CNN mocked for report on everyday phrases with ‘racist connotations’ like ‘master bedroom,’ ‘blacklist,’ ‘peanut gallery’

A report from CNN was ridiculed on Monday for laying out everyday phrases the liberal network suggests have “racist connotations.” While the nation has faced a cultural shift following the death of George Floyd, CNN put together a lengthy list of common terms used that either date back to the era of slavery and or could be perceived as offensive. The report began with the term “master bedroom” and how the Houston Association of Realtors recently announced it would retire the term and replace “master” with “primary.” “A master bedroom typically refers to the largest bedroom in the house, often accompanied by a private bathroom,” CNN’s report said. “While it’s unclear whether the term is rooted in American slavery on plantations, it evokes that history.” CNN pointed to the terms “blacklist” and “whitelist” and how they “reinforce notions that black=bad and white=good,” and suggested that The Masters Tournament in professional golf is also problematic. The report also took aim at the term “peanut gallery.” “The phrase typically refers to the cheapest seats in a theater and is informally used to describe critics or hecklers. When someone says ‘no comments from the peanut gallery,’ it implies that a certain group of commentators is rowdy or uninformed,” CNN wrote. “The term dates back to the vaudeville era of the late 19th century and referred to the sections of the theater where Black people typically sat.” Other phrases the CNN report invoked include “grandfathered in,” “cakewalk,” “lynch mob,” “uppity,” “blackball,” and “sold down the river.” Critics blasted CNN for its report. “So the word ‘master’ is a slave related term no matter what now? Master clock, Master Chief, Quartermaster, Headmaster, Masterpiece, Remaster, Mastery, and Master of Puppets all have to go now? This is stupid. The term ‘master’ is a general term for ‘in charge’ or ‘the top,'” RedState senior editor Brandon Morse tweeted. “I’m getting the distinct vibe that only white liberals are offended by any of these,” The Post Millenial columnist Blaire White said. “CNN is basically just Salon now,” conservative commentator Stephen Miller concluded.

Indeed..  CNN used to be that boring channel that we watched while in a waiting room at a doctor’s or dentist’s office.. It was just slightly better than C-SPAN.  But, it has devolved into liberal, political hack propaganda…and has become utter garbage.

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