Liberal white women shelling out $2,500 to learn over dinner they’re racist

Liberal white women across the country are eagerly shelling out $2,500 to have dinner and learn about their racism and privilege. “Dear white women: You cause immeasurable pain and damage to Black, Indigenous and brown women,” reads a website description for Race to Dinner. “We are here to sit down with you to candidly discuss how *exactly* you cause this pain and damage. The dinners are a starting point. A place to start thinking through how you actively uphold white supremacy every minute of every day. What you do after you leave the dinner is up to you.” Race to Dinner, which is featured in a new profile by The Guardian, was founded by Regina Jackson, who is black, and Saira Rao, who is Indian American, in the spring of 2019 and they said they haven’t been able to take a break ever since. In the program, a white woman agrees to host a $2,500-a-plate dinner for seven other white women, often strangers, while Ms. Jackson and Ms. Rao challenge them to accept their racism. So far, they’ve held 15 dinners in big cities across the U.S., The Guardian reported. The news outlet joined a Race to Dinner discussion in the Denver home of Jess Campbell-Swanson, where the women discussed their racial privilege over freshly made pasta. “Recently, I have been driving around, seeing a black person, and having an assumption that they are up to no good,” said attendee Alison Gubser, The Guardian reported. “Immediately after I am like, that’s no good! This is a human, just doing their thing. Why do I think that?” That was just one of the many admissions typically made at these dinners, which have taken a softer tone since the program was launched last year. Some women reported to The Guardian that Ms. Jackson and Ms. Rao came off as combative and angry in the beginning, so they eventually hired a white woman, Lisa Bond, in an effort to help the women open up more. The approach seems to have worked, but the founders still won’t bother inviting white women who voted for President Trump or white men, they told The Guardian. “White men are never going to change anything,” Ms. Jackson said. “If they were, they would have done it by now.” Ms. Rao added, “I’d spent years trying to get through to white women with coffees and teas — massaging them, dealing with their tears, and I got nowhere. I thought, if nothing is going to work, let’s try to shake them awake.” Ms. Bond said the problem isn’t the president, but the culture that allows racism to hide in shadows. “If Trump were impeached tomorrow and we got a new president, a lot of white liberal people will go back to living their lives just as before, and that’s what we have to prevent,” she said. “All that’s happened is we can see racism now, while before we could cover it up. That’s why we need these dinners. So when we get a new person in and racism is not as obvious, we won’t just crawl back to being comfortable.”

Wow..    These white liberal women who would actually spend $2,500 to have these anti-white racists yell at them are morons!!  Holy crap!  What person in their right mind would do a thing like that?!?  As we oftentimes ask here at The Daily Buzz…  And who, exactly, are the racists here?  It’s these losers to at “Race to Dinner.”  They are the ultimate race hustlers.  Just awful…

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