Buttigieg Campaign Boasts Crowd of over 1,000 Before Monster Trump Rally

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg drew over a thousand voters to a campaign rally in New Hampshire on Sunday, prompting campaign boasts the momentum was on their side. The campaign announced 1,824 people were at their Buttigieg rally in Nashua, the largest for any Democrat candidate in New Hampshire in the primary cycle. The campaign claimed another 1,113 attended in Dover, 1,257 in Salem, and 914 in Londonderry. Other journalists marveled that there were lines of people waiting to get in the rally. But the number paled next to the number of people expected to appear for the Trump rally in Manchester, NH at the Southern New Hampshire University Arena. Trump supporters began camping out Sunday afternoon, over 24-hours prior to the president’s rally where some 11,000 people are expected. The record for the arena was set in August when 11,500 people showed up for a Trump rally in August, beating a record crowd of 11,400 for Elton John. “Hope the Fake News, which never discusses it, is talking about the big crowds forming for my New Hampshire Rally tonight,” President Trump wrote on Twitter. “They won’t!” This is the first campaign rally since President Trump was acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial. The rally on Monday is the night before the Democrat primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday, where Sen. Bernie Sanders has the lead, and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg hopes to continue fueling his momentum sparked in Iowa.

HAHAHA!!!  So, Mayor Pete’s campaign is boasting his 1,000 person rally and how big it is….and then Trump goes to NH just to troll the Dems, and people wait over 24 hrs to get in where the numbers Trump gets (over 11,000) beat a record held by an Elton John concert!   You can’t make this stuff up, folks.     🙂

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