Working from home: Do’s and Don’ts

Working from home can lead to increased productivity, if you work smarter. And that could be a blessing for many companies in the near future. Workplaces across the country have begun mandating employees work from home during the coronavirus pandemic as U.S. officials attempt to thwart the spread of the pneumonia-causing virus. The change in scenery from working at an office desk versus your couch could actually lead to increased engagement and productivity, studies show. Employees clocking in remotely tend to work longer hours than their typical office shift, according to a 2017 study by British researchers at the University of Cardiff in the United Kingdom. Indeed, researchers surveyed more than 15,000 workers and discovered that those who worked from their homes were likely to work more than the normal workday, putting in more effort than needed. They also found remote employees had a harder time disengaging from their jobs. Click here for tips on how to maximize your time and energy while working from home:

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