Group sues Boston for banning Christian flag, approving 284 others

The city of Boston, Mass. is being sued for religious discrimination for banning the Christian flag while permitting 284 others, according to a federal lawsuit filed last week. Hal Shurtleff, the director and co-founder of Camp Constitution, asked the city to fly the Christian flag, an inter-denominational symbol, as part of Constitution Day on Sep. 17, 2017, for a one-hour event. But the city banned its appearance, saying no non-secular flags could be flown. “There’s no question that it is an unconstitutional act and originally said it was a violation of the First Amendment, which I find ironic,” Shurtleff told Fox News. “I’m optimistic the lawsuit will go our way.” Shurtleff said the city would have accepted it if they had called it the Camp Constitution flag instead of the Christian flag. The group was planning an event with pastors encouraging racial reconciliation, freedom in the United States, and celebrating the link between Christianity and the United States, ending with the presentation of the Christian flag. But after the city’s rejection, the event was canceled. Matthew Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a religious freedom law firm representing Shurtleff, slammed the city for the decision, which they made again in 2018. “Censoring religious viewpoints in a public forum where secular viewpoints are permitted violates the First Amendment,” Staver said in a statement. “Boston city officials may not ban the Christian flag as part of a privately-sponsored event when they allow any other flag by numerous private organizations. It’s time for the court to stop the city’s unconstitutional censorship.” A federal court and appeals court previously ruled against Shurtleff, but the new lawsuit has new “key facts” that Liberty Counsel believes will “compel a result in Camp Constitution’s favor.” One is that the city allowed the Turkish flag — with its Islamic star and crescent — to be raised on city hall flagpoles 13 times since 2005, according to the suit. The city has also allowed the Communist Chinese flag to commemorate the anniversary of the Chinese Communist revolution, Cuban, and Vatican flags to fly along with transgender and LGBTQ flags, which were not mentioned in the lawsuit. “Yet, despite all of these many flag raisings containing religious symbols and imagery, and the City’s allowing the official flag of the Catholic Church, Camp Constitution’s proposed flag raising was denied because it was ‘religious,’” the suit states. “There can be no dispute that the City’s denial impermissibly discriminated between religion and non-religion, and discriminated between religious sects. Both violate the Establishment Clause.”


Ex-Boston Drummer Sib Hashian Dead After Collapsing on Cruise Ship

Former Boston drummer Sib Hashian has died, TMZ reports. According to his son, Hashian was performing on stage at the Legends of Rock Cruise when he collapsed and died. He was 67 years old. Hashian joined Boston in 1975. He played on the band’s 1976 self-titled debut, which includes “More Than a Feeling,” perhaps their best known song. Rolling Stone named Boston the 41st best debut album of all time, praising Hashian’s “climactic drum fills in the final fade-out” on “More Than a Feeling.” He also played on the follow-up (1978’s Don’t Look Back) and began recording on their third LP—1986’s Third Stage—before leaving the band. In addition to his work with Boston, Hashian played on bandmate Barry Goudreau’s 1980 self-titled record. He also sang backing vocals on Sammy Hagar’s 1979 “Sittin’ On (The Dock of the Bay)” cover.

Was sorry to hear about Sib’s passing..  I actually saw Sib play probably one of his last gigs with Boston when he played a few tunes during Boston’s tour in support of their Third Stage recording in the late ’80s.  He came out and played a half dozen tunes, or so, with the band, and then slipped offstage.  We send our prayers to Sib’s family.  To see a nostalgic video of Sib (with his signature big fro back in the ’70s) and Boston playing their iconic song “More than a Feeling,” click on the text above.  Thanks for the tunes, Sib.  R.I.P.

Democrat-Run Boston: Over 96 Percent Of Gunmen In Non-Fatal Shootings Never Arrested

Police records obtained through a public information request show that the Boston Police Department arrested “fewer than 4 percent of gunmen involved in non-fatal shootings” that occurred between the start of 2014 and September 20, 2016. Over 96 percent of the gunmen involved in non-fatal shootings were never apprehended. According to Boston Magazine: ” [This] means, for instance, that detectives have not arrested anyone for shooting 14-year-old Keira Harrison three times as she watched Fourth of July fireworks on Bower Street this past summer. And police have not captured whoever shot a 15-year-old in South Boston in August, or the person who shot a seven-year-old on Bowdoin Street. In fact, the data revealed that police had not made a single arrest in any of the 19 non-fatal shootings of Boston minors under age 17.” The Magazine reports that BPD and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office suggest the low arrest rate is tied to the difficulty that attends non-fatal shootings. They say such “shootings are tough cases to solve…[and] usually occurring outdoors, where it’s difficult to locate physical evidence.” Moreover, they say “witnesses generally refuse to cooperate and help identify shooters,” which only puts investigators at another disadvantage. Here is a problem–the arrest rate for fatal shootings is not much better. In fact, the arrest rate for gunmen involved in fatal shootings “is barely 15 percent.” So 85 percent of people who murdered someone with a gun in Boston January 2014 through September 20, 2016, were not apprehended. If you total the figures–drawing an arrest rate from fatal and non-fatal shootings combined–the result is shocking: Out of 618 cases involving shooting victims, 92 were classified as homicides; of those, 14 had been cleared by arrest. The other 526 people who were shot survived; of those, only 20 cases had led to an arrest. The total arrest rate had declined from 8 percent in 2014 to 6 percent in 2015 to barely above one percent in the still-active 2016 calendar year. The Magazine aptly reports, “Boston is a shooter’s paradise.”

Of course…as are many of the Democrat-controlled big cities in America like Chicago, Detroit, San Fran, Baltimore, Atlanta, and on and on..  Most of these cities have been under Dem control not just for decades…but generations.  And despite all of these problems (of which gun violence is just one), the people continue, like mind-numbed robots, to keep electing and re-electing these Democrats.  It’s like the definition of insanity where you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

DA says fatal shooting of Islamic terror suspect in Boston area was justified

Prosecutors will not seek criminal charges against a Boston officer and an FBI agent who fatally shot a man last year who they believed was plotting an attack against police, authorities announced on Wednesday. “The use of deadly force was a lawful exercise of self-defense,” Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said at a press conference. Usaamah Rahim, 26, was fatally shot June 2, 2015, in the city’s Roslindale neighborhood. Rahim had been under 24-hour surveillance for several months as part of an investigation into his ties with ISIS, including a plot with two co-conspirators to behead a political activist in New York City, according to authorities. The morning of the shooting, a recorded phone conversation revealed that Rahim had abandoned his plans to travel to New York and was instead planning to attack officers in Boston, Conley said. “It was clear from this recorded conversation that Mr. Rahim did not expect to survive this attack,” he said. Terror investigators approached Rahim at a bus stop, at which point Rahim drew a large, military-style knife from a sheath, Conley said. Conley’s office reviewed dozens of witness statements and police reports and footage from surveillance cameras. The evidence proves “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Rahim was armed with a knife and “posed the threat of death,” Conley said. Rahim was shot three times and taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Nicholas Rovinski, of Warwick, Rhode Island, and David Wright, of Everett, Massachusetts, are facing federal charges they plotted with Rahim to kill civilians in support of ISIS. They have pleaded not guilty.

One piece of garbage put down, and the good guys exonerated.  Excellent!!  And, thanks to all of the video footage, all the bet-wetting, Islamic excuse-making, liberals are eating crow.  Score one for the good guys!    🙂

Black Teen Flash Mob Robbery Caught On Video In Boston Area Convenience Store

Flash mobs are usually not fun, especially for those who don’t see it coming. Unfortunately for Gloria Mantas, she became the victim of a flash mob robbery over the weekend. Mantas was working at her convenience store gas station on Washington Street early Sunday morning when about 25 teenagers suddenly came in at once just after midnight. They started grabbing drinks, candy, ice cream and anything they could get their hands on. Then, in less than a minute, they all left at once – without paying for anything. Mantas was too overwhelmed by the crowd to stop them. She called police and they’re looking into what happened, but there have been no arrests. No one was hurt in the incident, which frightened Mantas and caught her completely off guard.

I bet!  Hopefully these little delinquent maggots will be identified, arrested, and properly charged.  Unfortunately, this type of thing is all too common nowadays..  Anyway, to see the video of this, and read the rest of the article, click on the text above.  Awful..

Boston Police shoot, kill man under surveillance by Joint Terrorism Task Force

A man under surveillance by the Joint Terrorism Task Force was shot and killed Tuesday morning after he refused to put down a military-style knife while approaching two officers, reported. Authorities identified the deceased man as 26-year-old Usaama Rahim. The shooting occurred outside a CVS pharmacy in the town of Roslindale. The station reported that a Boston police officer and FBI agent confronted the Rahim, who they say pulled out a large, black, military-style knife. Officials say the man was told repeatedly to put down the weapon, but did not comply. “The officers asked him several times to put that knife down. They gave him several commands. The officers tried their best, repeating, again, several more orders to put down. And at that point, he came within the proximity that the officers used deadly force,” said William Evans, Commissioner of the Boston Police Department. Evans said Rahim was struck by two bullets: once in the abdomen and another in the torso. Evans identified Rahim as a known suspect and the officers were approached him for questioning at the time of the shooting.

This story is developing…