Joe Biden Claims He Became a Professor ‘When I Left U.S. Senate’

Democrat presidential front runner Joe Biden confused his own personal history while talking with a student on Wednesday. Biden fielded a question from an 18-year-old journalist, and in an apparent attempt to relate to the student, Biden said, “When I left the United States Senate, I became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.” According to Penn’s website, Biden became “the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor” at Penn after he left the Obama administration in 2017. “Professor” Biden never actually taught a class. The Daily Pennsylvanian reported in 2017: “We are thrilled to have Vice President Biden here at Annenberg,” Annenberg Dean Delli Carpini said in a statement. “Although he is not scheduled to teach a formal course at this time, we are certain that there will be opportunities for our students to benefit from his presence at Penn.” In fact, a spokesperson for the former vice president said Biden won’t be teaching at all. “He will not be teaching classes,” Biden spokesperson Kate Bedingfield told The Daily Pennsylvanian on Tuesday morning. Biden’s work with Penn will be based out of Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, Bedingfield added. In February, Red State reported on the staggering amount Biden was paid to not teach a class: “…he was paid a ton of money for what looks like about four speeches a year each in 2017 and then in 2018. For that, he got $776,527.”

Why on Earth would Joe be so brazen in his exaggeration of his post-Obama years as VP?  The man is running for President, and EVERYTHING he says or does is fact-checked and put under a microscope.  Crazy ol’ Joe has been in politics for 40+ years.  So, he’s not new to the game.  There’s no excuse for this kind of silliness.  The only two explanations I can come up with are… #1)  He thinks we’re just too stupid to catch such brazen lies and exaggerations…or 2) He really IS getting senile, and isn’t mentally fit to be President.  By him saying his supposed tenure as a professor happened after he left the “Senate,” and not his eight years as Vice President, only adds to that suspicion.  We suspect that the Trump campaign will attack Biden on both fronts…and they should.  Joe is an easy target.

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