Carnival Cruise Line eliminating free room service starting mid-January

Travelers who love hitting the high seas with Carnival Cruise Line will be paying more for their vacation in 2019 after the company announced room service would no longer be complimentary on every ship in its fleet. According to the official website of the cruise line, Carnival will be switching to an a la carte stateroom service menu starting in mid-January 2019. Prices for a wide variety of menu items will range from $2 to $5 per item. While passengers will be charged for lunch, dinner and late-night menu items, Carnival officials said continental breakfast would continue to be offered free of charge. The cruise line said the changes would provide guests with a “greater variety of culinary choices for in-room delivery.” Carnival also announced it would be increasing the price of the Bottomless Bubbles package to $5.95 per person, per day for kids and $8.50 per day for adults, plus gratuity. For passengers who already purchased the package, the previous price will be honored. Last year on January 1, Carnival officials announced the cruise line’s CHEERS! package increased by $2 per person, per day. Despite all of the changes, Carnival brand ambassador John Heald also pleaded with passengers to continue tipping servers despite the price increases.

But, of course, people will naturally reduce their tips because of this nonsense.


  1. It will be interesting to see if tips go down, considering gratuity is charged automatically on a daily basis. If anything they maybe loosing money because people were not tipping in addition, when they ordered room service. That being said, it was a service that set them apart, and it’s sad to see them conform to what the other cruise lines are doing.

    Shannon Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thanks for weighing in, Shannon! I think the bigger issue is that people get tired of getting nickle and dimed for every flippin thing, and this just makes that part of the experience all the more irritating. Thanks again for your comments!

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