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Gutfeld on Biden and Bernie

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s victories in recent Democratic presidential primaries have been a triumph of taxidermy. So what did we learn, America? First, politics is like real estate. It’s location, location, location. As forceful as Bernie’s vision was, it was in the wrong place: America. Being a socialist in the most successful economy in history is like trying to sell Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in Siberia. America listened to a 78-year-old try to sell a bad idea that’s twice his age. Americans said, “No way.” And the youth vote? It looks like the 50-plus crowd, who pay their bills, make wiser choices. Surprise! Biden is similar to a cardboard contraption that may have structural flaws. At least it’s standing in the right place. Plus, he remembered his pants. Perhaps Democrats who vote for Biden are purchasing a “teardown.” It’s not for the structure. It’s for the land. His pick for vice president may be in charge at some point if he wins. So voting for him is like snapping up a prime lot to build the Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., home, or a Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., castle, or a Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., wigwam. Which is why Democrats want to end this thing before a debate. They know that with each passing week, the weakness of what they’re left with is becoming more apparent. They should’ve blasted the radical leftism of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., early on, but they liked the look of agreeing with him. He’s going nowhere. “Donald Trump must be defeated, and I will do everything in my power to make that happen,” Sanders said in a speech Wednesday. “On Sunday night, in the first one-on-one debate of this campaign, the American people will have the opportunity to see which candidate is best positioned to accomplish that goal. … I very much look forward to the debate in Arizona with my friend, Joe Biden.” So Democrats had two choices. The “radically wrong,” who reflects the party’s secret socialism, or the conventional codger, who will limp to the finish line to deliver someone younger and new. Like Hillary Clinton! It could work. But if they don’t get Biden prepped and propped before he faces President Trump, it will be like feeding old-growth logs to a wood chipper.

Agreed..  Thanks to Greg Gutfeld for his usual dry wit and sarcasm calling it as he sees it.  Bernie is still in the game.  But, his campaign is on life support.  Really, at this point it’s Joe Biden vs. President Trump.  And, if Joe makes the kind of verbal gaffes he’s been making during his campaign on the debate stage with Trump, then Trump will absolutely demolish him.  And, Trump won’t hold back or pull punches out of deference to Joe’s age and apparent mental shortcomings.  That’s what John McCain, and then later Mitt Romney, did with Obama.  They went out of their way to be overly civil and nice, so as to avoid being called “racist.”…and look where it got them.  Trump won’t make the same mistake.  Joe Biden will bring a butter knife while Trump will bring a tank or self-propelled howitzer.

Analysis: Super Tuesday results prove Americans are not ready for a revolution

The results from Super Tuesday are in. Here’s what they tell us: 1) The primary contest is a two-horse race: former Vice President Joe Biden versus Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. 2) Americans are not ready for a revolution, and they don’t like Fidel Castro. But, Sanders is not going away. 3) The Democratic establishment is so terrified of Sanders that they are propping up Biden, who is frequently “confused.” 4) Ornery, hectoring and broke Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., didn’t even win her own state. Will she throw her delegates to Sanders, her philosophical soulmate, or decide to play nice with the Democratic establishment? 5) Turns out: money can’t buy you love. Or votes, except in America Samoa. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg should drop out. However, with a few delegates and an open checkbook, he will continue to have clout. 6) Democrats are still hoping for a miracle: Is there another candidate out there who can beat Trump? Michelle? Hillary? Anybody? One of the most-watched aspects of Super Tuesday, with its cornucopia of 1,357 delegates, was how Bloomberg would fare. It was the first time the former mayor of New York City had appeared on any ballots, and the first time Americans would find out whether you can “buy” a nomination. It turns out, you cannot. The biggest primary night was Bloomberg’s debut; it may also prove to have been his retirement gig, marking one of the shortest presidential campaigns on record. Rumors circulated early Tuesday that if the former New York City mayor did not do well, his campaign advisors would encourage him to pull out. As the votes came in, Kevin Sheekey, his campaign manager, said they would “reassess” his run. He did not do well. Despite having lavished some $600 million on a suffocating fog of advertisements and also on a massive ground game, the billionaire ex-mayor of New York came up short, winning outright only America Samoa, with its six delegates. His horrific debate performances were part of the problem, as was his inability to connect with voters. What Bloomberg offered was an open wallet. He was able to buy up staffers and airtime and endorsements, but at the end of the day, there was no passion and little energy. It turns out you have to have more than a high IQ, credible resume and bottomless bank account to inspire voters. Virginia, the fourth-richest prize of the night with 99 delegates, proves the point. Bloomberg visited the state seven times, spending more time there than any other candidate. He had eight offices in Old Dominion, and more than 80 staffers. He reportedly spent $5.8 million in advertisements in Virginia, compared to less than $200,000 laid out by the Biden campaign. And yet, Biden took the state with 53.3 percent of the vote, followed by Sanders with 23.1 percent; Bloomberg came in fourth with less than 10 percent. Certainly, Biden scored well with African-American voters, as he did in South Carolina, and enjoyed some momentum from that victory last Saturday. The biggest story of the night, however, was not the poor showing by Bloomberg, but the recovery by Biden. Exactly one week ago, professionals put the odds of Sanders winning the nomination at 57 percent, compared to 10 percent for Biden. As Super Tuesday dawned, Biden’s chances, compiled by Real Clear Politics, had soared to 59 percent and Sanders’ had plummeted to 37 percent. That’s quite a turnaround. That change-up was the result of the former Veep’s big win in South Carolina, enthusiastic support from African-Americans, numerous important endorsements and – most important – moderate rivals former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., ending their campaigns. Nowhere was this more obvious than in Minnesota, Senator Klobuchar’s home state. Biden won that primary with 39 percent of the vote. Two weeks ago, Klobuchar polled at 29 percent, with Buttigieg claiming another 3 percent and Joe only 8 percent. If those two moderate rivals had not pulled out, Biden would have lost to Sanders, who took 30 percent of the votes last night. Biden outperformed in several important states, including delegate-rich Texas, where he won by a narrow margin, boosted perhaps by the support of former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, as hard as that is to imagine. Sanders, who scored well with Hispanics in his blow-out victory in Nevada, was favored in the race. The granddaddy prize of the night – California – went to Sanders by a substantial margin, giving him 72 delegates. His popularity with young Hispanics no doubt helped. That California saw a sizeable amount of early voting means the outcome might not have been as swayed by Biden’s last-minute momentum. Sanders will remain a thorn in the side of Democrats all the way to the Milwaukee convention. No one will likely reach the magic number of 1,991; we are headed to a brokered convention, and that could be a massive food-fight, depending on the outcome of upcoming races. It is clear that moderate Democrats – that is, those who actually want to beat Donald Trump in November rather than pursue a Quixote-like tilt against injustice and corporate greed – will back Biden over Sanders. It is also clear that Sanders’ claim of assembling a new and powerful coalition flunked the test. The aging socialist argues that the way to beat Trump is by generating the “largest turnout in American history.” But that hasn’t happened so far. On Super Tuesday exit polls showed that young voters – Bernie’s core group – did not show up in the numbers they had in 2016. Without a doubt, that hurt Sanders. It is still a race, but Super Tuesday was for sure a good night for Biden. It was also a good night for sanity, for our country and for Donald Trump. It is hard to imagine “Sleepy Joe”, as Trump calls him, generating the excitement and turnout needed to beat the president.

Indeed..  We agree wholeheartedly.  Thanks to Liz Peek for that excellent recap of Super Tuesday.  Liz is former partner of major bracket Wall Street firm Wertheim & Company. A former columnist for the Fiscal Times, she writes for The Hill and contributes frequently to Fox News, the New York Sun and other publications. For more visit Follow her on Twitter @LizPeek.  Great work Liz!    🙂

Gutfeld on Bernie vs. Joe

Moments after getting endorsed by Democrats who were fleeing this slow-rolling disaster, former Vice President Joe Biden quickly inspired confidence in their decisions. “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by the, go, you know, you know the thing,” Biden said. “Look, tomorrow’s Super Thurs… Tuesday. And I want to thank you all. I’ll tell you what, I’m rushing ahead, aren’t I?” As always, he could blame it on the Russians! I wonder if President Trump noticed? He did. “Tomorrow voters in states all across the nation will head to the polls for Super Tuesday. Not Super Thursday. Oh, he said, ‘Super Thursday.’ You can’t do these things,” Trump said. “He’s constantly naming the wrong state. ‘It’s great to be in the state of Ohio.’ ‘No, no, no. I’m sorry. You’re in North Carolina.'” “I honestly don’t think he knows what office he’s running for.” Trump added, “They’re going to put him into a home, and other people are going to be running the country, and they’re going to be super-left radical crazies.” Now, everyone makes gaffes, but Joe’s multiply faster than rabbits. And while sometimes Trump’s words are shocking, they don’t hint at an underlying decline. Biden’s words remind you that he’s not getting any younger, let alone wiser. And it makes you wonder about the endorsements from Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas, and former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg really mean. Is Biden really leading a parade of enthusiastic support? Or is this a gurney race to push him across the finish line on a stretcher? He also faces a bigger challenge though. He is moderate by today’s loony-left standards, but his one and only idea is, “Get rid of that orange meanie.” That’s not a vision. That’s a complaint. Meanwhile, Bernie is the outsider whose vision is strong — despite being wrong. It’s why he attracts the youthful, the mad and the crazy. In a world where we idealize the bold, a radical is just sexier than a bumbling moderate. Even a radical with ear hair. It’s not fair. It’s not smart. But it’s life. Maybe if Democrats hadn’t thrown all their weight behind the fantasy of impeachment, they would have seen this coming. Instead, Democrats are stuck with three voting choices. Two are cranky old men, and one who is sleeping in. I put my money on the “snooze” button.

Of course, since that was all said, “mini” Mike Bloomberg threw in the towel.  Thanks as always to Greg Gutfeld for this latest “Gregologue.”      🙂

Opinion/Analysis: Socialist Sanders is most dangerous major party presidential contender in US history

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the improbable current front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination, is lying to the American people when he tell us that “democratic socialism” simply means he wants to give the vast majority of Americans new opportunities to succeed and wants millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes. In fact, my extensive research on comments Sanders has made going back decades shows he has warmly embraced not just socialism but communism, and praised tyrannical dictatorships that have trashed the freedoms Americans enjoy under the Bill of Rights that are part of our Constitution. Sanders is not just another liberal Democrat who wants to expand social programs, in the tradition of Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. He is the most radical candidate in American history with a real shot at winning the presidential nomination of one of our two major political parties. While candidates have run for president in the past on radical platforms under the banners of socialist, communist and other fringe political parties, they have drawn only tiny percentages of the vote. Sanders, elected in Vermont as an independent and not as a Democrat, is trying to convince the American people that policies implemented around the world by socialist and communist regimes that have resulted in death, destruction and economic mayhem are in our best interest. But like the wolf in the children’s tale of Little Red Riding Hood who donned a nightgown and covered his face to pose as the young girl’s grandmother, Sanders tries to disguise socialism. The socialist senator wants us to believe socialism is a kind and caring philosophy that is the embodiment of justice and equality for all. Sanders thinks that by sticking the word “democratic” in front of the word “socialism” he can trick millions of Americans into supporting the horrific philosophy he espouses. As the old saying goes, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Communism and socialism give government far more power than our capitalist system does, enabling leaders to become tyrants. This has been proven the case again and again in dozens of nations that have abandoned capitalism for communism and socialism. The truth is that more than 167 million people were exiled, imprisoned, or killed by socialist and communist parties in the 20th century. And, contrary to claims made by Sanders, his talking points about socialism’s successes in countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark are completely false. Those countries are not socialist nations and their citizens are, in many ways, not better off than most Americans. Yet despite these well-documented facts, Sanders has managed to sell his socialist snake oil to many well-meaning, kind-hearted Americans who think that the only way to solve the world’s problems is to give government far more power over their lives. The following quotes from Sanders illustrate just how truly radical and disturbing his ideology is. In a “special interview” in 1981 with a communist newspaper called The Militant, Sanders, who had just become mayor of Burlington, Vt., claimed there are American police departments “dominated by fascists and Nazis.” “We’ve got cops here who are good trade unionists on all the regular trade union issues, and who also have a concern for young people,” Sanders told The Militant, in reaction to some concerns voiced by socialists who were worried that he received too much support from local police during his 1980 mayoral campaign. In other words, Burlington had good cops – but bad cops dominated many other police departments. The attack Sanders made on police is not only outrageous, it’s also incredibly ironic. The Nazis were, in fact, socialists who believed in collectively managing property and most of the German economy. Further, some of the most ruthless, murderous regimes to exist during the past 100 years were led by committed Marxists – not free-market capitalists devoted to defending individual rights. Sanders has a long track record of supporting communist and socialist organizations. For example, in 1980 and 1984, he endorsed Socialist Workers Party presidential candidates, and he even agreed to be an elector for the party. This shows clearly that Sanders is no Democrat. He’s an opportunistic radical trying to hijack the Democratic Party and turn it into a socialist party. In the 1980s, the Socialist Workers Party was mostly devoted to espousing radical Marxist and communist ideas, and it was widely known as being largely Trotskyite – an ideology made famous by Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, who promoted the necessity of global communism. According to an article in The Militant, Sanders issued a press release in 1980 in which he said he supported the Socialist Workers Party in part because of its “continued defense of the Cuban revolution.” At the time Sanders lauded the “Cuban revolution,” the ruthless dictator Fidel Castro had been in power for two decades. During that period Castro stripped Cubans of their basic political and individual rights, murdered and imprisoned dissenters and welcomed Soviet missiles to his island nation. That action led to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, which brought the U.S. and the Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear war. Sanders has a long track record of framing his ideology as one that is completely contrary to capitalism. This precludes any possibility that he wants to merely reform America’s current market-based system. For example, in a speech Sanders delivered in May 1981 while introducing the head of the Socialist Workers Party, he explained that the “real debate of our time” and the “debate of our century” is “socialism versus capitalism.” Further, throughout the 1980s Sanders said the Democratic Party was not radical enough to accomplish his goal to usher in his Marxist utopia and win the “socialism versus capitalism” debate. For instance, according to reports by the Burlington Free Press, in a speech Sanders delivered in the early 1980s before students at the Vermont Law School he said Vermont needed a new and radical party that “must develop a membership base of workers and farmers” and called for “the rejection of the Democratic and Republican parties.” Based on his own words, it is clear that the “revolution” Sanders is always talking about staging would spell the end of capitalism and economic freedom in the United States that made us the richest, most prosperous and most powerful nation on Earth. And once economic freedom goes, history has shown that political freedom and many of our human rights go as well. My question to each of you reading these words is simple: Do you really want to see America turned into a “workers’ paradise” like China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and so many other failed communist and socialist nations? Sanders doesn’t frame his campaign that way, of course. But that is the choice facing voters.

Indeed..  Thanks to Justin Haskins for that well-researched assessment of Bernie’s history, and his actual philosophical and political beliefs, which he’s espoused for decades.  Justin Haskins is the executive editor and a research fellow at The Heartland Institute and the editor-in-chief of He’s the author of “Socialism Is Evil: The Moral Case Against Marx’s Radical Dream.” Follow him on Twitter @JustinTHaskins.

Rep Diaz-Balart: My family fled Cuba, and I’m setting the record straight for Sanders and Castro apologists

Following praise of Castro’s Cuba by Democratic presidential candidate for president Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., I must take the opportunity to correct the misinformation and false claims so frequently touted by Castro’s apologists. First of all, it is appalling to those personally affected by the Castro regime legacy of firing squads, torture, imprisonment, brutal oppression and terrorism to witness a U.S. presidential candidate seek to decipher some nominal good from the abject and all-pervasive evil of totalitarianism. Many of those who support Sanders today may not have been around to witness the evils of communism over the past few decades. Sanders has no such excuse. At the height of the Cold War, he hobnobbed with the Soviets and established a partnership with the Sandinistas in a Nicaraguan region at war with the indigenous Miskito people. He should remember that when nuclear missiles in Cuba were pointed at the United States, Fidel Castro pleaded that Khrushchev launch a first strike. He should remember that the Castro dictatorship ordered the shootdown of two unarmed civilian aircraft in international waters, resulting in the murder of three innocent Americans and a permanent resident for which the general and two pilots were indicted in U.S. federal court. He should demand the return of fugitives from U.S. justice such as Joanne Chesimard, an FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist, and terrorist bomb maker William Morales. He should remember the “13 de Marzo” Tugboat Massacre of 1994 when the Castro regime rammed, sprayed and ultimately sunk a tugboat of 72 men, women and children who were attempting to escape Cuba in search of freedom. 41 perished, including 10 children. They were among the over a million Cubans who, like my family, fled totalitarianism. He should also remember the lives of those who died at the hands of the Castro regime in the past ten years, such as Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Juan Wilfredo Soto, Laura Pollan, Oswaldo Paya, Harold Cepero and Armando Sosa Fortuny. He should call for the immediate release of political prisoners Jose Daniel Ferrer, Mitzael Diaz Paseiro, Yanet Perez Quevedo and Miguel Diaz Bouza so that they do not suffer the same fate. Collectivist systems of socialism and communism have brought devastation and tyranny wherever they have been tried. The regimes of communist China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela have used socialist/communist policies to justify the most egregious human rights abuses and their iron grip on power. In less than two decades, socialism has managed to plunge Venezuela, a country with the world’s largest known oil reserves, into blackouts, starvation, medical shortages and utter destitution. The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation reveals that more than 100 million people have perished as a result of communism, from the purge policies of Mao and Stalin, including forced starvation, through the dictatorships in North Korea, Eastern Europe and Cuba. Sanders should be asked about Communist China’s forced reeducation and labor camps, including the current oppression of Uyghurs who have been forced to abandon their language and culture and improve their “literacy” of the state-mandated Mandarin language. With collectivist systems where individual rights are subsumed by the so-called “greater good” of the many, once unthinkable horrors become reality. Sanders’ comments in regard to Cuba are particularly shocking given the Castro regime’s long and sordid history of threatening U.S. interests. The regime in Cuba partners with rogue regimes, terrorists and Anti-American interests such as the terrorist state of Iran, Russia, communist China, the Maduro regime in Venezuela, the FARC and Hezbollah. In 2013, the Cuban regime was caught smuggling weapons to North Korea in the largest violation of international sanctions against that country to date. It has welcomed Russian espionage ships to Cuban waters to spy on the United States. Sonic health attacks against U.S. personnel in Havana caused traumatic brain injury to Americans and their families. For years, Cuba has maintained thousands of Cuban intelligence operatives in Venezuela in what the Organization of American States’ Secretary General called an “occupation army” to oppress the Venezuelan people and sustain the illegitimate Maduro regime. The Obama Administration chartered a course to legitimize the Castro tyranny. Thankfully, President Trump understands the danger of the Cuban dictatorship and has corrected this course. I was disappointed that the Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives chose not to consider such an important resolution condemning Sanders’ admiration of a murderous dictator, a resolution that should have enjoyed bipartisan support. It’s very alarming that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party is willing to turn a blind eye to this evil. “The truth is the truth.”

Thanks to Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) who represents the 21st congressional district in South Florida for that compelling, powerful op/ed.  Please forward that on to anyone you know who liked Bernie’s recent comments about Cuba.

Caravans of Cuban-Americans Protest Bernie Sanders and Rally for Donald Trump

Caravans of Cuban-Americans rallied in support of President Donald Trump on Saturday after Sen. Bernie Sanders defended Cuban dictator Fidel Castro’s policies. Photos and videos emerged on social media in Miami featuring long lines of cars and trucks flying Cuban and American flags and honking their horns. Others wore MAGA hats and waved Trump 2020 flags to show their support of the president. In an interview with CBS last week, Sanders defended Fidel Castro’s “literacy programs” in Cuba despite his brutal socialist regime. The vehicles featured signs and painted slogans such as “Viva Trump,” “Free Cuba, “Cambio es ya” (Change is Now), and “Abajo La Dictadura” (Down with Dictatorships). “Wondering what that excessive honking was in Coral Gables, Miami and Brickell?” asked the Miami Herald. “It’s about Trump.” A group of over 150 Cuban Americans in Kentucky also held a similar protest, giving speeches before driving through the Cuban community blasting car horns and music, while some waved Trump flags and signs. The Courier-Journal reported that the caravan featured over 150 people protesting Cuba’s socialist government after Sanders defended Castro’s literacy programs. Signs on the cars read “No Socialism in America,” “Cuba Libra,“ and “Make Cuba Great Again.” Click here to watch videos.

Israel Ambassador to UN: We Don’t Want ‘Ignorant Fool’ Bernie Sanders in Israel

Danny Danon, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, declared Sunday that Democratic Party presidential frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is an “ignorant” fool, adding: “We don’t want him in Israel.” The unusually blunt criticism came at the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), one of the most prominent pro-Israel groups in the country. Sanders declared a week ago that he would not attend AIPAC, claiming that it was a platform for “bigotry.” When asked what he means, during the Democrat debate in South Carolina, he called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “reactionary racist.” (The audience applauded.) Danon, a free-marker conservative known for his blunt opinions declared (via Times of Israel): “Whoever calls the prime minister of Israel a ‘racist’ is either a liar, an ignorant fool, or both,” Danon said. “We don’t want Sanders at AIPAC. We don’t want him in Israel.” Netanyahu’s own reaction was more muted: he said Sanders was “wrong,” but hastened to add that he did not want to interfere in the U.S. elections. Sanders has also said that he would use U.S. aid as leverage to force Israeli concession, and would consider moving the U.S. embassy from Jerusalem back to Tel Aviv. The only Democratic Party presidential candidates who will address AIPAC are former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) — the latter two by video.

What irony!  Bernie is Jewish, and yet Israel wants nothing to do with him.  By contrast, when Trump visited Israel, he was treated like a rock star!  And, he has a great working relationship with Bibi Netanyahu.  That’s crucial to our foreign policy in the middle east.  If Bernie were elected, it’d be a disaster for our middle east policies.