Crayola creates back-to-school line of kid’s masks amid coronavirus pandemic

Back-to-school is going to look a little different. Crayola has created a lineup of fun and colorful masks for children as back-to-school potentially draws closer amid the coronavirus pandemic. The popular crayon brand has collaborated with SchoolMaskPack to make the face coverings for kids. “The mask system has applied our proven face mask technology to Crayola’s signature colors that have inspired many generations,” said George Hartel, chief commercial officer of SchoolMaskPack in a press release. The masks come in a pack of five – one for each day of school – and can be worn “for best use up to 6 months” with regular washing. Each mask in the crayon-themed line-up features a silly, and sometimes sassy, cartoon face. However, there are other patterns and colors for children to choose from. “Crayola has always worked to support children in the home and in the classroom,” said Warren Schorr, Vice President of Business Development and Global Licensing at Crayola. “We’re glad to partner with SchoolMaskPack to bring options to their mask system and provide supportive solutions for school communities, parents, teachers, and children.” The masks are available for pre-order for $29.99 for kids and $39.99 for adults, in case grown-ups want to channel their inner-child. Click here for more:

Fun!!    🙂

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