Disney to stop charging annual passholders after backlash during coronavirus shutdown

Disney continues to change its operations during the coronavirus outbreak. Annual passholders had recently complained about still being charged monthly payments despite the Disney parks being closed. Now, the company has announced that it will no longer be charging the monthly payments and is making refunds to certain customers. On the Disney World website, the company announced that as of April 5, it will no longer be charging monthly payments for annual passholders on the monthly payment schedule. Also, it will retroactively be refunding payments made between March 14 and April 4. Annual passholders who paid in full will have the option of having their pass’ expiration date extended or receiving a partial refund (to be determined by the park’s length of closure). On the site, Disney wrote, “This is a truly unprecedented time for all of us and we want to thank you for your patience as we work through the many details related to the temporary closure of the theme parks. We recognize that this may be a challenging time, so we wanted to share how we will assist our Annual Passholders.” Some annual passholders had recently taken to social media to complain that, despite the park’s closure, they were still being charged the monthly payments. When the parks first closed, Disney stated that it would extend the expiration dates on the passes in relation to the park’s total closure. Since then, however, not only has the closure of Disneyland and Disney World been extended, but many workers across the country have been laid off or have seen a significant decrease in their monthly income due to the coronavirus outbreak. According to some complaints on social media, this situation made it much harder for some to afford the monthly payments.

Good on Disney for doing this.  It’s the right thing to do.  For more info, if this affects you, click on the text above.

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