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Betsy Ross flag now decried by 2020 Dems, pundits was flown during Obama’s 2nd inauguration

While Democrats and media pundits pounce to decry the Betsy Ross flag as racially problematic — with one even likening the symbol to Nazi swastikas — the very same flag flew prominently during then-President Barack Obama’s second inauguration ceremony in 2013. The reminder that the flag was displayed during Obama’s inauguration came amid the controversy from Nike halting the release of shoes bearing the flag, which flew during the Revolutionary War. The company worried that the flag could “unintentionally offend” people, after controversial football player Colin Kaepernick expressed concern over the design, claiming it recalled the slavery era and has been appropriated by white nationalists. The controversy quickly worked its way into the national political bloodstream, with some Democratic presidential candidates siding with Nike. President Trump’s campaign fired back by noting the flag’s otherwise broad appeal. “Democrats running for president have officially lost it. Beto & Castro strongly imply that the Betsy Ross flag is a symbol of hatred. Do the rest of the Dems agree? Pictured here, of course, is the notorious flag prominently featured at President Obama’s 2nd inauguration,” tweeted Tim Murtaugh, director of communications for Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, also mocked those suddenly criticizing the flag, tweeting that “weird that no one had a problem with The Betsy Ross Flag when it flew over Obama’s inauguration.” Liberal pundits and 2020 presidential candidates alike jumped on the controversy, with former HUD Secretary Julián Castro saying he was “glad to see” Nike removed the shoes over the “painful” symbol that he compared to the Confederate flag. “There are a lot of things in our history that are still very painful,” Castro told CBS News. As an example, he cited “the Confederate flag that still flies in some places and is used as a symbol.” Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke, meanwhile, also gave thumbs up for Nike’s decision, noting that “white nationalist groups” have “appropriated” the Betsy Ross flag, without providing evidence.

One thing we love to do here at The Daily Buzz is to show the brazen hypocrisy of the left.  This story is an example of that.  Colin K., and all of these Dems never had any problem with the so-called “Betsy Ross” American flag when it hung behind then-President Obama at his 2nd inaugural in two prominent positions.  in fact, it’s never been an issue at all!  But, when Trump became President, suddenly it became a symbol of slavery and white supremacy; both of which are factually, historically inaccurate and  simply ridiculous.  Then again, the left isn’t interested in facts or history.  They’re just interested in dividing America, and history revisionism to serve their liberal, anti-America agenda.

Texas city to fly 40,000 American flags, one at every home, on 4th of July

A North Texas city will proudly display its patriotism by flying more than 40,000 American flags that will be displayed in front of every home, business and place of worship on the Fourth of July. About 300 volunteers are hitting the streets of Irving, Texas this weekend to place thousands of flags around town. Nell Anne Hunt, founder of The Great Flag Caper, who is responsible for the patriotic display, told Fox 4 that it all began when she started putting some flags in front of her neighbor’s homes shortly after she moved to the area. “So I bought 200 flags and went in a concentric circle around my house and put flags in everybody’s yards,” Hunt said. “Well, the next year everybody liked it so much I bought 400 flags so it went a little further.” “And then before we know it, the whole city said, ‘Count us in. We want to do it, too,’” she said. The idea, she said, is to bring the community together – regardless of background – and remember their common values. “We all want the same thing for our country and our families,” Hunt said. “We want safe neighborhoods and we want children to be educated properly and so we’re all alike under the flag. And so we come and celebrate that.” For more information, visit:

Flag Day facts: 10 things you didn’t know about the American flag

In honor of Flag Day, we’ve decided to take a break from our normal Flag Day traditions (flagpole-sitting, bobbing for flag-shaped apples, etc.) to take a closer look at Old Glory herself. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of fun facts surrounding the Stars and Stripes — but most of the coolest stuff isn’t found in any of our history books. A lot of it is interesting, some of it is surprising, and the one tidbit about “Gilligan’s Island” is downright haunting. Bone up on your American Flag trivia by clicking here, and use it to impress your friends and neighbors during the weekend’s backyard barbecues!

Happy Flag Day!!!

Hampshire College relents after veterans protest, raises American flag on campus

The American flag once again flies over Hampshire College. A tumultuous November in Amherst, Massachusetts, that involved stolen and burned American flags may be followed by a calmer December. Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash announced Friday that a moratorium on flying the flag has ended. The decision comes less than one week since roughly 1,000 veterans descended upon the campus to protest the flag’s absence. “This morning we raised the United States flag to full staff at Hampshire College after a two-week discussion period about what the flag means to members of the Hampshire community,” Mr. Lash said on the school’s website. “College leadership, including the board of trustees, had decided on November 18 to lower the flag for a time to encourage uninhibited expression of deeply held viewpoints.” “We are alarmed by the overt hate and threats, especially toward people in marginalized communities, which have escalated in recent weeks. We did not lower the flag to make a political statement. Nor did we intend to cause offense to veterans, military families, or others for whom the flag represents service and sacrifice. We acted solely to facilitate much-needed dialogue on our campus about how to dismantle the bigotry that is prevalent in our society. We understand that many who hold the flag as a powerful symbol of national ideals and their highest aspirations for the country — including members of our own community — felt hurt by our decisions, and that we deeply regret.” Hampshire College attracted national attention earlier this month after Republican Donald Trump’s presidential election victory on Nov. 8. The school’s flag was stolen and a replacement was burned before dawn on Veterans Day. The situation spiraled completely out of control when administrators decided to fly the flag at half-staff as “an expression of grief over the violent deaths being suffered in this country and globally.” A throng of veterans arrived on campus Nov. 27 to condemn the school’s actions. “I was in Iraq 18 months. I got hurt, spent time at Walter Reed. I came home and there’s no way I’ll let anyone take down the flag, no way. It means a lot to me and my brothers,” veteran David Soucy told a local NBC affiliate. Mr. Lash said Friday that he would continue to have “multiple focus group sessions” with students, faculty, and staff who have questions about the flag.

If you haven’t seen the Water’s World episode about this, Google it.  This town is SO liberal, that city hall has flying on the flagpole outside….the United Nations flag.  And, no I’m not making that up, and no this isn’t the Onion.  So, this bed-wetting, thumb-sucking extreme liberal college president doesn’t surprise us one bit.  He probably didn’t envision the kind of backlash he’d get for taking down Old Glory like that.  In the end, he made the right decision after enough pressure from vets, and probably many alums.


Starnes: Military Academy: Don’t disrespect the American flag on our football field

The young men who attend St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy in Wisconsin know the names of the fallen. Their names are recited every spring — young men, alumni, who gave their lives defending America. Jack Albert, the president the military academy, believes the blood shed by his cadets make their campus sacred ground. So when Albert learned that some of the high schools in their athletic conference were allowing students to disrespect the National Anthem, he decided to draw a line in the sand. “To dishonor those men and their families by permitting any disrespect of the country they defended, especially on the Academy’s time honored fields of friendly strife, is in my opinion, unacceptable,” Albert wrote in a letter to parents and alumni. “It is our expectation when teams visit our campus, proper etiquette and respect is rendered to the nation’s colors and the national anthem,” he added. And then – the military academy president dropped the bombshell: “It is my intention to halt any game with any team whose players or coaches decide to disrespect the colors of our nation or the national anthem of our country in any way,” he informed the Academy family. Finally! A school that’s willing to take a stand for the red, white and blue!

No kidding!!  It’s about time!!  Thanks to Todd Starnes for bringing us this uplifting piece.  To read the rest, click on the text above.  Excellent!   🙂

Black Lives Matter flag at University of Vermont generates controversy

A Black Lives Matter flag on the University of Vermont campus is sparking controversy. The Student Government Association put the flag on display Thursday but not everyone is happy, Fox44/ABC22 reported Friday. The Black Lives Matter flag is flying next to the American flag and the Vermont state flag near the UVM student center. Some viewers told the station on Facebook that they think “All Lives Matter” in Vermont, according to the report. They also left comments saying it was inappropriate to fly an organization’s flag at the same height of the American flag, the station reported. UVM president Tom Sullivan was behind the student government’s decision to display the flag, WCAX-TV reported Friday. Sullivan said flying the flag outside the student center isn’t an endorsement of the Black Lives Matter movement by the university, but reflects that students wanted to support the African-American community in the wake of recent police shootings in other states. “I think given this particular time in the history of America, our students thought it was an appropriate time over the next couple of days to show their support for black communities in the United States,” Sullivan told the station. Flags representing other groups have flown from the same flagpole. The Black Lives Matter flag will remain in place until Monday.

Wow..  There is so much here..  First of all, when there are multiple flag poles, the American flag is to be flown from the highest flag pole, and no other flag may be flown at, or above, the American flag.  So, that’s the first major faux pax by the Univ. of Vermont..and shows a breathtaking lack of decorum on the part of this idiot university president.  After that, it is protocol that the state flag is next in line, in terms of height.  Then, every other flag comes after/below that.  Oftentimes they are POW/MIA flags, or other “organization” type flag.  But, normally those flags are not as controversial as a BLM flag.  I guess that’s a subjective thing.  That said, BLM is a domestic terrorist, black-racist organization that has openly called for the assassination of white cops.  If you doubt that, Google videos of them marching and chanting such things…not to mention their latest threat to tear down a statue of former Democrat President Andrew Johnson…and that’s just for starters.  If the Univ. of VT thinks that’s ok, and wants to fly their flag. then that’s their prerogative.  But, then they can’t say they’re not endorsing the organization.  Of course they are.  Allowing them to fly their flag on a university flagpole is a clear endorsement.  So, they need to cut the crap and at least be honest about their politically correct pandering.

Starnes: South Carolina High School reverses American flag ban at football stadium

Students at Travelers Rest High School in South Carolina will once again be able to wave American flags at football games. Principal Lou Lavely reversed his ban on Old Glory just a few hours after we posted a column about the controversial decision. The high school’s stadium is named after my great uncle — Chico Bolin, a decorated World War II Marine veteran. Uncle Chico restarted the football program at Travelers Rest in 1949 – and named the team the Devildogs in honor of the Marines. Following is the school district’s complete statement: “Today, after meeting with Travelers Rest student and faculty leadership, and with the benefit of time to reflect, Mr. Lavely has reached a different decision. He based this decision on current students’ request that he judge them on their own merits and not based on the actions of past students. As a result, effective immediately, students are allowed to bring the American Flag to any and all Travelers Rest High School events. Instead of restricting possession of the flag, the TRHS administration will, if needed, address the misuse of the Flag, or any other inappropriate behavior, on an individual basis. “I fully support Mr. Lavely’s thoughtful reconsideration, and his willingness to respond to advice and input from his community,” said Superintendent Burke Royster. “I am appreciative of the Travelers Rest High School community for sharing its concerns and opinions on this matter in a respectful, civil manner. I also appreciate and applaud their desire to promote patriotism and service as a part of the culture of their school and am in agreement that students’ desire to carry and display the American flag should be encouraged and supported throughout the District.” Uncle Chico, who passed away in 2007, lived long enough to see the school name its new football stadium in his honor – a decorated war hero who loved America. So you can understand why our family was disturbed to learn that students and fans were initially blocked from entering the stadium with American flags. “Several people posted about the incident on social media Saturday, claiming the student wasn’t allowed to carry the flag into Friday night’s Travelers Rest – Berea game because it might offend Berea’s large Hispanic community.” Beth Brotherton, a spokesperson for Greenville County Schools, confirmed to me that several students who wanted to bring American flags were blocked from entering the stadium. “The principal, in an effort to prevent any potential issue in this rivalry game, decided not to allow students to bring in full-sized American flags,” she told me. “They were turned away at the gate with the flag and told they were welcome to come in but they could not bring their flags with them.” So here’s the back story: during last year’s game, some students allegedly flew Old Glory and hollered out, “Go home, go home.” “The principal made a decision in terms of what he thought was best for student safety,” Ms. Brotherton said. “Because of prior incidents, that was not something he felt like was in the best interest of maintaining a good relationship between the two school communities.” Travelers Rest Police Chief Lance Crowe disagreed with the principal’s decision and fired off a statement letting the locals know that the police department loves America and Old Glory. “To my knowledge, every TRPD officer, except one, believes that barring the American flag from a football game is not a correct policy,” Chief Crowe wrote. -Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations. His latest book is “God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values.” Follow Todd on Twitter@ToddStarnes and find him on Facebook