Opinion/Analysis: COVID-19 threatens U.S. election integrity

For the first time in months, Democrats are looking with anticipation and excitement to November’s presidential election — and it has nothing to do with their dismal candidate, Joe Biden. It’s because of COVID-19 and the chance to do some heavy Election Day damage. If at first you don’t succeed — right? Democrats have kept “Toppling America’s Electoral System” on their list of most-desired for years, with only the spottiest of successes to show for it. Oh, there have been some wins on open borders that have brought in bunches of desperate and dependent low-information voter types, the kind who came from socialist countries and now want America to adopt the same entitlement mindset and income redistribution plans that destroyed the nations they fled. But that’s proven a slow-going route to boosting Democrat numbers at the ballot boxes; hardly the stuff of radical overnight national change. There have been some wins at the state level that have seen leftists let illegals obtain drivers’ licenses and identification cards that in turn prove valuable platforms toward corrupting the present vote, as well as at laying the groundwork for scooping up scores of future loyal Democrat voters. But again, it’s slow-going. But now comes COVID-19. Now comes a real fear-borne disease that can really push the panic buttons, and just in time for November, no less. “Coronavirus Drives States To Pilot Internet Voting,” NPR reported. Ah, the dream of the Democrats dawns. Several states, due to social distancing orders and stay-at-home guidance from governors and other members of the government, have implemented electronic, internet-based voting. “Democrat and GOP leaders are considering online voting in light of coronavirus for party elections,” Salon reported back in March. Considerations haven’t much shifted in the weeks that followed. “NJ, Pa. Push for Online, Mail-in Voting Amid Coronavirus Outbreak,” NBC10 Philadelphia reported last week. “Delaware will allow voters with disabilities to return their ballots electronically in its primary election next month, becoming the second U.S. state to do so,” NPR also just reported. How about that, hackers? Russian collusion for real this time? The idea is ripe for corruption. Online votes can be easily changed — or surveilled. They can be outright deleted from the system. And worse, they can be manipulated without anyone ever catching on to the manipulation — meaning, the fraud can easily lead to a compromised election that is never discovered, never addressed, never righted and fixed. America just can’t take the chance; election integrity is too important to risk. And mark my words, once Democrats win concessions on in-person voter in favor of online balloting, it won’t be long before they win on the fate of the Electoral College. The left has pushed for a crumbling of this all-important election protection for years because they know once electors are removed from the equation, the White House goes to the voters in the more heavily populated liberal enclaves of the country — the far-left areas on the East and West Coasts, and in the largely liberal populations in America’s cities. It becomes a real “tyranny of the majority” system, as Heritage Foundation noted. Flyover country, largely conservative, largely Republican, largely limited government in ideological bent, would fall under “forgotten” territory — largely unrepresented in the nation’s highest political halls. “A majority of Democratic voters, 60 percent, said they supported abolishing the Electoral College and allowing whoever receives the most votes nationwide to become president,” The Hill reported, back in 2019. “Just 20 percent said they wanted to keep the current system. … Republicans … 64 percent … [said] they wanted to retain it.” There’s a reason for that. And if the Electoral College is a concept of our Founding Fathers that maintains election integrity, even as it serves a purpose for truer representation of the people — then its preservation is crucial to keeping the country free. Online voting is a way for Democrats to corrupt the current system, compromise its integrity and then, with expressions of dismay at the corrupted system, demand the need for reform — for “one person, one vote” reform, for “every vote matters” reform. That’s the language used by the Kill Electoral College crowd. Once voting integrity is compromised, it opens the door for even more compromise. Widespread online voting will soon enough lead to a corrupted voting process — will soon enough lead to the dismantling of the Electoral College. And that will soon enough lead to an American government dominated entirely by far left Democrats. Let’s not let the disease of COVID-19 turn into a diseased election system.

Agreed!!  Thanks Cheryl!  Cheryl Chumley is the author of that spot-on op/ed.  She can be reached at on Twitter, @ckchumley

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