Democrats’ minimum wage hikes will kill jobs, small businesses: Former McDonald’s USA CEO

Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer’s plan to raise the federal minimum wage to $22 per hour is “absurd,” former McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi warned FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell Monday. “It will put small businesses out of business; it will be dilatory to job growth in every way possible,” Rensi said on “Mornings with Maria.” Rensi noted small businesses are the biggest ongoing generators of American jobs. Small businesses employ 47.3 percent of the private workforce in the U.S., according to 2019 U.S. Small Business Administration data. Restaurants like McDonald’s face labor costs of about 33 percent of its sales, which, according to Rensi, is very high. If the minimum wage increases to $22 per hour as Steyer is proposing, he said the costs of labor will increase 50 to 60 percent. This, Rensi insisted, will result in the price of a hamburger increasing from $4 to $9 or $10. “It just isn’t workable from an economic standpoint,” he said. “It’s inflationary; it’s a job killer, and it’s very depressing to small businesses.” Rensi argued the minimum wage is not meant to be a living wage, maintaining it’s supposed to be an entry-level wage for workers with little-to-no skills. “I think some of these politicians are out of their minds,” Rensi declared. “You would think by now that they understand that the entry-level worker making minimum wage should progress through mentoring and training into other jobs.” When asked about the declining participation in the federal food stamp program SNAP, Rensi expressed his hopefulness. “Most people really would prefer to work for a living and earn the food opportunities that they have and to be able to enjoy the commerce of the United States like everyone else,” he said. He recalled growing up around the coal and steel industries in West Virginia and Ohio where people of “great pride and dignity” were forced by their situation onto welfare. He noted the psychological damage and hopelessness felt by people in such a position.

Rod Blagojevich: ‘I’m A Trumpocrat’

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich expressed his gratitude to President Donald Trump for commuting his 14-year prison sentence on Tuesday, declaring himself a “Trumpocrat.” “He’s got obviously a big fan in me, if you’re asking me what my party affiliation is, I’m a Trumpocrat,” Blagojevich said to reporters in the Denver airport after he was released. Blagojevich told reporters he was grateful to President Trump for commuting his prison sentence, allowing him to return to his home in Chicago. “I think it’s appropriate to express my deepest, most profound, and everlasting gratitude to President Trump,” Blagojevich said. “He didn’t have to do this,” he continued. “He’s a Republican president, I was Democratic governor and my fellow Democrats haven’t exactly been very nice to him.” Blagojevich is expected to host a press conference on Wednesday to further discuss his pardon and his future. “I’ll have more to say tomorrow. If you’re flying home with us, be sure to put your seat belts on,” he said. Blagojevich returned to his home in Chicago with a swarm of media and supporters to greet him. “There’s no place like home,” he said. Blagojevich said that he would use his freedom to fight for criminal justice reform, describing the system as racist and in need of reform. “It’s a criminal justice system that’s not only broken but it’s also racist and I saw how it affects people of color,” he said. Blagojevich added that he had grown closer to God while he was in prison. “I just believe that sometimes out of evil, good things can go happen,” he said.

Blago definitely owes Trump.  Trump really gets nothing out of this.  It’s not like Illinois is gonna give its electoral votes to Trump in November.

Chelsea Handler Humiliated for Falsely Suggesting Trump Only Exonerates White People

Comedian Chelsea Handler was hammered after she falsely suggested that President Donald Trump only exonerates or pardons white people. Handler got dragged on social media by commenters who pointed out that among the people President Trump chose this week for clemency are Angela Stanton-King, Tynice Nichole Hall, and Crystal Munoz — who are black and Native American. Two years ago, President Trump also granted clemency to Alice Johnson, who is black. President Trump enacted clemency actions on Tuesday for 11 individuals who served time for a range of crimes including drug-related offenses and white-collar fraud. Chelsea Handler, whose most recent Netflix project is a documentary about “white privilege,” appeared to attempted to paint President Trump as a racist by incorrectly implying in a tweet that he only exonerates white people. Angela Stanton-King, who served time for her role in a stolen vehicle ring, pointed out to Handler that she is black. Other Twitter commenters hammered Handler for her inaccurate comment, noting that President Trump’s clemency list was diverse in a way that reflects the racial make-up of the U.S. Of the 11 individuals who received a presidential pardon or commutation, at least three, or 27 percent, count as racial minorities. The racial minority population in the U.S. is estimated at around 23 percent, according to 2010 census figures. Since the passage of the First Step Act under President Trump, 96 percent of people who have been resentenced under the act’s retroactivity provision have been racial minorities, according to data provided by The Sentencing Project. Handler’s Netflix documentary on white privilege — Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea — debuted last year to largely negative reviews, with critics saying it amounts to a “misguided reckoning” and noting that she is actively “exploiting her wokeness” and “profiting off a film about her white privilege.”

Chelsea is a nauseating, self-serving, self-righteous, extreme liberal elitist stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  And, with Netflix’s assistance, she’s peddling the standard “Trump is a racist” talking point, regardless of facts to the contrary.  She’s out saying that Trump only pardons white people.  That is factually false.  But, the facts don’t matter to her, or her followers.

Charlie Daniels: Mike Bloomberg Knows as Much About Farming as a Hog Knows About an Airplane

Country rock legend Charlie Daniels ripped Michael Bloomberg (D) on Monday after the presidential hopeful’s belittling remarks about farmers resurfaced, noting that the billionaire knows “as much about farming as a hog knows about an airplane.” “Hey Bloomberg you know as much about farming as a hog knows about an airplane, so how are you going to teach somebody else how to do it, Better stay in NYC where corn comes in cans,” the “Uneasy Rider: singer said in a tweet to his 985k Twitter followers. Bloomberg’s past remarks about farmers, which he made during an Oxford University forum in England in 2016, resurfaced over the weekend. He told the crowd that he could “teach anybody, even people in this room, no offense intended, to be a farmer.” “It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn. You could learn that,” Bloomberg said. “Then we had 300 years of the industrial society,” he continued. “You put the piece of metal on the lathe, you turn the crank in the direction of the arrow, and you can have a job.” He veered the conversation into the reality of the “information economy” and suggested that farmers lack the intellect or “gray matter” to keep up with the new economic realities and advanced technologies associated with modern life. “Now comes the information economy and [it] is fundamentally different because it’s built around replacing people with technology and the skill sets that you have to learn are how to think and analyze, and that is a whole degree level different,” he stated. “You have to have a different skill set, you have to have a lot more gray matter.” The remarks prompted sharp responses from both sides of the political aisle, from Donald Trump Jr. to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) supporters to Vice President Mike Pence.

Wow..  What a arrogant elitist!  Mike Bloomberg’s verbal gaffes are only rivaled by Joe Biden’s.  We expect we’ll see more of this from Mike in the coming weeks.  Kudos to Charlie Daniels for calling out that pompous ass.  For more, click on the text above.

‘Socialist’ seen as most unpopular quality in presidential candidate, poll finds

A new poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal indicates that 67 percent of voters are “very uncomfortable” with having a presidential candidate who is a socialist, despite the Democratic party’s front-runner, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., declaring himself as such. Despite this, the liberal candidate who has proposed a progressive legislative agenda as part of his campaign’s bid for the White House, including “Medicare-for-All” and free college tuition, narrowly clinched the first two early-voting states for the season in both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary and is leading in most national polls. Sanders isn’t the only candidate dubbed a socialist though; Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-N.H., who shares many of the same policy stances as Sanders, has also been dubbed the same at times. Socialism was among six other characteristics that gave voters pause. The others included a candidate who is older than 75, had a heart attack in the last year, is younger than 40, self-funds their own campaign with millions of dollars, is gay or lesbian, or is a woman. Fifty-three percent of voters have reservations/are very uncomfortable with someone who’s older than 75. Sanders, the oldest candidate in the race, is 78, and former Vice President Joe Biden, another top contender, is 77. Fifty-seven percent of voters say they have reservations/are very uncomfortable with someone who had a heart attack in the last year. Sanders suffered from a heart attack in October 2019 but made a swift recovery, hitting the campaign trail again less than a month later. Forty-one percent have reservations/are very uncomfortable with someone who self-funds their campaign with hundreds of millions of dollars. Former New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who has risen in the polls in recent months after doling out over $300 million for television ads in states voting on Super Tuesday, has faced tremendous backlash from opponents in his own party and President Trump, accusing him of trying to buy the White House. Forty percent of voters claimed to have reservations/are very uncomfortable with a candidate who is younger than 40, which the youngest contender, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., is at 38 years old. He is also openly gay and married, a fact that makes 27 percent of all voters very uncomfortable, the poll said. Several women have made strong surges in the crowded Democratic battlefield, particularly Warren and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., but 14 percent of voters say they are bothered by a candidate who is female. When identified by name, 47 percent of all voters say they are “very uncomfortable” with Trump on the ballot in 2020; 44 percent say the same about Sanders; 41 percent say that about Warren; and 39 percent say so about Biden.

The big takeaway from this poll is that a majority of voters (67%) are “uncomfortable” with the label of “socialist.”  That bodes very well for Trump.  Another factor was age, and Bernie is the oldest at 78.  He’d be 79 if he were to be sworn in, and voters know this.  So, while many don’t like Trumps crazy Tweets and such, it looks like many would look past that when compared against Bernie’s age and socialist policies.  Of course he’s not the nominee yet, and anything can happen in the next 8+ months before the election.  But, again, this is probably welcome news to the Trump campaign.

Bouwmeester back in St. Louis, ‘on the road to recovery’

Blues defenseman Jay Bouwmeester is back in St. Louis after collapsing on the bench during a game in Anaheim last week and said in a statement Tuesday that he is “on the road to recovery.” Bouwmeester, 36, collapsed during the first period of the Feb. 11 game after going into cardiac arrest. He had a cardioverter defibrillator implanted into his chest at UCI Medical Center in Orange County, California, where he had been hospitalized until returning to St. Louis on Sunday. In a statement issued by the Blues, Bouwmeester thanked team trainers for both the Blues and Ducks, along with first responders and the medical staff at UCI Medical Center. “Our family has felt the support of the entire National Hockey League family and the city of St. Louis during this time,” Bouwmeester said in the statement. “We have all been greatly comforted by your genuine concern. On Sunday evening, I returned to St. Louis and I am on the road to recovery. My wife and daughters are forever grateful for everyone’s support and we will continue to have a positive outlook for our future.“ The game was postponed and will be played March 11. It will begin with a 1-1 score, as it was at the time of the postponement, but still follow a full 60-minute format.

Glad you’re doing better, Jay!  This story broke last night as the Blues shut out the NJ Devils 0-3 at home in St. Louis.  GO BLUES!!!      🙂

Group petitions to join this state, blaming Oregon’s liberal Democrats

A group of frustrated Oregon conservatives, who have tried everything from voting out Democratic state officials they consider too liberal to recalling the state’s governor and appealing to their Washington representatives, now want to leave the state – by moving the border with neighboring Idaho westward, a published report Monday said. The group, Move Oregon’s Border for a Greater Idaho, has secured initial approval from two counties and has set a goal of getting enough signatures to put the proposal on local ballots in November, USA Today reported. Barring a setback, voters in southeastern Oregon could see a question on a redrawn state border with Idaho, the newspaper reported. Last year, a controversial bill protesting greenhouse gas emissions caused state Republicans to flee Salem, the state capital. Democrats currently control both branches of the state legislature as well as the governor’s mansion. However, Valerie Gottschalk, another petitioner, said she hopes the proposal will gain traction similar to how the petition to recall Gov. Kate Brown did last summer. Proponents were unsuccessful collecting the 280,000 signatures for a recall election, but Greater Idaho said it only needs to collect about 2,400 signatures from Josephine County and about 3,000 from Douglas County to appear on the ballot, USA Today reported. “People here would prefer Idaho’s conservative governance to the progressive/liberal current Oregon governance. Every time I look at the Facebook group Greater Idaho, the group has gotten bigger,” Gottschalk said in a news release. Of Oregon’s 36 counties, only 14 in the Willamette Valley area would remain if the group succeeds, the newspaper reported. Moving the border would require approval from the U.S. Congress as well as the Idaho and Oregon state legislatures, however. The proposal to join Idaho isn’t the first effort Oregonians have made to leave the state. In 1941, residents of residents of southwestern Oregon tried to secede by creating a state of Jefferson with northern Californians.