Greg Gutfeld: ‘Infantile’ Seattle occupiers realizing ‘that having no structure is leading to fascism’

“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld said Monday that the denizens of Seattle’s quasi-anarchist “Capitol Hill Organized Protest” zone (CHOP) are engaging in an “experiment in infantile behavior.” “There are humans on this planet who can’t value something until it’s taken from them,” Gutfeld said. “They have no idea how to make anything.” The “Greg Gutfeld Show” host compared the CHOP group’s actions to being “in a relationship and somebody dumps you and then you go, ‘I didn’t know what I [had], that it was so special.'” “So now the irony is realizing the importance of boundaries,” he added. “They are building walls. They are setting up their own law and order and it’s actually kind of hyperviolent.” “Maybe commerce might help them,” Gutfeld remarked before pointing out: “Now they are actually figuring out that having no structure is leading to fascism.” “This is a ‘Lord of the Flies’ situation. I think the good news is that it’s devolving fast. It’s going to return to the population and annoy the rest of us. But maybe they might just be a little bit wiser, although I doubt it.”

Agreed..  As usual, Greg nails it.  Thanks Greg!

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