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Al Sharpton’s 2004 campaign still owes $900K after failed presidential bid

Rev. Al Sharpton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign had nearly $1 million in debt at the end of 2019 ⁠— more than 15 years after his 2004 presidential bid. Sharpton’s former campaign treasurer Andrew Rivera is responsible for paying off the $925,713.78 in debt. “I have asked Andrew Rivera, the finance chair of my 2004 campaign, to set up a meeting with the Federal Election Commission so that I can resolve any campaign debts related to Sharpton 2004,” Sharpton told the New York Post. “I am willing to work out a settlement for all claims with my own money to the degree that I’m allowed and will raise money directly … Even if I am not legally liable for it, I am certainly morally responsible.” Sharpton runs the influential nonprofit National Action Network. He made more than $1 million at the organization in 2018, according to the Post. Campaign committees that are unable to pay their debts can file a debt-settlement plan with the FEC, the commission told the Post. “Committees could not just decide not to pay,” an FEC spokesman told the outlet. Sharpton and Rivera settled with the FEC in 2009 on a separate matter: violating federal campaign finance laws. Sharpton and his campaign agreed to pay $285,000 in civil penalties.

This is crazy!   Why aren’t the FEC and the Dept of Justice ALL over this?  Al Sharpton is the very definition of corruption.  Sure, he’s saying all the right things to the New York Post here.  But, he doesn’t mean a word of it.  It’s WAY past time that this corrupt, self-righteous, self-serving, black racist blowhard be held to account.

Inside One More Sketchy Sharpton-Family Nonprofit

Al Sharpton’s daughter Dominique has recently grabbed headlines for her $5 million lawsuit against the City of New York over a sprained ankle — but the shakedown may not stop there. New records show Sharpton’s daughter and her boyfriend, Marcus Bright, together run a shadowy nonprofit that shares corporate donors, board members, and office space with Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, and they won’t answer any questions about it. In tax filings, Education for a Better America (EBA) states that its mission is “to build a bridge between policy makers and the classroom by supporting innovations in the delivery of education and disseminating information and findings that impact our schools.” The nonprofit’s publications show the group hosting or participating in education-focused assemblies, speeches, summits, and events in New York City, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., among other cities. “It’s all a scam,” says one source close to the Sharpton family. “It’s a cover for money, basically, to subsidize [Dominique] Sharpton and Bright to do what they do. . . . They put it all on their Instagram and their Facebook. Most of the time, it’s like they’re on vacation. . . . One could argue, being totally objective, that some of what [Al] Sharpton has done in terms of advocacy has helped black people and civil rights. Tell me one thing that Education for a Better America has done to help education.”

Click on the text above if you think you can stomach the rest of this nauseating story.. Al Sharpton’s daughter takes after dear ol’ dad.

Al Sharpton’s daughter suing NYC for $5M after tripping in crosswalk

Al Sharpton’s daughter is reportedly suing New York City for $5 million after she tripped on a crosswalk and sprained her ankle. Dominique Sharpton, 28, claims she was “severely injured, bruised and wounded” in October when she tripped on some uneven pavement downtown, according to the suit filed against the city departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection, The New York Post reported. She claims that that Oct. 2 fall left her with “internal and external injuries to the whole body, lower and upper limbs, the full extent of which are unknown, permanent pain and mental anguish.” “I sprained my ankle real bad lol,” Ms. Sharpton wrote in an Instagram post after the fall, The Post reported. Two months after the fall, she participated in her father’s National Action Network’s “Justice for All” march in Washington, D.C., The Post reported, and despite claiming “permanent physical pain,” there are social-media shots of Ms. Sharpton in high heels and another of her climbing a ladder to decorate a Christmas tree. Ms. Sharpton is seeking the damages for “loss of quality of life, future pain and suffering, future medical bills, [and] future diminution of income,” according to court papers. Mr. Sharpton said Saturday that he didn’t know the status of his daughter’s legal claim. “She’s 29 years old. Why would she have to talk to me about that?” he told The Post. “I just know that she was hurt and that she got a lawyer and she’s a grown woman. [Where] she goes from there, I have no idea.”

Like father, like daughter; that whole nauseating entitlement nonsense. And, it’s all fraudulent. For dad, it was Tawana Brawley. For daughter Dominique it’s NYC. Hopefully some judge will give her a legal smack-down for filing such a frivolous and fraudulent lawsuit.

‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ did not happen in Ferguson, Missouri

This phrase became a rallying cry for Ferguson residents, who took to the streets to protest the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. Witness accounts spread after the shooting that Brown had his hands raised in surrender, mouthing the words “Don’t shoot” as his last words before being shot execution-style. The gesture of raised hands became a symbol of outrage over mistreatment of unarmed black youth by police. That narrative was called into question when a St. Louis County grand jury could not confirm those testimonies. And a recently released Department of Justice investigative report concluded the same. Yet the gesture continues to be used today. So we wanted to set the record straight on the DOJ’s findings, especially after The Washington Post’s opinion writer Jonathan Capehart wrote that it was “built on a lie.” From time to time, we retroactively check statements as new information becomes available. In this case, the Justice Department has concluded that Wilson acted out of self-defense, and was justified in killing Brown. Does “Hands up, don’t shoot” capture the facts of Brown’s shooting? What has it come to symbolize now? “Hands up, don’t shoot” links directly to Brown’s death, and it went viral.

And we now know definitively what many of us have really known all along..and we’ve been saying for months now here at The Daily Buzz..  The whole narrative was a lie.  Even black liberal journalists like The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart have finally come around to admitting it…which we give him credit for.  So, Ferguson burned, the Chief of Police of Ferguson was fired, former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson lost his job (with NO severance package), and has been targeted by groups like the New Black Panther Party and so on.  Darren Wilson was the true victim in that situation.  He was physically assaulted, and did his job…and then lost his job because of a lie; a lie perpetrated by the dominantly liberal media, and racist, entitlement-minded, liberal, black politicians who wanted to advance their preconceived, prejudged (i.e. prejudice) narrative… that the white cop shot an unarmed nice black kid who was just trying to surrender.   Heck, AG Eric Holder even tried to define the narrative and TRIED, believe me, to make something stick on Wilson..  But, in the end realized he couldn’t.  So, instead, he went, and continues to go, after the entire Ferguson Police Department, and the city government of Ferguson.  The truth was that a pot-smoking, robber, black thug attacked a police officer and tried to go for his altercation ensued, and the thug was shot.  THAT is what happened.  It’s what the St. Louis County Grand Jury concluded, and it’s the same conclusion that AG Eric Holder’s racist Justice Dept came to (which HAD to be a painful admission.. DOH!).  And now, EVERYONE knows it.  So, the next time you see some idiot black Democrat politician, Al Sharpton, or heck…a bunch of “protestors” chanting “hands up, don’t shoot”…fire back with the truth and them to stop pushing a lie.  Then, laugh at them for making fools of themselves.

Suspicious Fires Twice Destroyed Key Sharpton Records

As Al Sharpton ran for mayor of New York City in 1997 and for president in 2003, fires at his offices reportedly destroyed critical financial records, and he subsequently failed to comply with tax and campaign filing requirements. The first fire began in the early hours of April 10, 1997, in a hair-and-nail salon one floor below Sharpton’s campaign headquarters at 70 West 125th Street. From the start, investigators deemed the fire “suspicious” because of “a heavy volume of fire on arrival” and because many of the doors remained unlocked after hours, according to the New York Fire Department’s fire-and-incident report. As the fire crept upward into Sharpton’s headquarters, it destroyed nearly everything, including computers, files, and campaign records, the Reverend’s spokesperson at the time told Newsday, adding that “we have lost our entire Manhattan operation.” But a source knowledgeable about the investigation tells National Review Online that Sharpton’s office was mostly empty, and that the damage was not extensive.

And that’s just the beginning.  Click on the text to see “the rest of the story.”  Al Sharpton is such a disgusting, crooked tool..  Hopefully some enterprising DA will have the courage to do what is right, and take a very close look into all the shady things Al has been up to.  If any one of us did a fraction of what Al’s done, we’d be in prison for life.  And yet, because he has had the political protection of the dominantly liberal mainstream media, and now Obama, he just gets away with it.  It’s bad enough that he’s a self-righteous, sanctimonious, lying, racist, ambulance-chasing, elitist, limousine liberal…who has been discredited (remember Tawana Brawley?)..  But, he’s also a tax-evading felon…who just hasn’t been convicted…yet.

Busted – Every known business started by Al Sharpton has been dissolved for failure to comply with tax rules

So far, every for-profit enterprise started by Al Sharpton and known to National Review Online has been shut down in at least one jurisdiction for failure to pay taxes, a review of public records in New York and Delaware reveals. Records show that Sharpton’s beleaguered for-profit entities often overlap and intertwine, some sharing ties with the reverend’s nonprofit organization, National Action Network. Their financial records are copious, confusing, and sometimes outright bizarre, and together, they depict persistent financial woes for Sharpton, who also personally owes New York State nearly $596,000, according to active tax warrants. “He clearly appears — based on the information that’s available to us — to have a history of noncompliance with tax obligations,” says Bernadette Schopfer, the director of taxation at New York’s Maier Markey & Justic, a certified public-accounting firm that has had no dealings with Sharpton or National Action Network.

And Al couldn’t care less.  He is a self-righteous, arrogant, liberal elitist who doesn’t think he should have to pay any of these taxes.  But, being a tax cheat, and an exposed fraud, are just a couple of the many things wrong with that obnoxious English major wannabe.  The damage he has done as a black race hustler has been far worse.  In the meantime,  the IRS and the state of New York should go after him for his brazen tax evasion…and keep such investigations running til AFTER Obama has left office…so he can’t pardon him when he is ultimately convicted.

David Clarke, Wisconsin sheriff: ‘Al Sharpton ought to go back into the gutter he came from’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke didn’t pull any punches in his assessment of the Rev. Al Sharpton — who vowed to keep fighting for justice for slain Ferguson teen Michael Brown, despite the feds’ decision to drop a civil rights investigation — and characterized him on national television as less than intelligent and unworthy of respect.

Sheriff Clarke is exactly right!  Al Sharpton is the worst kind of self-righteous, entitlement-minded, elitist, Democrat, liberal, black race-hustler out there.  And, every time that English major opens his mouth, it is truly breathtaking how dumb he sounds.  I lose IQ points every time I hear that tool bloviate.  Anyway, the good sheriff from Milwaukee is also right in that Al Sharpton, AG Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, and even Obama (among others) owe Darren Wilson a HUGE apology.  How DOES that man get his life back?  He didn’t even get a severance package from the city of Ferguson when he resigned his job as a police officer…..something he didn’t legally have to do, mind you.  He just left for the good of the community and his own personal safety…and that of his family.

Al Sharpton criticized for calling ’emergency meeting’ over Oscar nominations

Al Sharpton is being questioned for calling for an emergency meeting of his “diversity task force” Thursday after the Academy Awards nominated only white actors.

Al isn’t missing an opportunity to exploit a potential racial situation, even before it has played out.  He truly is a nauseating waste of space, and, again, shows himself to be the self-serving, self-righteous, liberal, black racist that he is.

Al Sharpton Fumes At NYPD After Viagra Prescription Leaked to Press

The Reverend Al Sharpton lashed out at New York cops on Monday after they revealed to the New York Daily News that they found his Viagra prescription in the apartment of a lawyer friend recently cleared of rape charges. Sharpton claimed that he is “unembarrassable.”

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  One word…karma.  Of COURSE he is embarrassed!  Next time he shows up for some silly march, I hope someone holds up a sign in front of him (and ensures the cameras catch it) that says something, like “Hey Al, size matters!”  or some other equally insulting, yet funny, and pithy comment/phrase.  Image is everything.  And seeing ol’ Al fume at something like that would be priceless.  Al has been a racial divider, helping to tear this country apart.  Its time the tables were turned on that disgusting waste of space.

Opinion: The Race Card’s Steep Cost – As the NYPD deaths show, demagogues’ constantly taking cheap shots at the police can end in tragedy

The cold-blooded murder of two New York City policemen as they sat in their car is not only an outrage but also a wake-up call. It shows, in the most painful way, the high cost of having demagogues, politicians, mobs, and the media constantly taking cheap shots at the police.

Agreed.  This is an EXCELLENT op/ed by best selling author Dr. Thomas Sowell.  Consider this your “read of the day.”  If you read anything here today, then READ THIS!