Mark Levin blasts CNN’s Jim Acosta: ‘He should wear a mask and a dunce cap’

Fox News host Mark Levin was one of the many who blasted CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta for interrupting Dr. Deborah Birx during a White House press briefing on the coronavirus last week. “Jim Acosta’s not a news reporter. He’s a self-aggrandizing narcissist. Exactly what America doesn’t need during the pandemic. He should wear a mask and a dunce cap,” Levin posted in a tweet Sunday. Levin also linked to a Washington Free Beacon opinion piece which blasted Acosta for his conduct at White House press briefings, accusing him of using the events to make a name for himself. Levin’s comments came amid Acosta being widely blasted for interrupting Birx during Friday’s coronavirus briefing to attack President Trump. Birx addressed the apparent errors the World Health Organization (WHO) made leading up to the outbreak in the U.S. as something that should be examined. “I will remind you that on February 3rd, the head of the WHO said there was no reason to ever do a travel ban,” Dr. Birx said. “It wasn’t until January 14th that we knew that there was human-to-human transmission,” she continued. Acosta quickly derailed her observations about WHO to knock President Trump. “Dr. Birx, the president was saying this was going to go away,” Acosta said. “It’s April.” “It is going to go away,” President Trump fired back. “I said it was going away and it is going away.” Many took to social media to blast the reporter. CNN did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. Acosta has made a name for himself in the Trump era for his hostile exchanges with the president.

Again, Jim tries to make whatever question he has about himself.  He is a self-serving, agenda-driven, arrogant, obnoxious narcissist whose only angle is to find out how whatever he’s reporting on is somehow Trump’s fault.  Jim isn’t a journalist just covering news.  He’s liberal commentator who doesn’t have the basic integrity to own up to that.  And, his employer, CNN, doesn’t have the integrity to identify him as such.  In this case, he didn’t like that Dr. Deborah Birx, who is universally seen as non-partisan and extremely credible, was factually establishing the timeline of who knew what and when…and it undermined Jim’s pre-determined narrative that Trump was to blame, or didn’t act fast enough…or whatever.  So, he attacked her, and boy did it backfire.

“Jim Acosta’s interruption of Dr. Birx is an example of how CNN’s echo-journalism model is destroying the media’s credibility,” George Washington University Law professor Jonathan Turley reacted. “Every question from Acosta is an effort to score points rather than elicit information. It is a press pandemic that continues to rage without relief.”

Jim Acosta is an embarrassment, and discredits himself, CNN and the dominantly liberal news media in general.  What a tool..  For more, click on the text above.


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