Opinion/Analysis: Trump economic strategy will lead to even more market wins in 2020

We’re heading into a new year on track for another economic win. Job growth is soaring, wage growth for average earners is soaring, our stock market is soaring and the president is reworking trade deals at a record pace to benefit American workers. Meanwhile, who knew that two critical components of our economy, capital and labor, would improve simultaneously? Imagine that. I mean, if you listen to traditional Democrats, they’ll try to tell you these two things are effectively mutually exclusive. The left spouts rhetoric that puts business at odds with workers. And, yet, consider this: on Dec. 18, the evening of the president’s impeachment, he spoke to thousands of workers — his supporters — in Battle Creek, Michigan … as traders on Wall Street prepared to send the market to a new record close the next day. In other words, with the proper economic policy in place, everyone succeeds. The success of U.S. markets and the growth in our economy and wages tells you: no one cares about the “Schiff show.” As such, I suspect we are witnessing a generational realignment of the Republican and Democratic parties. Union bosses, who have shelled out big bucks to Dems, haven’t had a clue how to manage the growing threat of globalism and, as such, the very candidates they supported gave them policies like NAFTA! The U.S. lost an estimated 800,000 jobs as a result of that policy. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka called NAFTA, “the worst agreement that ever happened” and said, “Everybody knows that the NAFTA model hasn’t worked.” So why did he support candidates that supported it? Meanwhile, the Senate has the opportunity to vote USMCA into place, which would help American workers keep their jobs … and yet, Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to sign it. Elizabeth Warren isn’t sure. President Trump has proven and will continue to prove in the year ahead that free-market capitalism and American “prosperity for all” — including every coal miner in Pennsylvania, every factory worker in Michigan — and American capital markets can go hand and hand.

Agreed, and well said Trish!  Economist Trish Regan over at the Fox Business network is the author of that piece.  Excellent!!    🙂

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