Canon Andrew White

Christianity in Iraq is finished, says Canon Andrew White, ‘vicar of Baghdad’

He is one of the world’s most prominent priests, but Canon Andrew White – known as the “Vicar of Baghdad” – has reached a painstaking conclusion: Christianity is all but over in the land where it all began. “The time has come where it is over, no Christians will be left. Some say Christians should stay to maintain the historical presence, but it has become very difficult. The future for the community is very limited,” White told Fox News this week. “The Christians coming out of Iraq and ISIS areas in the Middle East all say the same thing, there is no way they are ever going back. They have had enough.” Thirty years ago, there were approximately 1.4 million Christians in Iraq. The number dwindled to around 1 million after the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, and a year ago it was estimated that there were less than 250,000 left. Numbers have continued to decline as families flee, and today even approximate figures are difficult to obtain.

And, as we all know..  It was Obama’s foolish decision (against the advice of virtually EVERY General officer on active duty at the time, and retired) in 2010 to just unilaterally pull all U.S. military forces out of Iraq, that caused a power vacuum, and the emergence of ISIS/ISIL, which then in turn led to a wholescale genocide of Christians in Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East.  What an incredible moron he was..  And THIS is the consequence of that liberal agenda-driven idiocy.  To read the rest of this tragic story, click on the text above..