Bored of the indoors? These are the best outdoor activities for social distancing

The best activities for this summer are the ones that involve staying away from people. After much of the country spent the winter and spring cooped up inside, many people are probably looking for ways to get out of the house during the summer months. Since the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, however, it’s important to remember to social distance. This can be hard with typical summer activities, like going to the beach, amusement parks or outdoor concerts, which all tend to draw large crowds. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, however, posted on its website that most fishing rods are the perfect length for social distancing. On its website, the AGFC wrote, “Most common fishing rods are between 6 and 7 feet long, the distance the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend to space apart from others in public. Of course, the best way to practice this technique is to get outside and enjoy some angling.” While fishing is definitely a great option for people looking to spend some time outside, it might not be for everyone. For families looking to get the kids out of the house, writes that playgrounds may not be a great choice, even if they’re empty. Since a lot of people use and touch the equipment, an empty playground can still have germs. Instead, recommends playing games like hopscotch or four-square, which keep kids (and sometimes parents) active and don’t require any equipment (other than some chalk and some space). also recommends avoiding activities like group fitness classes and team sports. The website recommends practicing individual skills, whenever possible, in an open space. They also recommend going to parks but avoiding ones that are too crowded. Also, the website advises that people come prepared knowing that certain facilities at these parks, like concessions and bathrooms, will likely be closed.

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