Another pennant race, another squirrel on the field that sparks a Cardinals rally

For six innings, the Cardinals-Tigers matchup on Sunday was a pitchers’ duel. And then an old friend stopped by: A squirrel scurrying around the field and apparently casting a hex on the opposing team during a close game in the midst of a pennant race? Yes, that’s right: The Rally Squirrel has returned. Of course St. Louis took the lead in the top of the seventh, and of course it did it on a ball that didn’t even leave the infield: Adjust your postseason predictions accordingly.

YEAH!!! If you’re not aware of the infamous “Rally Squirrel,” then Google:  “St. Louis Cardinals Rally Squirrel.”  In the 2011 MLB season, it made several appearances at very key moments.  And, when the Cardinals won the Word Series that year, the guys even had a little pic of a squirrel on their rings to pay homage to the little critter that brought them good luck.  No joke!  You can even get a stuffed rally squirrel…  Yes, your humble blogger here has one.  GO CARDINALS!!   RALLY SQUIRREL!!     🙂

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