ICE arrests 4 illegal immigrants at Brooklyn courthouse

Agents with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested four men outside of a Brooklyn courthouse Thursday morning where they were scheduled to appear in court on misdemeanor charges, an ICE spokesperson confirmed to Fox News. The agents arrested the illegal immigrants who were set to appear in Brooklyn Criminal Court Thursday, three on charges of misdemeanor trespass, and one on a misdemeanor weapon possession. The four arrested — Eduardo Romero, Juan Villa, Fredy Rosa and Sergio Perez — are all Mexican nationals, and are associated with the Niños Malos gang, a primarily Mexican street gang that operates out of Sunset Park in Brooklyn, ICE spokesperson Rachael Yong Yow said. Niños Malos translated from Spanish means “bad kids.” The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office told Fox News it didn’t know ICE was going to arrest the illegal immigrants. “We were not notified, and we do not cooperate with ICE,” a spokesperson for the office said. ICE agents are legally authorized to arrest illegal immigrants at courthouses, but the practice has been widely scrutinized. New York State Attorney Eric Schneiderman, along with Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, alleged in August that ICE has been waiting near courthouses — a location not deemed as “sensitive” by ICE — in an effort to arrest illegal immigrants, and requested “that ICE refrain from arresting witnesses and victims.” Illegal imigrants in “sensitive” locations, such as schools or places of worship, aren’t subject to ICE arrests.

Kudos to these ICE agents for doing their job and helping to make Brooklyn safe, in spite of the resistance from the local Democrat politicians.  These thugs are gang members; exactly the kind of criminal illegal aliens that we need to be deporting.  Thanks to the ICE agents, these “bad kids” are off the streets.  Excellent!!

N.Y. black women tired of ‘white people moving into the area’ force tenants out at gunpoint: report

Two Brooklyn women have been arrested after they robbed and intimidated three tenants out of their apartment at gunpoint, then squatted in the usurped home, because they were reportedly fed up with white people moving to the area.

You really can’t make this stuff up.. Sounds like a “hate crime” to me! Remember what I said the other day about the need for an intellectually honest discussion about race in this country (something you can’t do when you throw black, liberal, entitlement-minded, race-hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, etc. into the mix)?? Again, for those that missed it the other day.. Take a good hard look at these stories (which we WILL be posting here, since the dominantly liberal mainstream media refuses to, as it destroys their narrative, and their agenda) and then ask yourself, honestly, who, on balance, are the true, hard-core racists in this country, really? IF we’re to ever have an intellectually honest discussion about race in America, we need to first recognize who the true hard-core racists in America really are, and call them out on it. We can always talk about WHY they are the way they are (violent, hateful, etc.). And, as I said the other day, personally I’m SO over it. I don’t care anymore. I’m tired of the pathetic excuses for WHY. Why isn’t important. But, fine.. We can talk about it at some point. FIRST, however, we need to identify them; NOT the anecdotal here and there (and for every white supremacist that liberal Bob Beckel at Fox News wants to bring up, I’ll raise him a hundred New Black Panther Party members…and show them at polling places with billy clubs, for crying out loud)…but, on balance, the overwhelming majority of those who by their actions (i.e. knock out game, FBI crime stats, etc,) and words are CLEARLY the true racists in this country. And, again, since the liberal mainstream media won’t report stories like this, because it destroys their narrative and their agenda, we’ll continue to post them here. Thank God for the internet and free speech!

Anyway, there is a photo at: regarding this story that shows a pic of a bldg. with the words “NO WHITES” tagged on the side of the bldg. I’m sure AG Eric Holder will be sending 40 FBI agents to Brooklyn to address this clear hate crime…and that Al Sharpton will be demanding “justice.” Yeah.. I didn’t really think so either. Hypocritical tools.. Hopefully, at least the NY City PD will be pressured into filing hate crime and civil rights charges against these two black women thugs who did this.