Brent Bozell slams $75M spent on public broadcasting in coronavirus bill

One veteran media watchdog is not happy that the Corporation for Public Broadcasting — CPB — received a tidy $75 million grant from the federal government as a part of the recent CARES Act, designated for coronavirus relief around the nation. “We believe this was misguided. Just as Amazon, Microsoft, Ford Motor Corporation, and Starbucks have given so generously to help in the fight against COVID-19, so should the CPB give,” wrote Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, in an open letter to President Trump. “The CARES Act is already law and the money the government issued to the CPB is unlikely to be returned. Regardless, it is worth noting what this money could have been spent on instead,” he said — noting that the grant could have instead purchased the following medical items: 300,000 Covid-19 test kits or 21,428 hospital beds — even 357,483,318 pairs of medical safety gloves or 12.5 million bottle of hand sanitizer “At this point in our country’s history, all of these things are infinitely better uses of taxpayer money than giving it to left-wing outlets like NPR and PBS, both of which attack you and your administration continuously,” Mr. Bozell said, adding that the organization behind public broadcast already has an annual budget of $445 million. “The CPB produces programs promoting values which many Americans just don’t agree with. The federal government, by funding CPB, is forcing Americans to support values they oppose,” he noted. “No amount of classical music, Ken Burns documentaries, or ‘Morning Editions’ is worth one saved human life,” Mr. Bozells said

Agreed!  Unfortunately, this is the kind of liberal agenda nonsense that we can expect will be packed into ANY so-called “stimulus” piece of legislation coming out of a Democrat-controlled House.  The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which is essentially PBS and NPR, receives millions and millions of dollars from we-the-taxpayers.  It needs to stop.  PBS/NPR should get its funding like every other channel or network does; advertising, fund-raising, etc.  That all aside, this shouldn’t even be IN any of these so-called “stiumulus” bills intended to address the public health crisis we’re all in.  And, to include $75 MILLION dollars (which, again comes from hurting American taxpayers in need of financial help; NOT a bill!) for CPB is incredibly offensive.  Shame on Speaker Pelosi and the other Dems in the House pushing this political “porn,” as Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) calls it.  Awful..

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