Black conservative journalist stabbed in Portland says Americans ‘need to wake up,’ ‘start exposing Antifa’

Andrew Duncomb, a Black conservative journalist who was stabbed during violence in Portland last weekend, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday that he believes he was targeted by Antifa. “I was stabbed by a known Antifa member by the name of Blake Hampe,” Duncomb told host Tucker Carlson of the Saturday attack. “I felt like I was stabbed, or targeted, specifically due to my location being doxxed … 17 hours before I arrived.” Portland has seen more than two straight months of protests and violent demonstrations stemming from the May 25 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. Duncomb said he was there to document the scene on the ground but was targeted because of his outspoken support of President Trump. “Anytime I come to film they know that it destroys their narrative and it goes against what they are trying to promote.” In video footage of the attack captured by a bystander, Duncomb can be seen approaching the man from behind, putting his arm on the person’s shoulder and saying, “Hey, buddy, why are you following us?” At that point the suspect appears to stab Duncomb in the back, missing his spinal cord by inches. “It was kind of a traumatic experience and I can’t remember if he said anything specifically to me,” Duncomb recalled. “Once I got stabbed, my body kind of went into shock and into fight mode so I remember getting up after I hit the ground from falling and looking at him specifically.” The knife used in the attack contained a blade that Duncomb said “appeared to be seven inches” long. While Duncomb focused on keeping pressure on his wound and locating help, he said the attacker approached his friend and asked, “Do you want to get shanked up next, too?” Duncomb told host Carlson that he considers it “a miracle to be here right now, to be able to even do the interview right now.” “The knife went in about 4 to 5 inches into my side and he ended up missing everything and remarkably I didn’t require surgery. Just a lot of blood, pain,” he explained. Duncomb said he hopes the attack will expose Antifa as a “domestic terrorist organization” hiding behind the Black Lives Matter movement. “I … want to turn this into a message, to tell everybody, that they need to wake up and people need to start exposing Antifa for who they are, which is a domestic terrorist organization who is actively deploying an assault against our democracy,” he said. “They don’t really care about Black lives, they are using BLM as a front to carry out the senseless acts of assault against this country.” Duncomb said his attacker has been arrested on second-degree assault charges and is being held on $250,000 bail.

Holy crap!  Apparently not all Black Lives Matter after all.  If you’re a black conservative who supports President Trump, then you’re a traitor, “Uncle Tom,” or other such nonsense.  Mr. Duncomb is exactly right.  Antifa IS a domestic terrorist organization, and so is BLM.  Kudos to Mr. Duncomb for doing his part, and literally risking his life, getting the word out.  Glad to hear he is recovering, and that the guy who “shanked” him has been arrested, and charged.

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