Bolton calls for ‘black book’ on China’s ‘atrocious’ conduct on coronavirus

Former national security adviser John Bolton on Thursday tore into China’s “atrocious” handling of the coronavirus crisis and called for a “black book” similar to “The Black Book of Communism,” which tracks the deaths caused by communism. “China’s falsehoods and concealment of data about coronavirus are dangerous to America and the whole world. We need the equivalent of ‘The Black Book of Communism’ to document for history the almost-incalculable human cost China’s atrocious behavior on coronavirus,” he said in a series of tweets. Bolton, who left the Trump administration last year, zeroed in on what the Trump administration has described as a secretive approach by Beijing that left the world blindsided by the virus and unable to stop it from turning into a global pandemic at the beginning of the year. “Untold numbers of people have died needlessly because of the authoritarian Beijing regime’s conduct,” Bolton said. “The global economy has suffered a catastrophic setback that might have been substantially mitigated had China just been honest.” The administration has been pushing for the United Nations and G-7 leaders to state specifically that the virus originated in China. President Trump has repeatedly called it the “Chinese virus” while others, such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have called it the “Wuhan virus.” Trump has played up his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping while also pointing the finger at China for not giving the world enough warning or information about the virus. “China was very secretive. OK, very, very secretive. And that’s unfortunate with that. I have great respect for that country. I have great respect for the leader of that country,” he said at a press briefing last month. “He’s a friend of mine. But I wish they were able to. I wish they would have told us earlier. On Wednesday, three U.S. intelligence officials accused China of underreporting the number of patients and deaths and said in a report sent to the White House that China’s public record of COVID-19 infections was deliberately deceptive and incomplete. Bolton on Thursday said that the U.S. must gather the facts about the outbreak “before China’s government erases them, not to mention the doctors, officials and average Chinese citizens who know the truth.” He also called for the U.S. to adopt new policies to stop “over-reliance” on China in the supply chain “especially for key items like vaccines and any products from which China steals our intellectual property. ” “’The Black Book of China and the Coronavirus’; we need to start the project now. Who will fund it? Who will write it? Self-starters welcome,” he said.

Unfortunately, we don’t see this idea, as good as it is, going very far.  Former National Security Adviser and Ambassador John Bolton is exactly right, though.  What China did needs to be investigated and thoroughly documented.  It was nothing short of a crime against humanity.  And our government needs to press the UN to FINALLY, PUBLICLY say that this pandemic originated in Wuhan, China, and that the Chinese communist regime covered it up for months.  That needs to happen.  We shouldn’t settle for anything less.  Thanks to John for saying what needs to be said, and pushing this issue.

Opinion/Analysis: Latest genius Democrat plan: Make the election about Wuhan virus

As in life, in politics you should be careful what you ask for. Some Democrat politicians appear hellbent on turning the 2020 election into a referendum on the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. They lash themselves to the splintered mast and accuse political enemies of being racist for uttering the place whence the pandemic emerged. They use the global crisis as a diversion to loot the federal treasury for expensive and unpopular proposals that could never survive an open political debate. And they mock, distort or plain silence President Trump and the team of medical, scientific and economic experts he has assembled to combat this once-a-century calamity. Meanwhile, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden — the party’s presumptive nominee to replace Mr. Trump — takes to the airwaves from his basement home-studio to berate President Trump. On late-night comedy television, naturally. “The president waited too long to start taking it seriously,” Mr. Biden complained this week — again, on late-night comedy television. From his basement home-studio. “You know, all the way back in January, I went on in major newspapers saying that we got to get moving,” Mr. Biden spun. “This is a real problem. We know what’s coming.” It is truly quite the contrast between Mr. Biden playing for sad laughs and Mr. Trump addressing the country from the White House surrounded by a phalanx of experts with which only the most ridiculously partisan hack would quibble. Yet, here we are. This is the field on which Democrat politicians in Washington apparently want to wage the 2020 election. In the first place, regular Americans of every political stripe see a crisis like this and simply want to find a constructive solution. They want government leaders to do what they need to do. They want their neighbors to do what they need to do. And they themselves want to do whatever they can do to get past the crisis. It is precisely this kind of spirit that makes Americans the most generous people on earth. They see a disaster somewhere on the planet and they ask themselves: “What can I do to help?” And they give. Generously. Nothing is more disgusting than watching a bunch of politicians in Washington scrambling up the greasy pole in times of genuine crisis to score naked political points. This is why the national political media has never been held in lower regard than it is today. Day after day watching live, televised briefings from the White House as government officials struggle to work through an epic crisis while reporters bleat on and on from the lazy bleachers about whether it would be racist if somebody called the coronavirus from China “Kung Flu.” And, of course, the coronavirus political timeline. Who knew what when? To be sure, this is a dangerous game for anybody to play. As the Wuhan virus was marching across China, the World Health Organization soothed the world that it was nothing to fear. Officials all up and down the New York City government urged residents to party it up in Chinatown in order to show solidarity against the racists who were warning about this latest superbug from China. What were Democrats in Washington doing? Oh right, they were hellbent on impeaching Mr. Trump on charges so ridiculous that even they knew he would never be convicted. But it was politics over the pandemic for them. Just as it is today.

Thanks to columnist Charles Hurt for that biting, spot-on analysis.

Brent Bozell slams $75M spent on public broadcasting in coronavirus bill

One veteran media watchdog is not happy that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting — CPB — received a tidy $75 million grant from the federal government as a part of the recent CARES Act, designated for coronavirus relief around the nation. “We believe this was misguided. Just as Amazon, Microsoft, Ford Motor Corporation, and Starbucks have given so generously to help in the fight against COVID-19, so should the CPB give,” wrote Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, in an open letter to President Trump. “The CARES Act is already law and the money the government issued to the CPB is unlikely to be returned. Regardless, it is worth noting what this money could have been spent on instead,” he said — noting that the grant could have instead purchased the following medical items: 300,000 Covid-19 test kits or 21,428 hospital beds — even 357,483,318 pairs of medical safety gloves or 12.5 million bottle of hand sanitizer “At this point in our country’s history, all of these things are infinitely better uses of taxpayer money than giving it to left-wing outlets like NPR and PBS, both of which attack you and your administration continuously,” Mr. Bozell said, adding that the organization behind public broadcast already has an annual budget of $445 million. “The CPB produces programs promoting values which many Americans just don’t agree with. The federal government, by funding CPB, is forcing Americans to support values they oppose,” he noted. “No amount of classical music, Ken Burns documentaries, or ‘Morning Editions’ is worth one saved human life,” Mr. Bozells said

Agreed!  Unfortunately, this is the kind of liberal agenda nonsense that we can expect will be packed into ANY so-called “stimulus” piece of legislation coming out of a Democrat-controlled House.  The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which is essentially PBS and NPR, receives millions and millions of dollars from we-the-taxpayers.  It needs to stop.  PBS/NPR should get its funding like every other channel or network does; advertising, fund-raising, etc.  That all aside, this shouldn’t even be IN any of these so-called “stiumulus” bills intended to address the public health crisis we’re all in.  And, to include $75 MILLION dollars (which, again comes from hurting American taxpayers in need of financial help; NOT a bill!) for CPB is incredibly offensive.  Shame on Speaker Pelosi and the other Dems in the House pushing this political “porn,” as Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) calls it.  Awful..

Colorado Gov. Polis wears face mask, urges state’s 5.7 million residents to do same when in public

Nobody would accuse Colorado Gov. Jared Polis of being a fashion icon, but he’s hoping to set a new statewide trend by urging Coloradans to start wearing facial masks. The governor donned a colorful cloth face mask festooned with state logos at the end of his Friday press conference as he asked the state’s 5.7 million residents to wear non-medical facial coverings when they leave home to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. “We know that Coloradans across our state are making personal sacrifices to prioritize the public health and safety of their family and neighbors,” said Mr. Polis in a statement. “The better job we do at staying home and wearing facial masks whenever we absolutely must go out to contain the virus in Colorado, the sooner we can return to something resembling economic normalcy. Refusing to stay at home will only extend the state’s economic pain.” The Democrat said the state has partnered with the Colorado Mask Project, which offers instructions on how to make cloth masks at home and asks residents to share photos of themselves with the facial coverings. “Data suggests up to 1 in 4 people infected with COVID are asymptomatic and spreading infected respiratory droplets,” said the state press release. “Masks offer minimal protection for the wearer, but they make a big difference in helping to protect others if a person is infected and doesn’t know it.” The governor’s message came shortly after President Trump announced Friday that the Centers for Disease Control now recommends wearing non-medical facial masks in public, although the president said he didn’t plan to wear one during official functions. The mayors of Los Angeles and New York urged residents Thursday to cover their faces in public with non-medical masks, even though L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti said it looks “surreal.” “We’re going to have to get used to seeing each other like this,” Mr. Garcetti said, adding, “This will be the look.” Colorado had more than 4,000 confirmed coronavirus cases as of Friday evening and 111 deaths, with the virus detected in 53 of 64 counties. There were more than 291,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States as of Saturday morning, with 7,847 deaths and 14,368 recovered.

We support the idea of wearing some type of cloth facial covering, like maybe even a scarf, when out in public.  But, Gov. Jared Polis (D-CO) shouldn’t have worn one while giving his press briefing yesterday.  It looked goofy and didn’t inspire.  It conveyed weakness for a chief executive.  By contrast, Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) and President Trump (R) haven’t worn one during their press briefings.  When you’re on camera, optics matter.

Storytime with Dana, featuring Dana’s corny jokes

In the midst of all of these abrupt changes, with offices and schools closed during the coronavirus outbreak, so many people are grappling with how to manage taking care of their children while also taking care of business. I have lots of friends who were staring into the future thinking, “How are we going to do this?” I had an idea of how to help – to provide a few minutes each afternoon of Storytime with Dana. I loved being read to as a child, and I remember Mrs. Laura Bush encouraging families to keep a story time routine with children as much as possible, especially during times of stress and uncertainty. I hope that parents will be able to take a breather while I try to keep their kids occupied and entertained for a few minutes every day. Today, I have a very special treat: My famous corny jokes! Just click here to watch and listen!

SO corny!  Thanks Dana!!     🙂

Dana Perino grew up in Colorado and was the Press Secretary to former President George W. Bush.  She currently hosts FOX News Channel’s (FNC) The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino (weekdays 2-3 p.m. ET) and also serves as co-host of The Five (weekdays 5-6 p.m. ET). She joined the network in 2009 as a contributor. Follow her on Twitter@DanaPerino.

WH trade adviser slams 3M for ‘acting like a sovereign nation’: ‘Stop whining’ and make masks for Americans

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro accused U.S. manufacturing conglomerate 3M Friday of “whining” about criticism from President Trump over its distribution of N95 masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Let me just say that 3M needs to stop whining and just produce masks and get them to the American people,” Navarro told “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “I’ve been dealing with hundreds of CEOs on the front lines here [of] President Trump’s war against the virus,” Navarro added, “and 3M has been doing nothing but dissembling, he can’t get any data out of them.” Minnesota-based 3M has come under fire for exporting U.S.-made masks and other protective equipement to Canada and Latin America. On Thursday, President Trump invoked the Defense Production Act to order 3M to prioritize orders of N95 masks for the federal government’s national stockpile. “We’re not happy with 3M, we’re not happy and the people that dealt with it directly are not at all happy with 3M,” Trump said during the White House coronavirus task force briefing earlier Friday. 3M CEO Mike Roman told Fox Business Network’s “Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street” Friday that the company sells its respirators “through authorized distributors and we sell directly to governments and the distributors take those to customers that have the greatest needs and we’ve been working with FEMA in the U.S. to make sure we are prioritizing those with the greatest need … A small percentage, less than 10 percent of our respirators in the United States are exported to Canada and Latin America to support their health care workers. We are often the sole provider of those respirators in those countries.” “As we’ve been telling the administration for days and days,” Roman added, “We’re happy to ship our overseas production to the U.S. However, there are consequences on a humanitarian level and that includes stopping exports to Canada and Latin America.” Navarro accused 3M of “acting like a sovereign nation” and said the company’s public relations department “thinks it’s the State Department.” He said that U.S. companies will and should continue to export goods, but added that 3M brass have to stop “whining and spinning” and work on behalf of the American people. “We don’t have the hours, much less the minutes to deal with them,” said Navarro, in response to which host Tucker Carlson remarked endearingly that the trade adviser continues to be “the most blatant public official in government.”

Peter Navarro is a no-nonsense kinda guy, and we appreciate his candor.  I saw 3M’s CEO respond to questions that weren’t even asked in that interview…and how he kinda danced around questions.  So, I can understand Peter’s frustration.  3M definitely needs to step up to the plate and support the crisis HERE, in America, like so many other companies are doing.  OUR hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other caregivers are in desperate need of those N95 masks, and while other countries are having their issues to be sure, 3M needs to support the efforts here for now.  They are a globalist company, and it’s that globalist mentality that has gotten us into the mess we’re in now with respect to the supply chain, pharma-dependency on China, and so on.

U.S. Airlines Seek $50 Billion from Federal Government for Coronavirus Recovery

The U.S. airline industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak and will ask the federal government for a $50 billion aid package, according to Airlines for America (AFA), an airline advocacy organization. “U.S. carriers are in need of immediate assistance as the current economic environment is simply not sustainable,” an AFA statement said. “This is compounded by the fact that the crisis does not appear to have an end in sight.” CNN reported on the move that reverses an earlier stance the air travel industry could weather the storm — before the full impact of the virus outbreak came to light: The requested aid would be in the form of loans, grants and tax relief. The airlines are looking for up to $25 billion in grants for passenger air carriers and $4 billion in grants to cargo carriers, and the same amounts in loans or loan guarantees, Airlines for America outlined in a briefing document. The U.S. aid package has been discussed with key lawmakers and staff, as on Capitol Hill and the Trump administration, two sources said. The discussions were described as early-stage. But one source noted there is a growing recognition from the federal government that conditions “are getting very bad, very fast.” In addition the request to help the airlines, a trade group for the nation’s airports is requesting a separate $10 billion bailout, an airport industry source told CNN. The request also is in line with expected revenue drops at airports because most of the fees airlines pay are based on flight volume. Aircraft manufacturer Boeing is quoted in the CNN report that it is in discussions with the feds and the airline industry. “We’re leveraging all our resources to sustain our operations,” Gordon Johndroe, a Boeing spokesman, said. “Meanwhile, ready short term access to public and private liquidity will be one of the most important ways for airlines, airports, suppliers and manufacturers to bridge to recovery, and we appreciate how the Administration and Congress are engaging with all elements of the aviation industry during this difficult time.” America’s major airlines would run out of money as soon as June 30 without financial assistance, AFA reported. President Donald Trump said at a coronavirus press conference on Monday at the White House his administration is behind helping the industry. “We’re going to back the airlines 100 percent,” Trump said. “We’re going to be in a position to help the airlines very much.” “We’ve told the airlines we’re going to help them,” Trump said. “It’s very important.” “There are about 460,000 jobs in the US airline industry, according to the Labor Department, and most of them provide good pay and strong benefits,” CNN reported. “The industry is crucial for the efficient functioning of the U.S. economy, not only enabling business travel but also leisure travel, which itself is a major sector of the U.S. economy. Commercial aviation taxes and fees totaled $26 billion in 2019, or an estimated $71 million per day, AFA reported. CNN reported that the last bailout for U.S. airlines was $15 billion bailout – $5 billion in cash and $10 billion in loan guarantees — following the 9/11 terror attack.

Airline passenger traffic is down 94% right now.  So, they’re probably offering REALLY good deals right now.  Just sayin..   For more on this story, click on the text above.