White Castle releases ‘Top 10 Slider-Based’ recipes ‘just in time for National Hamburger Month’

Nothing quite says good old home cooking like White Castle. The family-owned fast food chain has released even more recipes, including its first-ever list of “Top 10 Slider-Based Recipes,” which will be launched “just in time for National Hamburger Month,” according to a press release. While the recipes are not all entirely new — as the brand pointed out “some of the recipes in the Top 10 list have been around for years” — they were recently deemed to be most suited for the “Craver Nation.” The list includes recipes developed by Phillip Bach, White Castle’s head chef and director of product innovation, as well as recipes submitted by customers. The only defining characteristic of each is that they all incorporate White Castle’s Original Slider, or a version of it, in the recipe. “We have 50 amazing recipes on our website, and our in-house chef chose these Top 10 for their taste, simplicity and popularity among the Craver Nation,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle, of the list. Featured on the Top 10 list are appetizers like the Castle Con Queso, or the punny White Castlerole, which can work for either breakfast or dinner. Surprisingly, the White Castle pate – which is on the restaurant’s website – did not make the list.

Click on the text above to see several White Castle recipes.  Enjoy!!      🙂

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