Dr. Fauci on Coronavirus: ‘It Absolutely Came from Wuhan – There’s No Doubt About that’

During a Friday interview on Fox & Friends, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, discussed COVID-19 and its spread in the United States. With some from China suggesting the coronavirus was a weapon devised by the U.S. military and deployed in Wuhan and Democrats claiming that saying the disease originated in China is xenophobic, Fauci said “there’s no doubt” it came from China. “It absolutely came from Wuhan,” Fauci stated. “There’s no doubt about that.” In the interview, Fauci also called for people to “socially distance” themselves to help prevent the spread of the virus. “The situation is different in Seattle, in Washington, because they’ve had the unfortunate situation of having community spread there. Also, in certain areas of California. That’s a bit different than other areas in which there still will ultimately be infection but not exactly the way it is right now,” Fauci advised. “So, you want to be proportionate in what you do, but for sure, you don’t want to do nothing. You want to start doing something to socially distance yourself. How dramatic that is, closing schools and doing other things, should be proportionate. A lot of people, a lot of sections are doing it anyway. I don’t criticize them for that. They may get fatigued from that, but I’d rather them do that than do nothing.”

Burn this into your head…and keep it in mind as you read about how China is now spreading the lie that the U.S. Army somehow created the coronavirus.  That’s the propaganda they’re putting out now.  It’s outrageous, and as a former “field grade” Army officer myself, I find it personally offensive.  There is no universe in which we would ever create a virus and distribute it with the intent to infect, and kill, people all over the planet…including our own.  It’s patently absurd.  But, that’s the story they’re trying to get people to believe, instead of just owning up to it.  Unfortunately, that would mean admitting they screwed up something…and that goes against the Asian culture of saving face above all else.  We should demand that they admit to the lie and apologize for THEIR screw up that has created this pandemic.  As for us…let’s ALL make an effort to BUY American. …and avoid buying anything made in China.  It’s a good personal policy to have.  But, now more than ever…really consider spending your dollars on American goods and services.

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