Unsealed docs show Planned Parenthood charged $25G for body parts, blood samples within months

Recently-unsealed documents reveal Planned Parenthood charged a biospecimen company nearly $25,000 for fetal tissue and maternal blood samples in 2012, fueling accusations from opponents that the nation’s largest abortion provider violated federal law while exchanging fetal body parts. The invoices were unsealed as part of Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit with David Daleiden, the pro-life journalist whose undercover videos prompted both state and federal calls for investigations. According to the invoices, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte charged StemExpress $55.00 per “POC,” or products of conception — another term for fetal remains — and $10.00 per sample of blood. Three invoices — dated Aug. 2, Sept. 5, and Sept. 28 — show the abortion provider charging $5,860, $11,365, and $7,715. That totals $24,940, along with more than 200 POC’s. Daleiden argues that the disclosure reveals Planned Parenthood clearly violated federal law, which only allows reimbursements for associated costs rather than for the body part itself. Planned Parenthood has defended itself by claiming that its charges related to transportation and time spent by staff. The invoices don’t mention either of those, however, nor do they contain the word “reimbursement.” Instead, they assign a fee per body part. Specifically, the previously released contract between those organizations showed that the exchanges were based on “POC determined in the clinic to be usable.” Planned Parenthood did not provide specific comment, but pointed Fox News to a more generic backgrounder on Daleiden. “Planned Parenthood has never, and would never sell fetal tissue, and any claim otherwise is absurd,” the document reads. It previously announced that it wouldn’t accept payments for its fetal tissue program, with its president arguing that doing so should put to rest concerns about Planned Parenthood having “any financial interest in fetal donation.” StemExpress, which promises “financial profits” in its brochure, handled all of the services for which Planned Parenthood might legitimately seek reimbursement under the law, Daleiden argued. He pointed to a House Select Panel report suggesting that Planned Parenthood was engaging in “double counting” costs like transportation. Instead, it indicated that the group’s costs were “more properly assigned to the middleman procurer or the end user researcher.”

This is just awful…  As per usual..  Here is our disclaimer..  Here at The Daily Buzz, we really do try to avoid the abortion topic altogether, as it is such a divisive and emotionally charged issue. Having said that…this isn’t about abortion and whether or not it should be illegal or not (as an aside, and for the record, we feel it should remain legal, but with restrictions).  It’s about Planned Parenthood’s (PP) more insidious, and likely illegal, business ventures.  For more, click on the text above.


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