Chick-fil-A lands behind McDonald’s as second-highest-grossing fast-food chain

Chick-fil-A is the second-highest-grossing fast-food chain in the United States. The fast-food chain, after seeing a 13 percent sales growth to more than $11 billion in 2019, has surpassed Taco Bell and Burger King to land a slot just behind McDonald’s, according to data from Restaurant Business Magazine’s annual list of top 500 restaurants. Compared to McDonald’s 13,846 U.S. locations, Chick-fil-A has 2,470, Taco Bell has 6,766 and Burger King has 7,346. During the same period last year, McDonald’s had $40 billion in sales growth. Taco Bell and Burger King grew by $11 billion and $10 billion, respectively. Last year, Chick-fil-A ranked seventh, behind each of the above food chains. The company’s climb at a time when many businesses are struggling to stay afloat because the coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay at home. In April, Chick-fil-A announced a measure to fight the economic standstill caused by the outbreak. The chain’s relief effort, anchored by a $10.8 million fund, is dedicated to supporting local franchisees. The funds, distributed through a network of more than 1,800 independent owner-operators, will be made available through June 2020. In addition to donating to essential workers and employees, the chain is also helping feed others. More than 5,000 meals have been donated to school systems, health care workers and others on the front lines in Atlanta, Georgia, where the company is based.

Congrats to Chick-fil-A!!   Excellent!!      🙂

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