Gutfeld on how to do good during a bad time

As we realize we’re in the coronavirus crisis together, people are stepping up to help each other. For example, a college student launched a shopping program for at-risk people in Nevada. Others have done similar things all over, including one young woman. “It has a very large elderly community here and I was just really worried that those people, those neighbors weren’t getting what they needed,” the young woman said in an interview. “We also got another email late last night from a mom with a newborn in Brooklyn whose husband is sick, so we are setting up to get some stuff to her this morning, too. I had so many people reach out, both in the neighborhood to volunteer, but then also all over the world sending me pictures of their signs that they’re making, which I think is so huge.” So shouldn’t doing good things be a competitive sport, since all the other ones are canceled? A virtue-signaling Olympics, with real virtue? Not the kind of phony virtue on social media where a pop star tweets an inspirational phrase she Googled a minute ago. That’s zero cost with zero benefit. By the way, it’s odd how our most famous celebrity crusaders have gone silent. My guess? They’re in guarded seclusion. And I’m sure the gun control zealots among them are armed to the hilt. As for you, do good things that make you feel good. Granted, it’s hard in isolation, but small things matter. Even washing your hands should make you feel heroic because you’re killing germs! And sharing. Even sharing your toilet paper. One guy actually started a toilet paper exchange on a California street corner. His homemade sign said, “Share your toilet paper.” It’s working. Why? Because good deeds make you feel less crappy. It’s not virtue signaling. It’s virtue doing. We saw idiots hoarding toilet paper, and true to their memetic nature, people copied it. So why not initiate good behavior and hope people copy that, too? This is also a good time to eat better, exercise more and practice that guitar gathering dust on the wall. Now is the time to be your better self. It’s the opposite of every panic imagined by our entertainment industry. Prove them wrong by doing things right. Again.

Agreed!  And well said, Greg.  We’re definitely all in this thing together.  That was adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s monologue on “The Five” on March 17, 2020.

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