Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy after sex abuse lawsuits

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection early Tuesday after decades of sexual abuse claims within one of the country’s largest youth organizations. The petition, filed in Delaware bankruptcy court, halts the hundreds of lawsuits the BSA is facing that allege sexual misconduct by people within the 110-year-old organization over the years. Sexual abuse settlements had reportedly strained the Boy Scouts’ finances, with states passing laws last year so victims from long-ago abuse can sue for damages. Mike Pfau, an attorney whose firm was representing 300 victims in New York as of last April, said the bankruptcy would be “bigger in scale than any other sex abuse bankruptcy.” “You’re talking about thousands of perpetrators,” Seattle-based lawyer Michael Pfau, who has represented more than 300 Boy Scout victims in 34 states, told the New York Daily News. “You’re talking about tens of thousands of victims. This will be the largest bankruptcy the country has ever seen, and likely one of the largest corporate bankruptcies.” The national organization said they made the move to fairly compensate victims harmed during their time in scouting and to keep the 100-year-old nonprofit running for years to come. A Victims Compensation Trust will reportedly be set up during the bankruptcy process, which the organization says will provide “equitable compensation to victims.” “The BSA cares deeply about all victims of abuse and sincerely apologizes to anyone who was harmed during their time in Scouting. We are outraged that there have been times when individuals took advantage of our programs to harm innocent children,” said Roger Mosby, president and chief executive officer of the BSA. “While we know nothing can undo the tragic abuse that victims suffered, we believe the Chapter 11 process – with the proposed Trust structure – will provide equitable compensation to all victims while maintaining the BSA’s important mission,” he added. The BSA has issued an Open Letter to Victims, which can be read online, and will run as a full-page ad in USA Today on February 19. Scouting programs will continue during the BSA’s bankruptcy process and for many years to come, the organization says. Local councils are not filing for bankruptcy, as they are legally separate and distinct organizations. The bankruptcy petition reportedly listed the Boy Scouts’ assets as between $1 billion and $10 billion, and its liabilities at $500 million to $1 billion.

And the downfall of the BSA continues…  It all started when they made the insane decision to allow openly gay scoutmasters in their ranks.  That decision opened the floodgates for all sorts of issues.  And, boy did it adversely affect membership.  After all, how many parents would let their little boys go out on an overnight camping trip with an openly gay scoutmaster?  Yeah…exactly.  And their recent to decision to allow girls in was the last straw for many parents.  Up til then, the LDS/Mormon community was the largest membership within BSA.  But, no more.  They officially pulled out.  So, this is hardly a surprising development.  As a kid, I was a Cub Scout, then a Webelo, and then a Boy Scout.  I was even in their secretive  “Order of the Arrow.”  So, it was a big part of my youth, as it was for my older brother.  What has happened to the BSA over the last decade has been heartbreaking to all of us who were part of that formerly great organization.  For us, what the (lack of) leadership at BSA has done to destroy the culture and very fabric of that formerly great organization, we take personally.  BSA used to stand up against the gay mafia who would bully the BSA, and sue them in court.  The gay mafia would get backing from San Fran based Levi’s and other corporations intent on destroying the Boy Scouts.  When they finally caved in to the gay mafia, things started to fall apart.  And, here we are.  What a disappointment.  For those parents wanting an alternative to BSA, consider Trail Life USA.  Its what BSA used to be..

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