Joe Biden Forgets Word for Coronavirus, Claims He Doled Out ‘$84 Billion’ in Recovery Act

Joe Biden’s apparent cognitive decline was on display again Tuesday evening when he committed several blunders during an interview with Yahoo News. The Democrat presumptive nominee seemed to forget the name of the coronavirus: “Thousands of meatpacker— workers got sick, got cona— uh, uh, got the virus and some died,” he said. Another time, he misstated the amount of dollars he doled out during the Obama-era Recovery Act by about $720 billion. “I had the job of getting out $84 billion in 18 months in the Recovery Act,” he said, but in reality, it was $800 billion. Biden temporarily forgot what century we’re in. “The idea that you go through the 20th Century without— with just 12 years of education, er, the 21st Century,” he said. Biden made a bizarre claim about hydroxycloroquine, the drug some doctors have said has cured their patients of coronavirus. “It’s like saying maybe if you injected Clorox into your blood, you know, it may cure you,” he claimed, referring to bleach.

If you didn’t see this live, then you really need to click on the text above to watch this..  We’re not reporting this to poke fun at Joe’s obvious “cognitive decline,” but rather to show everyone that Joe simply isn’t mentally fit for the job.  It’s that elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about honestly.  But, it’s true.  Joe is a train wreck waiting to happen.  He should have just retired from public life in Jan 2017 after his time as VP came to an end…and gone to his mansion in Delaware to focus on being a grandfather, etc.

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