Gutfeld on the media ‘hoax’ hoax

In the world of fake news, we no longer have to worry about hoaxes. We now have to deal with ‘hoax’ hoaxes. On Friday, when President Trump called Democrats’ attempt to politicize coronavirus a “hoax,” how did the media portray that? That he was calling the virus itself a hoax. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank kicked it off with this: “Remember this moment: Trump, in South Carolina, just called the coronavirus a ‘hoax,’” Milbank wrote. Politico lazily picked it up with this headline: “Biden blasts Trump for calling coronavirus a ‘hoax.’” True, the “hoax hoax” spread like a virus to desperate Democratic candidates — Joe Biden and also Mike Bloomberg trumpeting this lie, even though anyone who read Trump’s actual quote could see that it was B.S. But the media expects us not to do that. They hope our laziness will let hoaxing hacks like Milbank get away with their misinformation. And if you point out their lies, then CNN’s hall monitors will accuse you of “politicizing” it, the “I know you are but what am I” school of debate that is then met with laughter. But even as there are hacks, there is hope, as better reporters now promptly call out these fake news viruses. After Bloomberg blasted Trump for “calling it a hoax,” reporter Scott Pelley stopped him. Pelley wasn’t the only one. Others on Twitter quickly called out the lie, which forces the media to find another path to hammer those they hate. That’s the problem with the media’s bias. It’s not so much contagious as it is incurable. The best defense? Washing your hands — of them.

No kidding!   Thanks to Greg Gutfeld for that outstanding monologue (or “Gregologue” as he calls ’em) which aired on March 2, 2020.  To see Greg say all that and discuss with his co-hosts on “The Five,” click on the text above.      🙂

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