Arizona Supreme Court rules Christian artists can’t be forced to make same-sex wedding invitations

A pair of Christian artists can’t be forced by the city government of Phoenix to make invitations for same-sex marriages, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Monday. Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski, the owners of Brush & Nib Studio, were accused of violating a local anti-discrimination ordinance. Monday’s 4-3 decision reversed a lower-court ruling that favored the city. “An individual has autonomy over his or her speech and thus may not be forced to speak a message he or she does not wish to say,” the court’s majority decision read. Duka, a calligrapher, and Koski, a painter, were threatened with six months jail time and $2,500 in fines for every day they were in violation of the ordinance. They are now celebrating their judicial victory as “a huge win for religious freedom and freedom of speech.” Duka and Koski told “Fox News @ Night” last year they “serve all people” and decided to challenge the law to defend “the right of artists to create freely.” “Joanna and Breanna work with all people; they just don’t promote all messages,” Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Jonathan Scruggs, who argued on the pair’s behalf, said in a statement. “They, like all creative professionals, should be free to create art consistent with their convictions without the threat of government punishment.” Writing for the majority, Justice Andrew Gould concluded that the city of Phoenix “cannot apply its Human Relations Ordinance” to force Brush & Nib to “create custom wedding invitations celebrating same-sex wedding ceremonies in violation of their sincerely held religious beliefs.” “Duka and Koski’s beliefs about same-sex marriage may seem old-fashioned, or even offensive to some,” Gould wrote. “But the guarantees of free speech and freedom of religion are not only for those who are deemed sufficiently enlightened, advanced, or progressive. They are for everyone.”

Exactly!!  And well said, your Honor.  We applaud this outstanding decision by the AZ Supreme Court.  Like the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of a Colorado baker for a similar situation, this is a BIG victory for freedom of speech and freedom of religion…some of our most basic values.  Excellent!!   🙂

Arizona Governor Expected to Appoint Jon Kyl as McCain’s Replacement

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is expected to name former U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl to fill Sen. John McCain’s Senate seat for the remainder of McCain’s term. McCain passed away from brain cancer last month after about a year-long battle. Gov. Ducey, in a tough re-election fight this year himself, pledged to wait until McCain was laid to rest before naming a successor. News broke Tuesday that Ducey will hold a 10:00 a.m. press conference in Phoenix, which is 1:00 p.m. Eastern: “Jon Kyl is a dear friend of mine and John’s. It’s a great tribute to John that he is prepared to go back into public service to help the state of Arizona,” posted McCain’s widow, Cindy, leading up to Ducey’s announcement: The tweet gave apparent confirmation to rumors that Kyl will receive the appointment to fill the remainder of McCain’s current term in the U.S. Senate. The seat will be up for a vote next in 2020.

Sen. Kyl (R-AZ) is a wise/prudent choice to serve out the reminder of the late Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) term.

Two pilots report seeing UFO in southern Arizona skies

Pilots flying on two separate aircraft reported seeing an unidentified flying object over Arizona last month. The incident took place over southern Arizona around 3:30 p.m. on Feb. 24 between the New Mexico border and the Sonoran Desert National Monument, which is about 40 miles from Phoenix. The Drive reported that one witness, a commercial pilot flying a jet for American Airlines, said the object was above 40,000 feet and had a big reflection. “I don’t know what it was,” the pilot told Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center. “It wasn’t an airplane but it was … the path was going in the opposite direction.” Air traffic control told an aircraft on a similar flight path to let him know if anything passes over him in the next few miles. A few minutes later, the pilot confirmed that something passed over his aircraft. “Don’t know what it was, but it was at least two, three thousand feet above us,” he said. “It passed right over the top of us.” “Can you tell if it was in motion or just hovering?” traffic control asked. “Negative, I don’t know if it was a weather balloon or what not,” the pilot said. “It had a big reflection, several thousand feet above us going the opposite direction.” After questions about whether it was a Google balloon, another voice responded and said it was a UFO. Arizona had more than 4,500 reported UFO sightings from 2001 to 2015. It was also home to one of the most infamous UFO cases of all time, the Phoenix Lights.

Things that make ya go, “hmmmm.”     🙂

Arizona restaurant closes following backlash from its pro-Trump Facebook post

An Arizona restaurant was forced to close its doors indefinitely this week after a politically charged Facebook post the eatery’s owners wrote prompted mass criticism from social media users. Christopher Smith and Jay Warren, the owners of Cup it Up American Grill in Tucson, posted a statement on the restaurant’s social media page last week with a list of things the two support and resent, including the president, kneeling for the anthem and late night hosts, Vice News reported. The post stated: “We believe in and support 100% in the following: OUR President, Always Standing for the National Anthem, repealing Obama Care…” The post also listed, God, the Bill of Rights, drug screening for welfare recipients and the U.S. Armed Forces among others they praised. Their list of things they don’t believe in or support included: “Those that DON’T respect our President, Armed Forces and First Responders, kneeling for the national anthem, Antifa, fake news, global warming and late night hosts getting political…” The post concluded with: “If you like this post, please share it with 5 friends and we look forward to your next visit! If you disagree with this post, please share it with 100 friends and we won’t be expecting you anytime soon!” The restaurant’s post also mentioned the eatery would not broadcast NFL games until “the organization got it together.” The post, which went viral, was met with widespread backlash and criticism, forcing the restaurant to delete it and all its social media accounts. The restaurant received “so many angry phone calls” that several employees chose to quit, reports say. “People threatened to burn down the restaurant with the owners in it. It’s a crazy world we’re in,” Ron Sanchez, whose daughter worked at the eatery, told ABC15. Ericka Ayup, a regular customer of the restaurant, told ABC 15 the post was not “smart” but respected their opinion. “I respected their decision to speak up and be patriotic whether people agree or not,” Ayup told ABC 15. “It wasn’t smart for them to do what they did from a business aspect especially being down here in the University — which is more liberal and young.” The restaurant apologized for the post but social media users flooded the eatery’s Yelp page with negative reviews. Last Monday, the restaurant posted a statement on its door, announcing it would be closing indefinitely. “We have made a decision to close our doors indefinitely as of today, Monday, October 9, 2017. The safety of our employees, and our families is of great concern and is our #1 priority at this time,” the statement said. “We would also like to extend a special thanks to our Military and First responders. Thank you all and God Bless.”

This is the country we live in now….where the pc police and speech nazis will go after you, and shut your business down if you dare to exercise your First Amendment rights to say something they don’t agree with.  Oh well..  We hope Cup it Up reopens soon!

Patriotic parent balks at teacher’s gender-neutral Declaration of Independence

A patriotic parent in Mesa, Ariz., got her fourth-grade child moved to a different class after finding out the teacher had students recite a gender-neutral version of the Declaration of Independence. Parent Elizabeth Vaillencourt, whose child attends Salk Elementary School, shared a photo on Facebook, showing the unidentified teacher displayed a copy of the declaration in the classroom, with “all men are created equal” changed to “all humans are created equal,” KGUN-TV reported. After Vaillencourt spoke with school officials, her child was moved to a different class. But school officials told her that her social media post had “hurt the teacher’s feelings,” the television station reported. Vaillencourt told the station that the school superintendent’s office informed her that the teacher’s actions were against school policy. A spokeswoman for the Mesa Public Schools said although there was no specific policy regarding the “discussion of political beliefs by a teacher in a classroom,” teachers were not allowed to “share their political views with students,” KGUN-TV reported. “It should be recited as written, and not modified in any way,” the spokeswoman added, referring to the declaration. “School administration, when learning of the alteration to the text, provided feedback and guidance to the teacher to restore the document to its original format.”

That’s it?!?  A teacher that altered the text of our Declaration of Independence…and she’s given “guidance?!?!”  Holy crap!!  She should be fired!!  History is what happened; NOT what we wish had happened, or how some people wish it were phrased.  So, good on this mom for calling this teacher on her offensive nonsense.

Armed Citizen Intervenes, Kills Suspect Beating AZ State Trooper on Roadside

On January 12, an armed citizen stopped and killed a man who was beating an Arizona State Trooper on the side of I-10. The incident occurred early Thursday morning on about “50 miles west of downtown Phoenix.” According to KTAR News,  the trooper had stopped to investigate a rollover accident at about 4:30 a.m., when someone opened fire, shooting him in the shoulder. The alleged shooter then began to beat the officer. An armed citizen and his family were driving by when they spotted the officer under duress. The citizen stopped the car, ran toward the officer and asked if he needed assistance. When the officer said “yes,” the citizen ran back to his car, grabbed his gun, then returned and “demanded the attacker stop.” The attacker refused to stop, so the citizen shot him multiple times, killing him. Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Col. Frank Milstead said, “I don’t know that my trooper would be alive without [the armed citizen’s] assistance.” The name of the armed citizen was not released, but Milstead added, “I would just say thank you.” Also on January 12, the New York Times editorial board wrote against expanding the opportunities for armed citizens to be armed for self-defense. The paper claimed, “The grim truth is that concealed-carry permit holders are rarely involved in stopping crime.”

And it’s no wonder that liberal rag is losing subscriptions left and right.  This AZ state trooper is alive today because a law-abiding gun owner stopped a thug cold.  Kudos to that anonymous good Samaritan.  Outstanding!!    🙂

18-Year-Old Muslim Arrested on Terrorism Charges…in Arizona

Eighteen-year-old Mahin Khan of Tucson, Arizona, was arrested on Friday and is currently being held at the Maricopa County jail, facing two terrorism charges. Mia Garcia, a spokeswomen for the Arizona Attorney General, said Khan is accused of conspiring to carry out attacks on government buildings in Maricopa and Pima counties in Arizona, according to FoxNews. He was arrested in Tucson following an investigation by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force. Garcia said that authorities did not believe that Khan made any threats to the July fourth holiday weekend. As reported by AZ Central, “The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is working closely with federal authorities to keep Arizonans safe. We are not aware of any threats Khan made that involve the Fourth of July holiday weekend.” Attempts to reach his father for comment regarding his son’s arrest were not returned, according to FoxNews and AZ Central. Local ABC affiliate ABC15 reported that “A woman who answered the phone at a Tucson home connected to Khan said she had no comment and declined to answer questions.”

I’m sure!  Folks, this was right here in America; in Arizona!

Dem who opposed welfare fraud measure indicted – for food stamp fraud

An Arizona Democratic lawmaker who once voted against welfare fraud protections in her state has been indicted on felony charges of defrauding the food stamp program. According to the indictment unsealed earlier this week, state Rep. Cecilia Velasquez was charged with three felony counts: unlawful use of food stamps, fraudulent schemes and practices, and theft. The Arizona Department of Economic Security began investigating Velasquez in 2014. According to the Arizona DES, Velasquez fraudulently used $1,726 worth of food stamps between 2013 and 2015. This past February, Velasquez had voted against a bill aimed at giving the same state agency stronger anti-fraud tools – a program that could have quickly detected her alleged fraudulent activity. Arizona state Rep. Anthony Kern, who sponsored the House bill, called the indictment “sad.” “It is appalling that an elected official representing the people of Arizona would steal from the poor, while consistently saying she is trying to help the poor,” Kern said..

Agreed..  Oh well..  Another corrupt Dem busted.

Border Patrol Agent Brutally Attacked in Arizona — Alien Shot Dead

A Border Patrol agent was brutally attacked by an illegal alien in the Yuma Sector on the U.S.-Mexico border on the night of June 9 and the agent responded with deadly force and killed the illegal alien. Multiple sources operating under the umbrella of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discussed the issue with Breitbart Texas on the condition of anonymity. The Border Patrol agency confirmed the incident to Breitbart Texas when called. According to the sources, three men illegally entered the U.S. and crossed the Colorado River when they were detected. An lone Border Patrol agent responded and one of the three men attacked the agent. The alien grabbed for the agent’s service weapon. In the process of the agent protecting his service weapon, the alien grabbed his radio and began beating the agent about the head. The alien also grabbed the agent’s baton and used that to beat the agent as well. The Border Patrol agent was left with head injuries and a severe laceration above his right eyebrow that required multiple stitches. The agent’s hands were also swollen after the life-threatening attack from the alien. The agent responded with deadly force and the alien attacker is now dead. The illegal alien did not have identification on his person and his identity and country of origin remains unknown, though our sources are confident the attacker was an illegal alien. The other two illegal aliens are in the custody of U.S. Border Patrol.

Thank God the agent is recovering..and the other two maggots were caught. Let’s get their biometric data, and then deport them..unless they’re wanted for other crimes.

Arizona sheriff to Memorial Day travelers: Pack a gun and beware of Mexican drug cartel hitmen

An Arizona sheriff says that there is so much Mexican drug cartel activity in the state’s western desert that anyone who travels to the area this Memorial Day weekend should be armed and vigilant. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu sent a warning to campers, hikers and travelers that they should be on alert in case they get caught between rival drug gangs. “We have communication that shows that there is hitmen being sent up to Pinal County,” Babeu said in a press conference. The Sheriff said anyone using back roads, campsites and trails should consider carrying a firearm. “We have a Second Amendment freedom and right, and I encourage everyone to be armed, to be properly trained,” Sheriff Babeu said in an interview on Hannity on the Fox News Channel Thursday night. Sheriff Babeu says the reason for the warning is “based on credible information about recent Mexican drug cartel violence.” He cited three violent incidents between cartels and criminals in the area since late March, and the arrest of 21 cartel scouts who were caught high in mountains serving as cartel look-outs tasked with radioing in movements of law enforcement. The sheriff says most of the cartel violence involves shootouts between criminals when cartel drug mules – carrying marijuana, meth, and heroin – are attacked by so-called RIP crews or armed criminals who ambush the mules in an attempt to steal the drugs. “Cartels are responding to additional threats against their products, or their drugs. The more their drugs are taken, their profit margin goes down, so they want to protect their product so they are sending up hitmen,” he said.

How crazy is this?!?!  How on earth are Mexican drug cartel hitmen even able to cross into America and expand their turf wars into our country, and terrorize American citizens out for a hike or camping?  Oh, that’s right.. because the border is not secured.  Thanks a lot, Obama…you tool.  Anyway, these vermin just waltz across, bringing their mayhem with them.  Please consider this today’s terrifying example of why it is absolutely critical that we BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!…and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically ON the border with Mexico, where they should remain until that wall/fence is finally built above, and below ground (to prevent tunneling)…however long it takes.  Simultaneously, we need to be deporting illegal aliens already here in America by the hundreds of thousands (and yes, you read that correctly)…paying particular attention to known gang and cartel members, already convicted criminal aliens, and those determined by an immigration judge to be deported…regardless of age or gender.  And this is the bare minimum, folks.  To do anything less is NOT in our country’s national security, or economic, interests.  Yes, we support Bill O.’s “Kate’s Law” measure, and other legislative efforts at addressing the illegal immigration crisis in our country.  But, securing that southern border needs to be our federal government’s #1 national security priority!  Just imagine what it would be like to NOT have some poor sheriff have to issue such an insane warning to weekend travelers..