Gutfeld on Biden ducking the debates

Former Bill Clinton spokesman and sputtering wackadoodle Joe Lockhart, frantically suggests that under no circumstances should Joe Biden debate Donald Trump. You’re thinking that must be a gag. No. According to Lockhart, Trump tells so many lies it’s pointless for Biden to “enter the ring with someone who can’t follow the rules or the truth.” But we know what he’s really saying, right? The moment Biden faces off with Trump, and the cognition starts malfunctioning, he’s dust. Which is really why, Lockhart admits, “Biden can lose the election.” He’s just creating a phony reason, hoping no one notices. We did. He’s helping the campaign create a fake moral loophole for Biden to worm his way out of so he won’t tank in public. “Oh, we certainly can’t debate Trump. He fibs. And wears hair plugs.” Oh, wait…that’s Joe. But, if that’s the standard for all candidates, we’d never have another debate ever. The Democratic Party would be as thin as I am. (And only half as handsome.) But also — wouldn’t you want to debate a liar? Because you could come armed with facts and kick the liar’s butt. And clearly, if Joe can’t handle a debate, how can he handle being president? Wouldn’t this feeble act disquailfy him from the office? It makes you wonder if he really is the actual candidate at all. You can see Lockhart didn’t think this through. Which is why he writes for CNN. And it says something that a media company, one that should champion transparency and so on, would push to suppress a public forum to evaluate the candidates in real-time. It must be cool to have friends in high places — or at CNN, low places, too.

As usual, Greg Gutfeld nails it here.  The Dems desperately don’t want crazy ol’ Joe to debate Trump because they know he’ll get demolished.  And, Trump won’t be nice or gentlemanly, or give deference to Joe’s mental decline.  Trump will go in there with a baseball bat and beat Joe down….and it’ll be brutal..and we all know it.  THAT is why the Dems don’t want Joe to debate Trump.  Thanks Greg!  That was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on August 3, 2020.       🙂

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