Opinion: On National Dog Day — Here are 21 things we know are true about dogs

A headline in last week’s Washington Post jumped out at me: “Dogs are Bad for the Planet” screamed the story, accompanied by an image of the snouts of two dogs preparing to chomp down on planet Earth. It turns out the article was about feral dogs in Brazil and how they’re out of control and endangering other creatures in the area by killing off other animals. It may be true that dogs can be destructive, especially untrained ones – but bad for the planet? Hardly. They’ve got it all wrong. Dogs actually make the world a better place! In fact, it’s time to recognize “National Dog Day” – an annual celebration every August 26th designed to encourage canine ownership along with raising awareness of the plight of man’s best friend. With the exception of graduate school and a few years prior to getting married, I’ve been living with a dog almost all of my life. As a little kid, I thought everybody had one. The sounds of our neighborhood included plenty of barking mutts, especially our next-door neighbor’s basset hound, Maggie, whose big ears dragged on the ground. She howled every time she wanted to come inside the house. Like so many other people, our dogs were just part of the everyday rhythm of living. As somebody once appropriately observed, “Dogs aren’t like members of the family. They are members of your family.” My brothers and sister and I will never forget our furry friends, including Snoopy, Daisy and Patriot. Since beginning to raise my own family we’ve enjoyed the companionship of Shep, Macy, Sawyer and now Shadow. I’m no expert on our four-legged buddies, but having owned many, including our current Great Dane, I would suggest that the following things about dogs are true. Click here for more:

Thanks to Paul J. Batura for that heartwarming article.  But, it’s only the beginning.  Click on the text above to read the rest.  Dogs are definitely the best people.  I’m the proud owner of my third basset hound (“George”).  Paul J. Batura is vice president of communications at Focus on the Family and the author of “GOOD DAY! The Paul Harvey Story.” He can be reached on Twitter @PaulBatura or by email at Paul@PaulBatura.com  Happy National Dog Day!!!    🙂

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