Venezuela sinks into sewer socialism: Citizens turn to drainage pipes in search of water

Venezuela’s massive power blackout has left some residents so desperate for water that they’ve turned to drainage pipes. Citizens along the Guaire River in Caracas are filling buckets with clear — but unsanitary — water exiting a sewage pipe in the latest calamity to hit the socialist nation. What they can collect and carry is used to flush toilets and scrub floors. “I’ve never even seen this before. It’s horrible, horrible,” Lilibeth Tejedor, 28, said Monday, Reuters reported. “The ones that are most affected are the children, because how do you tell a child that there’s no water?” “They’re killing us with hunger and thirst,” added 52-year-old Gladys Martinez. Children playing near the drainage pipes were scolded for putting themselves at risk for illness and disease. “That water’s dirty! Don’t start playing around because remember there’s no medicine,” one woman shouted, Reuters reported.

And this is but one of many stories coming out of Venezuela..thanks to the failed socialism imposed on the people there by President Maduro.  People are eating grass and their own pets…or starving.  THESE are the stories that need to be shared with millennials who think AOC or Bernie are so great…and who think we need socialism here in America.  No, we don’t.  If anything, we need LESS government; not more.

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