Gutfeld on the open letter against cancel culture

One hundred liberal writers signed an open letter in Harper’s Magazine condemning cancel culture as an attack on free thought. To which I say: better late than never. A wise man once said that every good deed could’ve been done sooner. So I applaud them for joining the fight – finally. Even though some of them didn’t seem to mind cancel culture when it takes aim at people like you or me. In fact, some of them did take aim at me. And maybe you! But now it’s targeting them. They could lose a book deal! Hence, the letter. It’s the old adage that liberals should have learned: you can be nice to a crocodile, but he’ll still eat you, albeit last. So the open letter is cute. But why not actively defend people who are being canceled who aren’t part of this elite group? Why not help those who’ve lost their jobs – not just speaking engagements? Instead, they say they want to end cancel culture because its existence helps President Trump. No, you should want to end it because you helped create it – it rose from the toxic mud of academia, energized by the cowardice of liberals in the media, politics and business. The cancelers can smell their fear. So if you say something they don’t like they’ll contact your workplace and hound your bosses online until you’re fired. The First Amendment matters little if they can still ruin your career and life. Tuesday I asked: Where is the silent majority? The answer: in hiding from an unstable and angry mob. The open-letter warriors should fight for them, not just themselves. The people who make a stupid mistake and lose their jobs and don’t have rich friends. I mean, we could win if we fight this thing together. Do it alone and you lose.

As usual, Greg Gutfeld nails it.  What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.  To see the open letter he’s referring to, click on the text above.  This was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue (also known as a “Gregologue”) on “The Five” on July 8, 2020.  Excellent!

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