Trump’s job approval rating rises to 49 percent amid impeachment, highest since taking office, Gallup says

New polling by Gallup reveals that President Trump’s approval rating is at an all-time high, as he prepares to deliver his third State of the Union address Tuesday night and the Senate is expected to acquit him in his impeachment trial on Wednesday. Trump’s job approval rating now sits at 49 percent, with a 94 percent approval rating among Republicans and a 42 percent rating with independents, both numbers being highs for Trump’s presidency. The GOP itself is also seeing a significant boost. With Trump’s impeachment trial nearing its end, his approval rating among Democrats has decreased from 10 percent in early January to 7 percent now. The 87-point gap between Democrats and Republicans is the greatest difference in any Gallup poll, Gallup said. The prior record, 86 points, was set by the ratings of President Barack Obama during the time of the 2012 election and was matched by earlier polls during Trump’s presidency. Trump’s recent military action against Iran that resulted in the death of Gen. Qassem Soleimani is one issue where a majority of Americans gave the president their approval, with 53 percent supporting the move, compared to 45 percent opposed. Gallup cited this issue, Trump’s impeachment, the signing of the USMCA trade deal, and the economy as possible reasons for Trump’s new high mark. “Americans’ confidence in the economy is higher than at any point in the past two decades,” a Gallup report said. “Similarly, national satisfaction is the highest in nearly 15 years.” In addition to Trump seeing a rise in approval, the Republican party as a whole is now viewed more favorably than it has since 2005, according to Gallup’s data. Their report states that 51 percent of Americans now have a positive view of the GOP, compared to just 43 percent in September 2019. The poll was taken between Jan. 19-26, while Trump’s impeachment trial was taking place. Of those polled, 52 percent supported Trump’s acquittal, with 46 percent saying he should be removed from office.

This is great news for President Trump, and was entirely expected.  When Bill Clinton was impeached, his poll numbers went up.  And, in the next election, Republicans suffered at the polls.

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