NATO countries begin largest war game in eastern Europe since cold war

The largest war game in eastern Europe since the end of the cold war has started in Poland, as NATO and partner countries seek to mount a display of strength as a response to concerns about Russia’s assertiveness and actions. The 10-day military exercise, involving 31,000 troops and thousands of vehicles from 24 countries, has been welcomed among NATO’s allies in the region, though defense experts warn that any mishap could prompt an offensive reaction from Moscow. A defense attache at a European embassy in Warsaw said the “nightmare scenario” of the exercise, named Anaconda-2016, would be “a mishap, a miscalculation which the Russians construe, or choose to construe, as an offensive action”. Russian jets routinely breach Nordic countries’ airspace and in April they spectacularly “buzzed” the USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea. The exercise, which US and Polish officials formally launched near Warsaw, is billed as a test of cooperation between allied commands and troops in responding to military, chemical and cyber threats. It represents the biggest movement of foreign allied troops in Poland in peace time. For the first time since the Nazi invasion of Soviet-occupied Poland began on 22 June 1941, German tanks will cross the country from west to east. Managed by Poland’s Lt Gen Marek Tomaszycki, the exercise includes 14,000 US troops, 12,000 Polish troops, 800 from Britain and others from non-NATO countries. Multinational operations publicised so far include an airdrop involving 1,130 parachutists over the northern Polish city of Toruń on Tuesday – including 500 US troops and 230 British ones – engineers building a bridge to carry 300 vehicles over the Vistula river and a night-time “assault” involving 35 helicopters. Marcin Zaborowski, a Polish defence analyst at the Centre for European Policy Analysis in Warsaw, said: “In Poland we see the exercise as a reassurance measure from the U.S. and NATO. The defense needs of central and eastern Europe are real. The scope and numbers of Anaconda are no match for the Russian exercises that go on all the time just across the border.”

Well, they should be!  As many of you know..  Here at The Daily Buzz, we’ve been calling on the Obama Administration to take several pro-active military measures intended to push back against Moscow’s ever growing aggressive posture for almost two years!  One of these measures included a large-scale military exercise in Poland.  Anaconda 2016 definitely is a step in the right direction toward achieving that standard.  But, our troop contribution is nowhere near enough.  Then again, the contribution from our other NATO allies is pathetic.  But, I digress..  We need to have an entire armored (tank) division, and at least a full brigade of an elite U.S. Army airborne division “jump” into Poland as part of such an exercise.  Vlad and his goons need to see the degree to which we wil support Poland, and the rest of our allies and friends in eastern Europe.  We need to send a clear message that what happened in Crimea will NOT happen again; that NATO and the U.S. will not allow it, and that we will NOT allow ourselves to be bullied by his thug tactics.  Period.  Vlad misses the “good ol’ days” when he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Soviet Union and then the head of the KGB.  Well, that era is over, and his side lost…and he can’t seem to get over it.  Anyway, to read the rest of this article click on the text above.