Antifa members in Berkeley smash windows of US Marine Corps recruiting office during protest

An Antifa protest in Berkeley turned violent Sunday when one masked group member sucker-punched a detractor and other agitators smashed the windows at a Marine Corps recruiting post, cellphone video showed. Authorities arrested 20 people during the dueling California demonstrations between Antifa and individuals affiliated with the so-called “alt-right.” Three people suffered minor injuries after a group of “extremists” threw “explosives” — believed to be fireworks and flares — at police and the Alameda County Sheriff’s officers. No members of law enforcement were hurt. In a series of photos posted to Twitter by filmmaker Ford Fischer, members of Antifa can be seen smashing the windows of the U.S. Marines Corps recruiting office on Shattuck Avenue. “No police were around as the black bloc traveled down the street, and a handful used hammers to smash the windows of Shattuck Ave US Marine Corps Recruiting office,” Fischer wrote in a tweet. He added: “After I filmed the antifa break the Marine Corps office window and throw a torch into a dumpster, one of them called a few over to confront me. They basically told me to leave, implying attack if I didn’t. I left. ‘Get the f— back. Cops aren’t here. They won’t help you.” Besides the damage to the Marine Corps post, Berkeley police also said “an extremist element among a large group” damaged 21 city vehicles, setting one on fire, and slashed their tires. The group also set fires in trash bins, which were extinguished quickly. Officials did not identify the “extremist element.” The incident began percolating days earlier when two groups announced plans for a “No to Marxism” rally at the city’s Civic Center Park, an announcement that prompted plans for a “Sweep Out The Fascists” march. A counter-rally drew hundreds of people downtown. City officials said neither group had sought or obtained a permit for their respective rallies. On Friday, police issued rules prohibiting masks and items that could be used as weapons. Police said the list of banned items at Civic Center and Ohlone parks included metal pipes, baseball bats, glass bottles, pepper spray, knives or daggers, shields and slingshots, KTVU reported. Police also banned people from wearing masks, scarves or bandannas or anything covering their faces except for religious or medical reasons. Multiple videos taken of the demonstrations, however, showed several people — mostly Antifa-aligned — wearing masks. Sunday’s protests in California came one day after police in Portland, Ore. clashed with demonstrators. Protesters aligned with Patriot Prayer and an affiliated group, the Proud Boys, met in a park at a rally organized by their group leader, Joey Gibson. But they were met by Antifa protesters carrying signs saying “Nazis go home” and “Alt right scum not welcome in Portland.” Police reportedly ordered the counter-protesters to disperse, then moved in behind a volley of stun grenades. One of the rounds hit a counter-protester in the head, becoming embedded in his helmet and injuring him, reports said. One woman was taken to a hospital after being hit in the arm and chest with a “flash-bang” grenade. Another video showed an Antifa member wearing all black sucker punching someone as he was having a heated conversation on a sidewalk. At one point, authorities deployed “flash bang” devices to break up the feuding parties. Long sticks and homemade shields were confiscated, the AP reported.

Antifa is really just a bunch of suburban, white, skinny, millennial guys who still have peach fuzz on their face, and probably live at home.  You know the type.  What a bunch of self-righteous losers and cowards.  Hey you Antifa tools, how about you go back to that Marine Corps office and attack it…while the Marines are in there, and see what happens!  lol   Anyway, to see photos and videos of this event, click on the text above.

Timpf: Berkeley Mayor Is So Concerned About Antifa Violence That He Wants to Reward It

On Monday, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin (D) said he was so “concerned” about Antifa violence at a scheduled speech at the University of California–Berkeley that the school should cancel it altogether. In other words: His strategy for stopping Antifa violence is to give the group exactly what they want, and to let them know that the reason they’re getting what they want is because of their violence — and there really just aren’t enough desks in the world for me to smash my head on when I think about how dumb that is. The speech in question, of course, is one by alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. A conservative campus newspaper, the Berkeley Patriot, scheduled it as part of its “Free Speech Week,” and Arreguin says that the risk it might spark a violent reaction is one that his community should just not be willing to take. “I’m very concerned about Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter and some of these other right-wing speakers coming to the Berkeley campus, because it’s just a target for black bloc to come out and commit mayhem on the Berkeley campus and have that potentially spill out on the street,” Arreguin told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I obviously believe in freedom of speech, but there is a line between freedom of speech and then posing a risk to public safety,” the mayor said. “That is where we have to really be very careful — that while protecting people’s free-speech rights, we are not putting our citizens in a potentially dangerous situation and costing the city hundreds of thousands of dollars fixing the windows of businesses.” Arreguin’s concerns are, of course, warranted. After all, the outcome that he’s worried about has happened before: In February, UC–Berkeley had to cancel one of Yiannopoulos’s speeches because Antifa showed up and started smashing windows and shooting off fireworks at the venue, causing $100,000 worth of damage to the school’s student union. Now, what happened in February was obviously unacceptable, and Arreguin is completely correct to say that he doesn’t want that happening in his city. Here’s the thing, though: Canceling the speech because of this violence is sending Antifa the message that its violence works. Arreuin toldt the Chronicle that he didn’t “want Berkeley being used as a punching bag,” but the truth is, that’s exactly what he’d be turning it into by bending over and allowing Antifa thuggery to dictate what kind of events its campuses can host. It’s lazy, it’s short-sighted, and quite frankly, idiotic. Thankfully, the school doesn’t seem to be heeding his advice. UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof told the Chronicle that officials at the school “have neither the right nor ability to interfere with or cancel invitations based on the perspectives and beliefs of the speakers.” Truly, it’s terrifying to imagine what kind of place this country would become if we started allowing extremist violence to limit our speech. If you, like Arreguin, think that Antifa’s violence is dangerous, then the absolute worst thing that you could do would be to tell them that it’s actually the perfect way for them to get exactly what they want. Yes, Arreguin may say that he “obviously believe[s] in freedom of speech,” but his reaction proves that he’d rather just sacrifice it than actually take the time to figure out how to do the job that government officials like him are elected to do — which is to protect the basic rights of the people whom they serve. The fact that an elected official in the United States could actually look at what happened in February and think that the lesson to be learned was “Oh, okay. Well, then now we know that we just limit speech then!” is idiotic and lazy at best, and terrifying at worst. Obviously, the focus should instead be on learning how to better prepare your community to face this threat, which is about so much more than just protecting its buildings and windows from damage. It’s about protecting its people’s very right to exist as free individuals in a free society, and there should be nothing more important to our elected officials than that.

Agreed!  And well said, Kat.  Millennial reporter Katherine “Kat” Timpf is responsible for that excellent op/ed.

Trump supporters headline free speech rally at University of California, Berkeley

Trump supporters descended upon the University of California, Berkeley on Thursday to reaffirm the principles of free speech and robust debate after the school canceled a scheduled lecture by conservative author Ann Coulter. Canadian contrarians Gavin McInnes and Lauren Southern headlined a free speech rally at MLK Park and read an excerpt from Ms. Coulter’s planned speech in her stead. “They may be able to stop us from speaking on the campus, they may be able to throw punches, to spray pepper spray, throw bricks at us, but they can’t stop an idea,” Ms. Southern said. “They can’t stop the history of this nation and the determination to defend free speech and protect God-given rights.” Berkeley officials canceled Ms. Coulter’s speech last week citing security concerns and the possibility of violence, but quickly reversed course after a backlash ensued. Despite the university’s assurance that she was welcome, Ms. Coulter said she had to cancel the speech Wednesday after losing the backing of the student group that invited her, Young Americans for Freedom. The free speech rally was mostly peaceful, with protesters and hecklers only sparsely populated in the surrounding area. Among the hundreds of attendees were representatives from Oath Keepers and Bikers for Trump, who said they were there to ensure the event remained peaceful. Many of the participants were clad in black and wore motorcycle helmets. The excerpt from Ms. Coulter’s speech argued against accepting Muslim immigrants and those in need of government assistance. “When Trump merely proposed we stop importing people whose religion teaches them to kill us, the media called him a racist,” Mr. McInnes read. “Republicans said that’s not who we are. They know us so well. There are 7 billion people in the world; we don’t have to take any of them. There’s no constitutional right for the rest of the world to move here. “Immigrants are showing up with a lot of needs and a lot of grievances,” he continued. “Why do we owe them? If you have grievances, go home and address the perpetrators. We owe you nothing. By my reckoning, they owe us.”

Exactly!!!  No foreign national has a U.S. constitutional right to come to America.  It is a privilege!!  And these snotty, entitlement-minded, liberal, tender snowflakes who shout down the likes of Ann Coulter and others who have the nerve to say such basic common sense truths are the real fascists.  Kudos to Gavin and Lauren for picking up the baton for Ann and carrying it forward.

Timpf: The People Protesting Speeches in the Name of Stopping Fascism Kind of Sound Like Fascists

Ann Coulter has canceled her speech at UC – Berkeley because of violent threats from protesters – and yet somehow, her invitation is what’s been discussed as an example of fascism. Yesterday, in a piece for the the Daily Californian, a Berkeley student and member of its International Socialist Organization named Mukund Rathi claimed that speaking invitations being extended to Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos were evidence of “the disturbing growth of a far right that is a threat to us all,” and announced that his organization and others would be hosting an “Alt Right Delete conference” in August “to defend UC Berkeley as an anti-fascist campus.” What he didn’t mention as an example of fascism in his anti-fascist rant? Protesters shutting down Yiannopoulos’s speech. In fact, he described what happened to Yiannopoulos as the community’s coming out “in defense of the campus against Milo,” as if Milo’s having the freedom to speak were something that needed to be stopped. What’s more, in discussing the need for wider support in stopping the alt-right, Rathi even claimed that “the fights on the streets of Berkeley” in response to a pro-Trump rally on April 15 “showed that we also can’t depend on a small group of anti-fascists to rebuff the far right alone,” because “without an organized mass movement, those who want to confront the far right will conclude that the only available choice to fight back is property destruction and street fighting, while others will conclude that this is no choice at all.” Obviously, he’s correct in saying that a movement that depends on violence isn’t going to be a success, but I have just one question: How on earth can he consider the people who were fighting on the streets to be “anti-fascists” in the first place? A mark of fascist thought is limiting speech through any means, including violence – and what makes this whole thing even crazier is that Rathi does seem to understand this. After all, in his piece, he brags that the Alt Right Delete conference will be “understanding the growth of the far right, the left’s long history of anti-fascist organizing, free speech as a principle of the left.” Rathi actually had the nerve to tout his support for free speech in the exact same piece where he seems to suggest that it’s a good thing to limit speech when it comes to people like Yiannopoulos and Coulter — and he somehow thought that this kind of logically inconsistent drivel was actually cohesive enough to publish. Do I agree with Ann Coulter? Nope! Does that matter? Nope! Because I support free speech, and I understand that “free speech” includes speech that I don’t like. You know who does support blocking certain speech, though? Fascists — and a good start to fighting fascism is probably to stop thinking the same way that fascists do.

Agreed!  Millennial reporter Katherine “Kat” Timpf was the author of that op/ed.  And, while we disagree with Kat on Ann, we agree with her on the definition of fascism.  Clearly it is these pc police and speech nazis like Rathi who are the real fascists.  And, on some level if they were to stop and think about it, they’d probably agree..  But, they don’t care.  Their religion of dogmatic extreme liberalism requires them to be fascists and stifle debate and civil discourse.  Kat is a regular on the Greg Gutfeld show which airs on weekends on the Fox News channel.

Milo Yiannopoulos Plots Comeback at UC Berkeley

Milo Yiannopoulos is plotting his comeback, allegedly to take place at UC Berkeley, whether university administrators like it or not. “In light of recent controversies, I am planning a huge multiday event called Milo’s Free Speech Week in Berkeley later this year. We will hold talks and rallies and throw massive parties, all in the name of free expression,” Yiannopoulos said on his Facebook page Friday. Yiannopoulos wouldn’t say who is backing the effort, financially or otherwise, nor would he say which, if any, student group has invited him to speak at Berkeley. When he was last set to speak there in February, protesters set fires, threw rocks and attacked fans, and the UC Police Department shut down the event. Administrators are preparing for a similar reception for Ann Coulter when she attempts to speak on Thursday even after administrators told her she didn’t have permission to do so and moved her event to a different venue in the following week.

Go get ’em, Milo!    🙂

21 arrested as hundreds of Trump supporters and counter-protesters clash at Berkeley rally

Hundreds of pro-Trump demonstrators and counter-protesters clashed Saturday at a “Patriots Day” rally in Berkeley, the third time the groups engaged in violent confrontations on city streets in recent months. Fistfights broke out near Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park, where Trump supporters had scheduled a rally. Fireworks and smoke bombs were thrown into the crowd, and a few demonstrators were doused with pepper spray. Both groups threw rocks and sticks at each other and used a large trash bin as a battering ram as the crowd moved around the perimeter of the park. One bank boarded up its ATMs before the rally as a precaution. About 250 police officers were deployed to the scene by mid-afternoon after officials sought assistance from the neighboring Oakland Police Department. Twenty-one people were arrested, including some on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, according to Officer Byron White of the Berkeley Police Department. Eleven people were injured with at least six taken to a hospital for treatment, including one stabbing victim. Police confiscated knives, stun guns and poles, White said. Stewart Rhodes, founder of the citizen militia group known as the Oath Keepers, said he came from Montana with about 50 others to protect Trump supporters. They were joined by bikers and others who vowed to fight members of an anti-fascist group if they crossed police barricades. “I don’t mind hitting” the counter-demonstrators, Rhodes said. “In fact, I would kind of enjoy it.” But Rhodes credited Berkeley police for new tactics that mostly kept the two sides apart and “our side chilled and relaxed,” though sporadic fights broke out among both groups throughout the morning and afternoon. “It’s getting sporty,” said Oath Keeper John Karriman, 59, who is from Missouri and was among the group’s security leaders. AJ Alegria, 31, of Sacramento said he also came to Berkeley to help defend Trump supporters. He said he pursued a counter-demonstrator down a side street and found himself surrounded by a dozen protesters in black masks who he said attacked him with sticks and pepper spray. “These people create violence all the time… somebody has to stand up to them,” said Alegria, who was injured in the fight. He was treated by Trump supporters who bandaged his head, washed off the pepper spray and gave him encouragement, saying, “You’ve earned your stripes, bro.” Alegria wasn’t the only one injured. “Stand up, America! Stand up!” shouted a Trump supporter in the middle of Center Street with a bandage on his head and streaks of blood on a sign that read “Stop Liberal Intolerance.” Brenna Lundy, 28, said she drove from San Francisco to attend what she thought was an organizing event against the alt-right. As the violence unfolded, she stayed and attempted to talk to some of the people shouting insults at her. “So I genuinely wanted to talk. I am trying to talk to you,” Lundy said to a woman screaming at her that “Obama hates blacks.” Another woman from the pro-Trump side came up to Lundy and, putting a hand to her ear, said, “Ask her why she hates white people.” Lundy looked confused.

I bet!  Good for that woman for asking Lundy that question!  There IS an opportunity here, folks.  It’s amazing how things changes, and people’s attitudes change, when they see these out-of-control, extreme-liberal, anti-America, socialist/fascist, pc police and speech nazis (oh I could go on all day long with additional adjectives, but you get the idea) for who they really are.  They hate America, they hate Trump for reasons they don’t even know, and they just want to cause mayhem.  It’s just angst with no purpose.  And, they’re cowards with the black masks on.  They’re unwilling to have civil debate.  They’re all for free speech…until its speech they don’t agree with.  Then they want it censured like the fascists and nazis that they are.  Losers..

Black Thug Pulls Gun on White St. Louis Cop

A white police officer killed a black teenager who was allegedly armed in a St. Louis suburb late Tuesday, leading to a small protest and four arrests at the scene of the shooting, according to police.

Despite what the liberal, Democrat, black race hustlers would like, this won’t go anywhere.  THIS black thug suspect was armed and pulled a weapon on the officer.  So, the cop shot him…and appropriately so.  Plus, the whole incident was caught on multiple surveillance cameras.