Adrian Peterson

CNN’s Lemon: Slavery Behind Spanking Culture

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” co-host Don Lemon suggested the so-called spanking culture that exists in black community was a product of the days of slavery.

I heard this exchange played on the radio the other day while driving…and almost drove off the road. I could NOT believe what I was hearing. All I could think was.. Did Don Lemon REALLY, SERIOUSLY, just go there?! Lets deconstruct this nauseating, shameless, intellectually dishonest playing of the race card from black liberal CNN host Don Lemon.. #1) Slavery officially ended in this country 150 years ago with the conclusion of the Civil War. So, nobody is alive today who was a slave, was the son or daughter of a slave, or was the grandson or granddaughter of a slave. That throws out THAT silly notion. So, Don? Get over it. And thanks for reminding me why I don’t watch CNN. #2) I was whipped as a little kid, and I’m white. Last I checked, nobody in my ancestry was a slave. So, my ancestors didn’t wield a “whip” on their descendants because they were slaves, that I’m aware of. Many kids who are not black (i.e. white, Hispanic, Asian, etc.) are whipped, or have been whipped, by their parents trying to discipline their kids. Imagine that! Its not unusual at all. In fact, it was very common (and still is in many homes today). But, I guess, when Don made his initial comments saying that he had been whipped as a kid.. I’m guessing the liberal producers at CNN had a come to Jesus meeting with him, and made him atone for his sins of straying from the official, liberal, talking points path…and so he came out and said, that this spanking was something left over from the days of slavery in this country… And nobody called him on it. Unreal.. THIS is why our country is so screwed up. We have it all bass-ackwards. And we’re not willing to have an honest discussion about things like corporal punishment and race. Lets be clear.. If Adrian Peterson really did abuse his kid, that’s one thing. If so, he SHOULD be suspended from the NFL and be investigated for child abuse allegations. But, for simply getting a switch and whipping a kid who had misbehaved? Heck, that happened to me, and I’m fine. That’s a parental thing, and we should support the rights of parents to raise their kids however they see fit…even if they use methods we might not all agree with. Its none of our business…unless, again, there is true child abuse.