Netherlands becomes latest country to reject China-made coronavirus test kits, gear

The Netherlands is the latest country to reject China-made coronavirus testing kits and other protective gear, calling the items substandard and raising serious questions about the quality of the supplies Beijing is selling to the world. The Netherlands joins Spain, Turkey, Georgia, and the Czech Republic in their concerns over masks and test kits. The claims come as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases surge in the United States and Europe, highlighting the dependence many countries have on Chinese imports. The Dutch health ministry said over the weekend that it was forced to recall 600,000 face masks that were shipped from China on March 21 after they were found to be faulty. Some of the masks failed to fit the mouth properly while others were found to have insufficient filters, the government said. “Health care workers have been informed and told not to use the masks. Due to the shortages, we can find ourselves in a situation where only protective equipment is available that does not meet the highest standards,” the health ministry said in a statement. “This is an issue in all countries.” On Monday, the Netherlands said the number of people hospitalized with the coronavirus hit nearly 4,000. Of those, 507 new patients were admitted to the hospital. The number of deaths rose by 93 to 864. Testing in the Netherlands is mostly confined to people with serious symptoms, meaning it’s likely the numbers of cases of coronavirus are higher. On March 19, Bruno Bruins, the medical care minister leading the Dutch government’s fight against the coronavirus, resigned after collapsing from exhaustion during a parliamentary debate on the pandemic a day earlier. Bruins fell to the floor in parliament while taking questions. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said it was unclear how long it would take for Bruins to recover, though Bruins vowed to come back as soon as possible. “The nature of this crisis is such that it demands a minister who can be ready to go full throttle immediately,” Rutte said during a televised press briefing. reported Monday the government will likely extend its social distancing directives past its current April 6 deadline. Last week, Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa said the country had bought $467 million in medical supplies from China, including 950 ventilators, 5.5 million testing kits, 11 million gloves, and more than half a billion protective face masks. Soon after receiving the supplies, the government announced plans to return 9,000 “quick result” test kits to China, because they were deemed substandard, specifically the sensibility of the test was around 30 percent when it should be higher than 80 percent. “China creates the poison and sells the solution to it,” foreign affairs expert Gordon Chang told Fox News. Beijing admitted that the kits they sold to Spain were bought from Bioeasy, a Chinese company not licensed to make them. China announced late last week that it was launching an investigation into Bioeasy.

And given the communist propaganda way of doing things, we’re sure that they’ll “find” someone to scapegoat and parade around as the culprit who will “confess” to doing this, and they’ll imprison he/she for life and shame his/her family..and that’ll be it.  It’s like them saying that there have been less than 3000 deaths in Wuhan.  And yet, based on cremation data, it’s obvious that in Wuhan alone, there have been tens of THOUSANDS of deaths from this Wuhan virus.  Of course China is WAY under-reporting the deaths and cases of Wuhan virus, and so the lazy, agenda-driven dominantly liberal mainstream media is almost giddy when it reports that the U.S. has the “most” cases and deaths from this pandemic in an effort to somehow tie Trump to the reason.  It’s fake news….and it’s why the American people don’t trust the liberal media.  CNN and MSNBC’s ratings are in the toilet and continuing to drop….and they still don’t get why that is.

As for the rest of us..  The big takeaway from this story is that more and more countries are waking up to the fact that they need test kits and other healthcare related equipment that is quality; NOT cheap Chinese-made crap that is defective.  Their crap is quite literally killing people.  It’s like adding insult to injury.  The Wuhan virus came from, well..Wuhan China…and they sat on that fact for months before admitting to the world they had a problem.  Just fathom how many thousands of lives could have been saved if we, and other countries, knew sooner.  Then, once they started to “save face” and make/ship out testing kits, they turned out to be crap.  Again, if you are buying something and you have a choice between something made in China, and something that might be a couple more bucks but says its made in the USA, then please please BUY American!!  All of these great American companies (i.e. Ford, Apple, GE, 3M, MyPillow, Jockey, Honeywell, etc.) are stepping up and either making ventilators (at great profit loss to themselves), or donating money or masks…or both.  The least we can do as consumers, is support them by BUYING AMERICAN.  I recently needed some tennis shoes.  So, instead of buying Nike or some other brand made in some sweat factory in China, I bought a great pair of New Balance which were made right here in the USA with American material and by American workers, and I love em!  If you need a car or truck, consider Ford, Chevy, or GM.  Just sayin..    🙂

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