CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin complains about ‘white men’ filling Trump’s legal team

CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin blasted President Trump’s legal team on Saturday, arguing that its composition — all white men — highlighted how Democrats cared more about diversity. “White House and white people,” Toobin said. “This is a lesson in the diversity of the two parties — I mean you look at the House managers. It was almost evenly divided between men and women. You had two African-Americans, you had a Hispanic.” “It was all white men today, there are allegedly two white women on the team — we’ll see if they’re allowed to argue,” he continued. “But I think, you know, in a visual medium, when you have one side that has a very diverse team and the other side that’s all white men, that says something in and of itself.” This wasn’t the first time CNN made racially-tinged comments. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper previously said it was “exciting” that white people will no longer represent the majority in the country. “The idea that, you know, whites will not be the majority, I mean, that’s — it’s an exciting transformation of the country, it’s an exciting evolution and you know, progress of our country in many different ways,” he had said in August. Toobin’s comments came as White House lawyers defended President Trump in the ongoing Senate impeachment trial. They argued that Democrats were trying to interfere in elections by seeking to remove Trump from the 2020 ballot for doing “absolutely nothing wrong.” White House Counsel Pat Cipollone said Democrats have no case and are doing damage to democracy by trying to undermine the will of American voters. “For all their talk about election interference, they’re here to perpetrate the most massive interference in an election in American history,” Cipollone said in his opening remarks to the Senate. “And we can’t allow that to happen.”

Agreed..   Jeffrey Toobin and Anderson Cooper are such self-loathing, liberal agenda pushing WHITE guys obsessed with race.  I mean..who the heck cares about the gender and ethnicity of someone’s lawyers??  I mean, really.  The left has this pathological obsession with race and identity politics.  You have to have so many people of this ethnicity, gender, and now sexual (or lack thereof) orientation in order to get the approval of the liberal elite.  It’s exhausting..  What happened to just hiring the best person for the job regardless?  Someone ought to ask Jeffrey or Anderson if they feel “guilty” for being white men….and if maybe a female or a black guy should have their jobs instead…and see what their reaction is.  What a bunch of nauseating tools..  No wonder CNN’s ratings are in the toilet and continue to plummet.  Nobody wants to hear this crap.

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