. You’d think that would be embraced. But the price of union success is student failure. Once we see the results of charter schools, we realize the cause of all our inequalities isn’t racism, it’s the scandalous lack of choices left for poor Blacks, poor Whites, poor everyone victimized by urban liberals.] So these kids begin their lives in a hole — a hole that isn’t a grave, but might as well be one. At least for their futures.

No kidding!!  As usual, Greg nails it.  This was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue, known as a “Gregologue” on “The Five” on July 29, 2020.  To see the actual video and the following discussion with his co-hosts on The Five, click on the text above.  Thanks Greg!   🙂

Success Academy parents vs. New York charter school bullies

Success Academy parents vs. New York charter school bullies

This is excellent.  The author is a former NY lieutenant governor, and her analysis of the plight of charter schools in NYC is exactly right.  Shame on NYC’s new mayor, Bil de Blasio, and his bullying tactics.  Hes your typical liberal Dem whose in bed with the teacher’s unions.

NYC Mayor de Blasio Kicks 700 Kids Out of Over-Performing Schools

NYC Mayor de Blasio Kicks 700 Kids Out of Over-Performing Schools

This guy is such a tool..  de Blasio is in the pocket of the powerful teachers unions, and doesn’t give a rip about kids, or their parents.  MOST of these kids are minorities.  So, this isn’t about rich white kids.  Just the opposite.  Shame on him.